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A Gifted Man (CBS) - Series Premiere: Synopsis and Review

Updated on January 3, 2013

On September 23rd the new series ‘A Gifted Man’ premiered on CBS at 8/7c. ‘A Gifted Man’ is medical drama with a supernatural touch. The show revolves around Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson), a talented surgeon, who meets the ghost of his ex-wife Anna (Jennifer Ehle). Anna asks Michael to take care of her old free clinic downtown; without her, the clinic has a hard time dealing with all the patients.

From the beginning it is very clear that, although Michael is a very talented neurosurgeon, he is quite selfish. He doesn’t congratulate his assistent with her birthday, even when she basically asks him to. Then, one day, he meets his ex-wife and invites her over for dinner. The next day he discovers she passed away after being hit by a car two weeks ago. The next time Anna appears she asks Michael to go to her clinic and help them to access her patients’ files. Michael is very confused, but he still agrees to do it.
At Anna’s clinic he sees a lot of people who are in need of help, but the free clinic is not able to provide the proper care. He helps one family by giving them a free MRI-scan at his own clinic. But when Anna keeps reappearing he preforms a ritual with his sister’s friend to cut her loose. But half way through this ritual he realizes he doesn’t want her to go away, he stops the ritual and asks her to reappear.

‘A Gifted Man’ keeps a good balance between a medical drama, a sci-fi show, and a regular drama. Some medical shows throw so many medical terms at their audiences, that people get confused, but this show keeps the medical terms to a minimum. Most of the time ‘A Gifted Man’ is just a regular drama series, with sometimes a bit of a medical or supernatural twist. If you are into drama and/or medical drama this is the perfect show for you, but if you watch the show for the sci-fi part, you will probably be disappointed. The only part that actually is sci-fi could also be written off as a medical issue.

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