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A Look Back at the Album "Razorbliss" by Gothic Metal Band Flowing Tears

Updated on March 15, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


Razorbliss is Worth Listening to for the Title Track Itself

"Razorbliss" is the 2004 studio album by German Gothic Rock band Flowing Tears and we are going back into a sort of “memory lane” moment as we analyze this album 19 years later in 2023. Has it stood the test of time? Is it better than before? Well let’s just say that Razorbliss is one heck of a heavy rock album! Get ready for an awesome start as the song Razorbliss builds up into a heavy song!

About the Song Razorbliss and Its Significance

The title track is a sort of plea for our Creator to save us all from the impending storm that is coming. In 2004, the world was witnessing the effects of the Second Iraq War and war is always an unfortunate possibility in this world today. We pray that GOD saves us all from misfortune. Where can we go when there is war and chaos around us? When Helen refers to god human nature and having razor bliss for all, the power of her voice is there and she does it well! Razorbliss is one more album added to the legacy of awesome German heavy metal!


"Razorbliss" May Put the Listener in a State of Bliss

19 years later, Razorbliss stands out as one of the heaviest and finest heavy rock releases of all time. Is it better than Lullacry’s Crucify My Heart or Lacuna Coil’s Unleashed Memories? That’s tough to say but the way this album starts shows the listener that this band is ready to rock the world after the departure of former vocalist Stephanie Duchene. I have not listened to the band’s earlier albums but Razorbliss just has that kind of feel that may put you in a state of bliss literally. It might do that because then you will witness the awesome power of German heavy metal! That’s right, Germany is not only great when it comes to thrash metal, but heavy Gothic rock as well!

The Significance of the Song "Believe"

Believe is a song encouraging those of us in less fortunate circumstances that we will walk again. Even if we fall, there is a chance for us to get back up and keep going. I believe that Flowing Tears has created an album worthy of an award! Human nature is such that through man’s selfish actions our water and wine can be poisoned but it is our responsibility to stand up and condemn such actions. The album is really a philosophical way of looking at life.

Razorbliss the Review the Songs Virago Through Snakes of Grey

Virago is a song that is about the fact that some people pray for love but yet they practice hate and that’s what silence taught them. Sometimes silence means we are complicit in bad behaviors. Radium Angel is a song that describes what would happen if humans could create miracles that are unknown to most of us. In the end, love is the only way out of an adverse situation. THIS is the way to compose quality Gothic rock! The album’s lyrical concepts center around life themes and to a certain extent religion as we shall see in the song called Ballad of a Lonely God. The song begins when there is mention that when GOD died (Jesus) felt like he only got second best. In life we need to love but unfortunately some people are possessed by hate. Then comes the best song of the album and perhaps in the history of Flowing Tears and that one is the song Snakes of Grey. The song starts with some simple drumming before Helen’s voice comes in. I guess serpents can do more than just crawl? The section with the heavy interlude and drumming is followed by another terrific interlude.


Favorite Song on the Album Razorbliss

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Final Thoughts About the Album Razorbliss

Mine is the Ocean is a song about someone whose home is the ocean. In life, taking a certain journey requires boarding that ship to your destination wherever that may be. But in life, we are told it is a journey. Unspoken is yet another solid song in this album that features a more soothing side to Helen’s voice. Someone, a voice has spoken and taken the smile away from her. She has lost her spark and creativity and she wonders if they will come for her. One thing is for sure in life we will experience loss and suffering but we have to get back up and keep going. Pitch Black Water is the last song that ends one of the best Gothic rock and metal albums. Will fans take that dive in that “water” which is this CD Razorbliss and give it a really good few listens? I hope that more fans do because even though Flowing Tears disbanded in 2014, their power and influence is still being felt in the Gothic metal genre.

Final grade as of 2018: 98 out of 100 points

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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