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A Movie Review Of Jordan Peele’s, Get Out....

Updated on August 27, 2017

A Movie Review Of Jordan Peele’s, Get Out....

There are things that go bump in the night and in the day too that do not take place in the isolation of some back woods, grave-yard, or haunted house - sometimes, the scariest hair raising, bone chills of life, apparently, happen in the suburbs made up of white-picket-fences, manicured lawns, and mom’s homemade apple pie. This is the setting and milieu of Jordan Peele’s brilliant gem of a movie, Get Out, which addresses our ongoing discussion about race that is unique in America. You must know that a movie is brilliant - and a scary one at that - even though the writing and plot lines incorporate the lingering cancer that is racism in American society.

Get Out is that movie that brings home the angst many of us Black men felt - those of us who have dated the Beckies (White girls) - when we had to meet their respective parents. Though the Black character in Get Out resides in the North East… where supposedly his girlfriend parents are presumably more Liberal and tolerant, he still is apprehensive and gingerly discusses with his girlfriend, who seems to be cavalier, about the pending meet and greet with the parents.

As it is my custom, I am not going give away any spoilers about the movie, Get Out, but only to say that imagine that the notorious Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele was residing in some North-Eastern suburb and with its residents catering to the mad Nazi doctor sick whims. What makes Get Out a great scare-fest is the stellar acting and acting from a cast members that have not made their acting bones as yet, at least on the silver screen. Our Becky is played brilliantly by Allison Williams, and I must confess that the best poker player in the world cannot hold a candle to Miss Williams’ innocent countenance because there are no tells. All throughout the movie, Miss Williams holds her acting poker face, so that none of us in the audience can peep what is coming, notwithstanding what we suspect….

Our hero and boyfriend of Miss William’s character is played by Daniel Kuluuya and he portrays all the ticks and mannerisms that we are accustomed to when Black folks are awkward around our White brothers and sisters - but he takes it a step farther by bottling up his feelings, yet said feelings being bottled up are painfully visible because of a tragedy, which happened in character’s childhood. Props to the rest of the cast of Get Out: Bradley Whitford; Catherine Keener - because of her character, I will always be wary of anyone stirring tea in a tea cup; Caleb Landry Jones; Betty Gabriel; and Keith Stanfield….

Get Out is also a movie rife with humor and its humor reminded me of the classic scare-fest, HP Lovecraft’s, Re-Animator. Providing the timely belly-aching laughter is Lil Rel Howery. This man steals the show and his comic timing, assisted by the script, will have you rolling in the midst of the horror. There are numerous scenes where Mr. Howery is admonishing his friend about the dangers of dating a White girl coupled with visiting her parents in the suburbs, even if said suburbs is located in the Liberal North-East.

In an earlier paragraph, I said that Get Out also speaks eloquently about race in America. In one particular scene, one of the White characters says that he would have voted a third time for President Obama. This fact might have given many Blacks in the movie a false sense of security just like it is in real life in the North-East. In the heart of Dixie (The South) a Blackman might be more circumspect, but like the characters in Get Out, one must also be on guard in the North-East too. For it is in New York that the White HR gate keepers to employment keep many of us Blacks out, even though many of us more than meet the criteria for said jobs; many of these same White gate-HR keepers would boast and waxed poetic that they voted for President Obama twice - and they did! However, the racist feelings that many in the South held during the Antebellum period, and some still do now, are alive in many of these HR gate-keepers today who reside in California and the North-East today.

It is not often that seeing a given movie preview made me salivate to see that movie, especially a seasoned movie-goer like myself, yet, Get Out had me ‘jonesing’ to see it and now that I have seen it… I can honestly say that it was worth the price of admission -- incidentally, props to the TSA... because when you see Get Out, you will know the reason for the shout out. To the makers of Get Out, please do not taint the original soon to be deemed a classic movie by making a part two, no matter how well it does at the box office. I have used Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’- Don’t Come Around Here No More - to flesh out the themes of this blog. Drill down in the hyperlink and enjoy a classic.


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