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3. A knight in Camelot (TV) 1998 USA colour PG

Updated on July 13, 2014

BASED ON NOVEL: Mark Twain's A connecticut yankee in king Arthur's court

Science-fiction comedy adventure


From this Disney movie (taken from Mark Twain's novel A connecticut yankee in king Arthur's court) comes a story that you have all heard off before king Arthur and the knights of the round table, Well here is a modern take on this tale. Dr Vivien Morgan/Sir boss (Whoopi Goldberg) has spent most of her working life upon a particial gravity project and has finally achieved it, she was so excited that she had to test it out.

Dr Vivien Morgan's gravity particial experiment zapped her back through time along with her lap top computer, and her boom box to the 21st June 589 the period of king Arthur and the knights of the round table.

Vivien Morgan was found by Sir Sagramour (Robert Addie) and after being poked and pronged around with by a spear, she was taken to king Arthur (Michael York) immediately. Everyone believed that Vivien was an ogre and wanted her burnt at state, except queen Guinevere (Amanda Donohoe) who wanted to make a nice pair of bootees out of her. An eclipse took place so Vivien pretended that she was a powerful sorcerer more powerful then the great Merlin himself.

King Arthur and all the other people were scared of this darkness and that the king would grant a wish to Vivien if she could remove the horrible darkness, and so it was arranged the eclipse ended, the sun was shining brightly once again, and vivien got to become a noble knight.

Vivien/SirBoss as she was now known had king Arthur's respect she had her own room at Camelot & her own servants a chamberpot maid (Gabriella Fon) and a wardrobe mistress (Gabriella Csizmadia).Sir Boss got Clarence to explain to her why people kept bowing down to her, which she was not happy with. Sir Boss hired Clarence (Simon Fenton) to show her the layout of the land to help her understand to teach her the means & ways off life, to also sort the good from the bad.

From her field trip out and about round Camelot Sir Boss did not like what she saw, horrified by the way people were being treated just because they don't have royal blood or titles, or because they are poor, seeing the poor being whipped because they were not grinding the rice fast enough, making everyone bow down to you as you passedby. Sir Boss showed some kindness towards a family by offering their daughter Sandy ( Paloma Baeze) some work with payment.

Sir Boss had big plans and was going to start helping the people by changing their lives, unfortunately the people were not use to changes nor modern methods of doing things to improve their lives. Sir Boss made a rice grinding machine to help produce more rice but the villagers were scared of it and thought it was a monster also the machine failed to work because it was sabotage by Merlin (Ian Richardson).

Merlin was still feeling sore over Sir boss's magic and knew that there was only room for one powerful person to be at Camelot and that was going to be him. Sir Boss wanted to challenge Merlin to a duel, after the sabotage of her machine, and for also helping Sir Sagramour to cheat during a jousting tournament.

Sir boss got Clarence to help her take King Arthur out and about round his own kingdom dressed up as a peasant, to show him how other people of the land were living, which nearly ended up in disaster

In the end all well that ends well; King Arthur was going to make some changes to Camelot, Queen Guinevere was happy that king Arthur was okay and Dr Vivien Morgan/Sir boss had been transported back to her own time.

A Knight in Camelot is a like-able Disney movie bringing history to life, suitable entertainment for all the family, although it may appeal more to children rather then grown-ups. This Science-fiction adventure contains some juvenile behaviour, some sad and happy occasions that will make you laugh and cry, some scary scenes portraying magic, and a few battle scenes.

Directed by: Roger Young Written by: Mark Twain (novel) Joe Wiesenfeld

Addie Robert Sir Sagramour Baeze Paloma Sandy Bicskey Lukacs Slave1 (as Bicsey Lukacs) Coombes James Sir Lancelot Csizmadia Gabriella Ms of Wardrobe (as Csizmadia Gabi) Donohoe Amanda Queen Guinevere Fenton Simon Clarence Fon Gabriella Ms chamberpot (as Fon Gabi) Goldberg Whoopi Dr Vivien Morgan/Sir boss Guerrasio John Bob Makrai Pal slave driver Richardson Ian Merlin Rogan Paul Sandy's father Speirs Steve Chief armorer (as Speirs Steven) Szalay Mariann Ms of ceremonies Unger Bela Sheriff York Michael King Arthur


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