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A Great Indie Rock Band: Cardinal Sons

Updated on August 24, 2014

First thing I noticed about them was their music style was great. It was mostly classic rock with a guitar and singer, a keyboard player, and a drummer. By the time the second song started, I knew I had found a new band to add to my favorites. Even though all of them were slightly awkward on stage and probably a little unnerved by playing in front of a sitting audience, they were really funny, joking with the audience and telling funny stories behind some of their songs, particularly one song called "Drummer".

A week ago from Monday, when I was in Washington, D.C, I attended a performance at Millennium Stage, the stage at the Kennedy Center that provides free performances every night of various singers, dancers, and theater in all genres as part of their mission to bring arts to the masses. I've unfortunately only been able to attend the concerts twice, although I had fun both times. I was a little curious about an indie rock group since I didn't know Millennium Stage had rock and roll. So I was one of the first in line.

It was also obvious that the three of them were brothers by the way they bantered back and forth and joked around. But it wasn't just their awkward but funny personalities that drew the audience in. Their music was fantastic. Even though there were only three instruments-- four if you count voice-- the songs had amazing depth to them and fantastic harmonies. I loved their funny, lighter songs like "Drummer", which made fun of the youngest of the brothers, who is a bit of a motormouth, and their slow ballads made me smile, even though it was hard to tap my feet to them. Definitely a band worth listening to again.

Their style reminded me of both Green Day and Mumford and Sons in different songs, as well as Maroon Five. The last song they played was a blues song that showed their diversity. It blew me away as much as the other songs did.

Conclusion: definitely a band worth checking out.


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