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A Review of the Self-Titled Mini Album "Lacuna Coil" Released in 1997 by Lacuna Coil

Updated on June 7, 2022
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What is the musical style of this Mini Album "Lacuna Coil?"

Lacuna Coil is a heavy metal band from Milan Italy. Some sources say that they formed as far back as 1994. This is Lacuna Coil’s first musical release called Lacuna Coil and it contains six songs for over a total of 28 minutes in length. That’s why it is not a full album and it is just what they would call an extended play or mini album in musical terms. Lacuna Coil got off to a great start with their first few releases and this is one of their best. This is the way for a band to start out a career. You have to make sure that you put your best foot forward and Lacuna Coil showed up as a newcomer to the music scene at the time in very good fashion. I ended up receiving this album along with Arch Enemy’s Burning Bridges around 1999 and I found this one to be a very enjoyable listen. The band’s earlier releases are of the Gothic rock style. As their career progressed, Lacuna Coil became much heavier and there was more of a messier sound in their guitars. The style on “Lacuna Coil” is a mixture of Gothic and progressive influences. In the start of the song The Secret there is a short part that sounds a little like a slower version of Metallica’s The Call of Ktulu. Listen closely and you will hear the influence in there.

The lineup of members on the Lacuna Coil Extended Play Album

The album Lacuna Coil was released in 1997 by the label Century Media Records. The band lineup on this album is a little different than on the later releases. Cristina Scabbia does the female vocals. Andrea Ferro does the male vocals. The guitarists that perform on this album are no longer with the band. They are Raffaele Zagaria and Claudio Leo. The person playing the drums on this album is Leonardo Forti who is also no longer with the band. This album is of the Gothic rock style but the band would adopt a heavier guitar sound starting with their 2002 album Comalies. I would argue that they were a better band before they reached commercial success. The producer of this EP is Waldemar Sorchyta, the man who would later play with the band Enemy of the Sun.

The Songs This is My Dream & Soul Into Hades

Marco Coti Zelati plays the bass guitar. His bass work to begin the third song This is My Dream is excellent. When that song begins, you can hear the mysterious quality to the song and that opening bass sequence leads into the song itself. The listener will be dazzled by the amazing work that the band put into this song. The song is about believing in yourself. If you stick to your principles and follow your heart, you will achieve whatever your dream is. The next song Soul Into Hades begins with a small rhythm guitar section followed by some male vocals by Andrea Ferro. And then Cristina’s angelic, powerful voice comes in to dominate that solid song.

Lacuna Coil: the Last Two Songs Falling & Una Fantasma Tra Noi

The next song Falling is a predecessor to what is to come next on their following release. This song is actually a previous version of the song Falling Again. This song is on the band’s first full length release called In a Reverie. This song has Cristina’s best vocal performance so far. This is the moment in the album where she really shines and you can just feel the power and passion in her voice. She really makes her voice stand out and you can tell that she isn’t straining to get the sound out of her vocal cords. The next song Un Fantasma Tra Noi or a Ghost between Us if you want the English translation is just a straightforward instrumental kind of song. I used to not like this song very much over the years but now I think that it is a decent song. The first two songs on the album No Need to Explain and The Secret are once again two more solid mid-tempo songs. The Secret especially is a great song because of the way that it is constructed and it is really awesome.

What Other Bands Would Listeners Enjoy If They Like the Mini Album Lacuna Coil?

For those that enjoy Lacuna Coil’s music I recommend bands such as Flowing Tears and Darkwell. Overall this self-titled release is an excellent way for Lacuna Coil to begin their 20 year career. This album should get a solid nine out of ten mark. This CD is a great release for a band that I felt had declined a little bit in the songwriting department although their popularity has risen. But now in 2017, my thoughts about the band have changed. For those that love the old Lacuna Coil style, I highly recommend this album and the next two after that. I would rate this mini album a solid 10 out of 10.

"This Is My Dream"

What would happen to the band after the release of this Mini Album?

Following the release of this self-titled mini album, Lacuna Coil would undergo a few lineup changes. Cristiano Migliore would take over the guitar playing duties. Cristiano Mozzati would take over the drum playing duties. Then Lacuna Coil would reach their peak as a band vocally and musically with 2000’s Unleashed Memories. This mini album is one of the highlights of this band’s career.

"The Secret"

Favorite song on Lacuna Coil

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