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A Review Of Captain America’s Civil War...

Updated on May 7, 2016

A Review Of Captain America’s Civil War….

We comic books lovers are indeed living the halcyon days of unparalleled great, action packed movies based on our childhood Super-Heroes coming to life on the silver screen. Once again, I must give props to Christopher Nolan - or perhaps there were sparks of life earlier in the comic book genre movies years ago that were kindled by Tim Burton or Ridley Scott - or whoever it is/was that is responsible for making the ‘boy’ in me mad happy. One can tell when a movie is good when the adults and the tykes alike are reacting with the same sentiments during the movie… and so it was today when I sat and watched the crowd pleasing Captain America’s Civil War.

Captain America’s Civil War is pleasing to us comic book fans because it is our respective child-hoods, or if we are truly honest, adult fantasies coming to life - it is those forever arguments that we would have or still do, at least before movies like this one: what would happen if this Super Hero were to battle this Super Hero? This is what happens in Captain America’s Civil War and it was not trite or forced fed to us; and if it were, the script is so cracklingly good that we did not notice… enjoying the intrigue, the inside jokes, and kinetic action sequences.

An excellent movie starts off with a good plot and without giving too much away, Captain America’s Civil War has one hell of a plotline, which rivals anything you will see in those Period Pieces or Shakespeare… in addition with the attendant stellar acting supposedly we see in those ‘snooty’ movies. The plot in Captain America’s Civil War centers on the mysterious deaths of Tony Stalk’s Iron Man’s parents, which birthed in him the yearning for vengeance; and also included in the plot is the battle over ideology, the place of loyalty, hidden agendas and the conflict they caused… mirroring all those aspects of our lives that make up Human History….

It is only natural that Tony Stark wants to know who killed his parents and to wreak sweat vengeance on the perpetrator (s); the problem is that the same vengeance is being sought by the antagonist in Captain America’s Civil War against Tony Stark’s Avengers for supposedly saving the world in the Age of Ultron. Normally, we see the carnage in a movie and pay little or no attention to the loss of lives, even less so when it is necessary so called carnage carried out by our Super Heroes (Avengers) to serve a greater good, like say, when the Avengers are battling bad guys. The fact is that real people die in these battles and we nonchalantly chalk up these lost lives to collateral damage; so the irony is that just how Tony Stalk is seeking vengeance for his parents’ deaths… so too are countless others, including our antagonist, who have lost loved ones in our Super Heroes’ defense of earth, notwithstanding the defeat of the threats.

Ideology is front and center in Captain America’s Civil War too because it mirrors the debate we have been having on certain aspects of our geo-politics, specifically, on the subject on whether the United Nations should speak collectively for us on matters of security or should the United States be sovereign – to that end, this is the control the UN wants over the Avengers which caused the chasm between Captain America and Iron Man... resulting in our Super Heroes taking sides. This again is akin to our own History when siblings were fighting on either side (North/South) in our Civil War of 1860-65.

No doubt that there must have been exhaustive diplomacy and angst leading up to our own Civil War; and there must have been a time when something happened in the conflict between North (The Union) and South (The Confederacy) that was akin to Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon. And so it is too that in Captain America’s Civil War, when one of the beloved characters seems to perish in the opening battle, we knew the battle was truly afoot and that our Super Heroes would be fighting each other.

I must confess that though I may see eye to eye with Captain America on this issue, I can objectively also see merit on the other side’s argument. That point is brought home when a character, representing the United Nation’s position, played by William Hurt, says that: if he were in charge of a number of Nukes and they went missing… that he would be in a world of trouble for losing the Nukes, yet Tony Stalk, the leader of the Avengers, has no idea currently where the Hulk or Thor was – touché!

As for the action in Captain America’s Civil War, I am amazed how the director can coordinate/choreograph the cadence, pacing of the fighting with so many Super Heroes and their different powers and abilities. There are a couple of scenes, among many, which stand out to me: One such scene is where The Winter Soldier is being chased down a crowded freeway and he stops and confiscates a speeding motorcycle from its owner… it is an awesome scene of a ‘motor circle jacking;’ the other scene happens when Captain America uses his shield like a cue ball effecting a pool trick shot to neutralize one of his opponents… who was hiding behind a pillar.

At this juncture of the review, I must point out what a great actor Robert Downey, Jr. is. Who says that one cannot ‘stretch’ in a comic book movie? There is a scene where Mr. Downey is playing the pubescent Tony Stalk and he pulls it off even though this man is over 50 years old. One must also witness the sheer laughing riot/chemistry that Stalk has with the young Spiderman. Kudos too to the comedic action packed introduction of the aforementioned Spiderman and the more studious, kickass Black Panther who eats up the screen with his skills and charisma. Incidentally, I hope the Marvel sagas continue with stand alone movies, including Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow.

I included some Roman history in flushing out this movie review and so too I end by invoking some more Roman history - albeit with a slight variation - by noising my sheer joy by saying that: I came, I saw, and I enjoyed Captain America’s Civil War!


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