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A Review Of Scarlett Johansson's, Lucy....

Updated on January 19, 2015

A Review Of Scarlett Johansson’s, Lucy...

One could seldom turn on the Tele without hearing the iconic voice of Morgan Freeman enticing and giving us the gist of the plot to the new sci-fi, action movie, Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson. Incidentally, one of my colleagues at work religiously believes that once Morgan Freeman is in a movie, it is worth seeing… I suppose that it is akin to having the great rock guitarist, Eddie Van Halen playing on one’s album. Notwithstanding Mr. Freemans role in Lucy, i would have seen the Lucy movie because my wife wanted me to see it with her and remembered when I reviewed The Winter Soldier, I told you that I saw the previews for Lucy, which reminded me of the first time I saw the Matrix's previews.

Now those of you who are die-hard Matrix's fans, do not blame me for what many of you would consider movie-review blasphemy for comparing Lucy to the Matrix's franchise; however, honestly, Lucy mostly lived up to the hype that were part and parcel of its previews. I dare say that Luc Besson has arrived, and yes, I know writer/director Besson of Lucy has showed sparks of brilliance before in The Fifth Element, which highlighted Chris Tucker's hilarious take as the androgynous, futuristic deejay.

Let us earnestly discus Lucy because it is an instant cult classic because of Besson's writing/directing and Johansson and Freeman's acting - normally, not many directors can write and direct... lest we forget, the laugh-out-loud, embarrassing dialogue that made up a Young Anakin Skywalker courting of Princess Amidala. But in contrast, in the very opening moments of Lucy, we see and hear the funny banter between Scarlett Johansson's character, Lucy and her boyfriend, or moreover, the juxtaposition of Earth's history, from the Evolutionist's point of view, to the symbolisms that represent what is about to happen on the movie screen.

Lucy is also directed in a stylized way... taking advantage of Mr. Besson's writing and its pacing, which is depicted beautifully in the parallel storyline of Morgan Freeman's professorial character opining and explaining his theories about the mind's capacity at certain levels and hearing and seeing Freeman's hypotheses literally coming to life in Lucy.

Those of us who go to the movies know that Scarlett Johansson is at the top of her acting game: be it in Woody Allen's movies or her sexy, lethal take as the Black Widow in Iron Man or the Josh Whedon's Avengers or the recent Winter Soldier and it is like joy in repetition to now see Miss Johansson as Lucy. There used to be an excuse that there should be no 'acting' in so called action Summer movies - but actors like Scarlett Johansson has thrown that bogus convention out of the door.

In Lucy, Miss Johansson - who is currently about eight months pregnant - acting talents run the gamut. Take Miss Johansson's contemplation of her demise and her desperate searching for a life line shown by the pleading in her eyes; by looking at her, one feels the chilling emotions of what she is facing. There is even an element of 'Black Comedic' moments in Lucy and I wonder if they were deliberately written in the script or was it Miss Johansson who decided to play the role like that? One such scene is where Lucy is reaching for a life line and is trying to empathize with the bad guys, and, though, said bad guys are obviously Asian, she speaks to them in Spanish - something someone would do when facing palpable danger. Another seminal, pivotal scene that showcases Miss Johansson's acting is when she is speaking on the phone and telling her mother how much she appreciated the former being there for her... at that moment, one forgets that we are supposed to be watching an action movie.

I did not go over the plot because anyone who has seen the Lucy previews can figure out the plot, and granted, it is also not too cerebral because the visuals accompanying Mr. Freeman's opaque explanation about the Hunan mind make the movie enjoyable. The movie maybe a bit too short, akin to a musical jam that leaves one bereft... but I have the feeling that had Lucy gone longer, it would have been spoiled. What is left after seeing this truncated Lucy is that of sweet longing and taking comfort... knowing that there is a part two coming because of the thunderous applauses at Lucy's conclusion and the subsequent box office receipts it will generate.

Logically though, I do not know where Lucy can go since there is no Yang to Lucy's Yin, unlike the comic book movie heroes where there are always comic book characters to take up the slack when one nemesis' falls. Lucy , on the other hand, has no foe worthy in a part two setting because one cannot fight omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence... all of the attributes that are now Lucy's - but somehow, I know that Hollywood will make a go at it because I predict again that there will be Midas returns for Lucy. Incidentally, perhaps now, the powers that be at Marvel Universe will now speedily make a stand-alone movie for the awesome Scarlett Johansson... reprising her role as the Black Widow!


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