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A Review Of The New Star Wars Movie – Much of Its Plot Themes Borrowed From Blogs I Wrote In This Very Forum....

Updated on November 1, 2016

A Review Of The New Star Wars Movie – Much of Its Plot Themes Borrowed From Blogs I Wrote In This Very Forum....

There is an apt saying that goes: once a man and twice a child; and although this iconic saying has negative connotations about the progressive journey of an aging life, I used it here to connote the joys that I had as a lad when I first saw the original Star Wars saga. These same joys came back to me today as I gleefully watched the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Right off the get go, I must humbly say that this movie is far, far superior to the previous movies, even though I am tempted to give the George Lucas’ era batch of movies honored props because they were first in time, and, moreover, because the J.J. Abram’s era movie, The Force Awakens, though mostly unique in its own way, nonetheless, it is still a brilliant derivative….

The Force Awakens is well done and it fires on all its hyper-drive cylinders: the plot, the acting, the action sequences, and the directing are spot on - as our cousins across the pond would say. Let us take the plot of The Force Awakens that centers around the resurgence of the Dark-Side of the Force and the whereabouts of the famed Jedi master, Luke Sky-Walker. The Force Awakens for the fans will also hit close to home and cut to the proverbial bone - but such is the nature of brilliant plotlines. And yes, I am not going to give anything away, notwithstanding the fact that in my own blogs, if one read them, one knows what is coming... however, I will sum up the plot for The Force Awakens as ‘the past is - frighteningly- prologue.’

The acting is cracklingly good and the banter between Han Solo and Chewbacca is rapturous, a carry over of their chemistry from the previous Star Wars movies. Harrison Ford, playing Han Solo must be given more of the acting praises because, he is essentially, reacting with pin-point hilarious, comic timing, playing off the grunts or what is deemed as a language spoken by his bud, Chewbacca. There are new comers to the new Star Wars movie like John Boyega (Fin) - who caused quite an uproar among some fans of Star Wars who are apparently racist - for his casting as a Storm Trooper and Daisey Ridley (Ray), both of whom respective characters fit like a glove among the heroes and ‘sheroes’ of the past movies. Take Fin, who is a version of an intergalactic conscientious objector, a concept obviously foreign to the Dark-Side or the apparent orphaned, god-awfully, beautiful Ray… whose bravery tells you that ‘sheroism’, borne of The Force, is not learned, but that it is inherent. I must surmise that the off the charts chemistry between the White Ray and the Black Fin… like that sweet itch one does not want to scratch out of existence, will blossom into a pending white hot romance.

There are two bad guys in The Force Awakens: one played wickedly by Adam Driver as the young version of Darth Vader and Andy Serkis, the latter mirroring Emperor Palpatine’s character. It is at this juncture, I can say that, indeed, blood is thicker than water or should I say correctly that the Midichlorians that are part and parcel of the Dark-Side are more an influence than filial obligations - those of you who have seen or will see The Force Awakens movie and are familiar with Star-Wars' lore will get the gist.

The action sequences in The Force Awakens are breathtaking. Cases in point: Watching the reliable Millennium Falcon maneuver through crevices and outperforming ships way, way younger than it... ferrying its heroic passengers to safety via its aging hyper-drive. It is also a aural and visual spectacle to hear and see the light-sabers coming to life in apt milieus like the darkened snow covered forest. Incidentally, it is quite frightening to see Adam Driver, using his aptly crimsoned colored light saber, taking out his frustration on various ships' consoles, when he is given bad news. There are also frenetic battle scenes between the Resistance and the Dark-Side… and satisfyingly so to see Han and Chewbacca use their seasoned wits to wreak sweet, nectarred chaos on Storm Troopers.

There is no doubt, when watching The Force Awakens, why Steven Spielberg recommended J.J. Abrams to direct the new Star Wars saga… and we are happy that the powers that be took the elder director’s advice. Mr. Abrams’ stellar directing probably has to do with his casting too, because, as I mentioned earlier, the chemistry between Fin and Ray is smoldering and the interaction among Fin, Ray, Han Solo, and Chewbacca is perfect. Furthermore, it is the subtle or not too subtle symbolisms that Mr. Abrams uses to get his directing point across. Take the climactic scene in the forest where the characters representing the Dark-Side and The Force are battling; at one point, when it seems that there is a chance to bridge the chasm between the polar opposite combatants, the earth literally opens up to separate both characters… underscoring the fact that the fight between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ will be perpetual, especially since that The Force Awakens will likely break all box office receipts.

I mentioned earlier - and those of you who are fans of the past Star Wars movies and the new The Force Awakens must know - that many racist fans were upset because Mr. Abrams dared to cast a Blackman (John Boyega) to play a Storm Trooper; yet, anyone, who sees The Force Awakens, if he or she is objective, will see that Mr. Boyega knocked it (the role) out of the park. Well, for all you racists, I boast by saying that most of the plot themes in The Force Awakens can be read in blogs I have written in this very forum long before the movie script came to light - it is as though the writers J.J. Abrams, Michael Arndt, and Lawrence Kasdan were in my head when I wrote those blogs in my apartment in Brooklyn. Those of you who think that I am lying, you can see the respective hyperlinks below... so that you can read the blogs, in sequence, as I wrote them, under my name, in this forum - by the way, I just happened to be Black.

Lethal Tidings From Master Luke Sky-Walker: The Jedi, Forth-With, Will Again Be Respected, And Moreover, Be Feared!

This is a continuation of what took place after the last Star-Wars blog titled: The Return of The Sith - Twain They Come (See Hyperlin ). Feel free to read the rest of the episodic blog on my take on where I would take the Star-Wars story until December of 2015.

Princess Leia's crimson Light-Saber is alive in one hand, while her other hand motherly protects Han, Jr. who is partially hidden behind his mother; Han Solo and Chewie are shouting/pointing their blasters at N-Komo, the latter's, whose Light-Saber is alive and he is in an offensive stance, ready to go up against Leia. N-Komo is suddenly elevated from where he was standing, as his Saber simultaneously, involuntarily leaves his trunk as it is dashed to the opposite side of the river banks, while N-Komo then is thrown forcefully into the river's waters... he submerges and emerges almost as quickly... gasping for air and glaringly looking at what is tantamount to nucleus of the rest of the Jedi Order's resistance and inner circle. Han, Jr. moved from behind his mother and he has an elfin, conspicuous, defiant, coy smile on his face. N-Komo comes out of the water on the other side of the river bank; he is quiet as he summons his Light-Saber. As N-Komo's Light Saber was on its way to its master's hand, the Light Saber abruptly changes direction and instead goes to Luke. N-Komo looks at Master Sky-Walker with disdain, while still trying to summons his Saber... to no avail. Before N-Komo can protest and make his way to where Luke and the others were gathered... he is interrupted.

Master Luke Sky-Walker (shouting, not out of anger, but because of the distance): I recommend that you stay... I will be but a moment with the rest....

Han goes over to Liea and he is checking Jr. and running his hand through the boy's hair... Chewie is looking at N-Komo in a menacing look. Master Luke beckons his sister....

Liea: Did you take away the Saber from N-Komo?

Luke: No - that was your son... hasn't Han been talking to you... concerning the growing gift of your son?

Liea: Yes he has - but I have not taken it seriously because none of the Jedi gifts have been manifested in my presence - though... I sensed that both your niece and nephew do have an intimate kinship to their uncle's faith....

Luke: Jr. has the ability to read minds and obviously able move objects, and , apparently, he has unnatural interests in Darth Vader... so much so that he channels him in slumber....

Liea's interests are peaked...

Leia: You mean Anakyn....?

Luke: No - Vader!

Liea: Han mentioned it - but I thought it was Anakyn - I know that he has an interest in the history/lore and that he gathers bootlegs battles of the Jedi and the Dark Side - I thought it was a boy getting to know his family, including our father.... I've been letting matters of the senate occupy my time at the expense of being a good mother....

Luke: That is not so - your concerns about the Dark-Side was warranted.... Have you commune with father - has he said anything about the children, especially Han, Jr.? Young N-Komo says that he has been having disturbing dreams about Han, Jr... thus his actions earlier....

Leia is more animated with the mention of N-Komo's name... Liea is engaging in jaundiced eyeing of N-Komo who is now leisurely sitting besides the river bank.

Leia (in disbelief): Who would want to harm a child... with a Light-Saber and this from Master Yoda's Son?

Luke: He does not see Han, Jr. as a boy - but as a threat... especially by looking at his abilities... He says that Han, Jr. is a shaper of destinies... but not good destinies....

Leia: What does that mean... do you think that it is connected with the rumor of Master Windu's murder of a young Padawan down at the commercial markets? Have you communed with Master Yoda - anyone from the Order has any insights?

Luke: No, that is why I asked you if you had... apparently, N-Komo thinks that my nephew should not be allowed to reach manhood....

Liea (voice elevated and concerned): Why are you so cavalier - you are his uncle? Keep that thing... from my son....

Luke: Sister, I am simply trying to sought out everything out - I am sorry for not paying attention to you and what civically was happening around me... Master Yoda wants and the Order thinks that N-Komo will be a significant player in what to come... they commanded me to bring him here... to train him....

Leia: Both he and my son cannot be here with you.... I thought you had to give me more in depth training in ways of the Force and the Saber

Luke: Someone else, along with Father will have to give you this training... Who is going to control your son... your training is not yet completed. Your son is channeling the Dark Side and with the gifts he has displayed so far - I am the only one that....

Liea has a look of unbelief in her eyes: The only one... what? Would you killed father as a boy if you knew how he would have turned out - as Vader?

Luke (is resigned to his sister's take on the situation): Your son has a loving rapport with you - take him. Do not let him go with his father because, at least, you have some training and know the ways of The Force/Darkside.... I have a mission for Han and Chewie, anyway. Have you decided where to go... concerning your exile?

Liea: I will let you know when I am there....

Luke: Sister, continue your training with father and especially renew your mind in The Force because of the obvious exponential abilities of your son's ability with the Force.... The Dark-Side will be coming... because of said potential abilities of your son - your children. I will do something noteworthy to place the focus on me, which is also part of Han and Chewie's mission....

We see two figures in what could be considered a romantic setting: a pristine, grey-colored room with a blue lounge and a off white table with matching chairs... seating four, and the candles are young and emanating from the fixtures attached to the walls - notwithstanding the milieu, on a closer look, one of the figures is the female Sith in apparent casual wear: The female Sith is attired in a two piece light blue PJs... the top is not buttoned, which leaves her pronounced ruby-red hue breasts eating up all of the attention of her upper torso; she has a female medium size bald dome that is glistening without any evidence of any liquid enabler; her eyes are a tandem of watery, metallic blue and red and destitute of eyes-brows; and her lips are painted with sprinkling, watery war red and glistening like sunshine on morning dew... even more so because of her perfect rows of pearly white teeth as a backdrop.... The female Sith regally takes a seat at the table.

Sith (Looking at the other end of the room): What is attractive about the painting...

On the far side of the sparsely decorated room, we see a male figure looking at the picture of Darth Maul.

Boba Fett: turns around, smiling, and faces the Sith: As a boy, he fascinated and scared me... you know the hold lore about The Dark-Side and The Force....

Sith: I know... you are making a veritable bounty from the selling of the battles between the Dark Side and The Force - even my brother's demise at the hands of....(she trails off as if too painful to say the name)... is sold....

Boba Fett: I'm a businessman... (he comes and sits down on the other side of the table....

Sith looking over her guess: You're not dressed as your father... coyly looking over his formal attire.

Boba Fett: You expect me to dress in full battle array... like my father? I respected him, but he was from a different era... incidentally - Boba looking around - I thought that twain you came?

Sith: You are mistaken... your intelligence on the ways of the Sith is lacking... there are pleasurable endeavors to be had outside of my other self... I thought that this was such an occasion?

Boba: I know enough to prepare... so that you do not invade my mind... knowing what I am thinking and trade secrets... and we have never met in this setting... on a Death-Star - I thought this was a typical business meet where we would discuss our latest weaponry and the state of our joint endeavors....

The Sith is perturbed and her tone now is more about mundane business: Do you really think that we are on equal footing in our arrangement...? To that end, have you finished the design for the new Death-Star?

Boba Fett (ignoring the not too subtle threat): Let's say that there are one third the size of this one... with more super nova-like fire power. And since you love to hide by jumping and traversing worm holes, you do not need as much personnel... whose constitution are not compatible to the frequent worm-hole travels.... With the new version of our Death-Star, you can man them with your Sith Priests/clones....

Sith: Have you improved on the synthetic DNA that makes up The Force..? It has been a rather lucrative venture.... What would you think if we were to experiment on a fully grown Jedi?

Boba: Is that your way of assigning blame on the Mace Windu debacle...?

Sith: Well, they were your medical personnel, but my security and believe me they met their demise painfully... oh, of course your doctors died at the hands of the Jedi Master....

Boba: Why are you so obsessed with the Jedi Order... they are in disarray....

Sith is visibly upset: Time for you to take your leave for asking such a foolish, I hope, rhetorical question... commerce is secondary to all that encompass the Dark-Side... my people will see to the specs and I hope all security protocols are in place....

There are weapons depots with the pronounced Fett emblem... like the wont of the Consortium, their laborers and their families live on the premises.... The practice was established long ago when the Jedi Order was a force, so as to prevent the sabotaging of the weapons depots and whatever munitions were made there....

Luke is addressing Han and Chewie, while he is looking through the tactical binoculars: The security is so lax....

Han: There is nothing to fear... at least that's their thinking - they run it all and everyone is afraid... that's why they are so relaxed. Look , he's in there and he took my hand (Han looking down manipulating his replaced artificial hand) - let me be the one.... Chewie interrupts and roars in support... of his bud....

Luke: You have to take one for the team... for the greater good and the Resistance... I know that he took your hand, but what I am about to do will place the focus on me and take it off your wife... your children for the time being... It is strategic...

Han: suppose he decides to use the laborers and the children as a shield...?

Luke: I've done some remote study of his psyche - I perceive that he is like his father - arrogant... he will come out to face me than hide behind women and saplings....'

Han: He is like his father, Jabba, alright... arrogant!

it is dusk... and there is an unassuming, large black structure with the Fett's emblem... of three floors; there are conveyances and steel-like huge refuge square waste bins. There are also the familiar half dozen or so Storm Troopers on patrol...

Han and Chewie, dismount their respective flying motor circles, while Luke walked down the ramp of a miniature ship with R2-D2 and C-3PO in tow....

C-3PO: Why should you be the one recording Master Luke's pending soliloquy...?

R2-D2 does not respond to his metal competitor... but glides along the topography of the dirt/sand-like surface following his master....

Han and Chewie ready their blasters and take defensive postures at the entrance on the structure. C-3PO is babbling in computer speak and R2-D2 is ignoring his frienemy ...

Luke (whispering): Both of you can record!

C-3PO: Thank Master Luke.... Han is looking at Chewie in humorous disbelief....

R2-D2 and C-3PO enter the gate to the structure... the alarms go off, which brings the Storm Troopers... and with the surroundings become more illuminated. Master Luke causes the curious but approaching Storms Troopers to smash violently into one another, resulting in copious amount of blood, bones, and alabaster/black colored uniforms mingled - the dead and dying carcasses look like a scene out of a graphic novel.

Master Luke (mockingly): Come out Jabba -The- Hutt Jedi master- the fodder has been disposed of by a genuine Jedi (Luke pointing at the dead Storm-Troopers....)

Jabba-The-Hutt son comes out with his Light-Saber in its crevice around his waist... there is a retinue of five troops - some in front and some behind Jabba-The-Hutt's son.

Jabba-The-Hutt's son: Y-e-s, the famous Luke Sky-Walker...

Luke: Master Sky-Walker to you... it's deja-vu all over again - I mean... my sister took care of that bloated father of yours... and now history is going to record the demise of his would-be Jedi....

Jabba -The-Hutt's son (peering from behind his body guards): Oh, Han... how 's the appendage - do you get the same feeling... when caressing the fair Princess' breasts....

Han, screams and attempts to fire his blaster at Jabba-The-Hutt's son; however, the blaster is forcefully taken from Han's hands and discarded to the ground by Luke's usage of The Force. Chewie then raises his to support his bud, but Luke gives him that look, which causes Chewie not to pursue firing the blaster. Luke then summons the guards surrounding Jabba -The-Hutt's son to him as the sound of his Light-Saber comes to deadly life... slicing and lopping the heads off the guards in Jedi speed... their bodies fall with distinct thuds... punctuated with the familiar smell of cauterized wounds. Jabba-The-Hutt's son does not panic, but he is instead outwardly calm....

Jabba -The-Hutt's son: So it's Jedi to Jedi... he readies to draw his Light-Saber....

Luke (sheathing his Light-Saber): Most of us Jedis are vegetarians and we know that the taste of organic vegetables are more satisfying than those that are processed - so... it is with The Force - no processed Midichlorians can compare to the real thing. Jabba-The-Hutt's son tries to speak, but Luke purses his mouth and causes his Light Saber to come to him, while walking up to him. Jabba-The-Hutt's son is struggling and now there is indeed demise panic on his face.... Luke walks to his opponent and sweep his legs... so that Jabba-The-Hutt's son is on the ground. Luke's artificial appendage is a-flamed as he rests it on Jabba-The-Hutt's son face and watches it burn... Luke looses Jabba-The-Hutt's son mouth and his the screams are blood cuddling... even Han's eyes betray him with empathy for Jabba-The-Hutt's son.

Luke (looking directly at R2-D2 and C-3PO... the latter two who had positioned themselves for the recording of Master Luke's call to arms): You have bombed and murdered Jedis whose only offense was that they wanted to practice their Faith in peace... we are now scattered and in forced exile... But the Jedis' Diaspora ends now for these are the beginning of lethal tidings from Master Luke Sky-Walker: The Jedi, forth-with, will again be respected, and moreover, be feared! Luke then smashes the charred remains of Jabba-The-Hutt's son's face. Han and Chewie are looking at each other in bone-chilling disbelief.

Luke (looking at R2-D2 and C-3PO): Make sure that the recordings are sent to every portal that all will see (Luke pointing to the dead) what took place today - do no editing!

C-3PO: We will... Master Luke..... R2-D2 also acknowledges his master's command in his own unique way of beeps and assorted sounds....

Han (surveying the area): We should go.... Chewie growls in agreement....

Luke (nonchalantly): I supposed now brother-in-law that you are no longer agnostic about the Jedi's Faith...?

Han (looking at Chewie): I, I have seen enough to know that The Force is no longer superstition....


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I think it is-like always, thank you sister in CHrist JEsus.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for the review. Happy that John Boyega'a performance was brilliant; heard some negative comments before the movie. Taking your word that the movie is well-done!

    • profile image


      2 years ago


    • tsadjatko profile image

      2 years ago from now on

      I eventually got it out of them if they were honest with me (I have my doubts) but I didn't mention it because I didn't want to be a spoiler either. As far as seeing the movie again, this is one I could have waited for it to come to TV, but at my age?

    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      2 years ago from New York

      That is funny - go back and see the movie... I am not going to reveal any spoilers here.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      2 years ago from now on

      Great job, wish I read this before I took my adult son and his girlfreind to see it this morning.

      It was entertaining but somehow I felt like I had seen this before.

      Through the entire movie I kept expecting someone to discover Luke or for him to finally appear at just the right moment to save ...somebody, anybody!

      I was curious to know if they would actually use Mark Hammermill or sub another actor for him (was that his name?).

      Anyway I was watching Ray at the end climbing to the top of a hill or some place when I dozed off for a couple seconds.

      Next thing I knew the movie was over! I'm like what happened?

      How long was I out?

      Did they find Luke?

      My son and his girlfriend just laughed and laughed but wouldn't answer me!

      I should have made him pay for the tickets! And so went another senior moment.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Thanks bro

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Good job


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