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A Nightmare On Elm Street Remake Movie Review

Updated on August 27, 2014

Nightmare On Elm Street DVD's

A Nightmare On Elm Street Movie Review

A nightmare on Elm Street back in the 80's was a fun horror movie with Robert Englund as everyone's favorite child killer with his burnt body and quite adorable red and green stripy sweater and hat and his glove with knives on that as a kid I tried to cello tape knives to the back of a fingerless glove and it looked turd, but hey.

So, the original was classic, there was some trippy dream moments, because it was partly in dream world as Freddy was the boss in dream land and he could have long arms whilst running after someone or loads of blood dripping and splashing upside down on to the ceiling. Robert Englunds Freddy Krueger was more pizza face than an actual burns victim after the parents of Elm streets kids banded together and killed Freddy.

In this re-imagining of the Elm Street horror story originally created by Wes Craven, we see all the one liners we loved stripped out and completely void of any comedic moments which made the originals so watchable (Except the last few which were just daft!) There are a few rather feeble attempts at one liners which are forgettable as the seriousness of the new Freddy character creeps in and takes over with a sinister edge. There are hints at child abuse here, whilst the original movies just glossed over it.

The story starts with a group of teenagers who start to get picked off one by one by Freddy in their dreams and somewhere along the lines they discover that their parents are the ones that chased him into an old factory boiler house and set fire to it. There isn't any explanation as to why he becomes a vengeful dream spirit, but who cares. The movie was good in that it created a sense of horror, much like the remake of Friday The 13th, but at the heart of the movie, there is something missing.

Robert Englunds Freddy Krueger was such an important part of the whole appeal of the original movies, the best being 1 to 4, anything after that was just dire and dull, even the New Nightmare wasn't up to much really, although enjoyable as it was.

Jackie Earle Haley's Freddy Krueger is dark and viciously brutal with his finger blades than Robert Englund, watch the bit at the end which was just great and one of the best end sequences in a horror movie I've seen in a long while, it's a blink and you'll miss it affair though and if you're anything like me, this movie will leave you feeling empty, like the film could have offered more.

All in all a good movie, but if they do make a sequel, then please give Freddy some personality and a few one liners and maybe even some original trippy dream sequences.

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Nightmare On Elm Street 2010

A horror movie review of A nightmare on Elm Street The 2010 remake.
A horror movie review of A nightmare on Elm Street The 2010 remake. | Source

A Nightmare On Elm Street Movie Review

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    • whoaaasteph profile image

      whoaaasteph 7 years ago from Seminole, Florida

      I agree that it could have had more to it but other than that, I thought it was pretty good!