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A Review of the Album "Lost" by Dutch Progressive Metal Band Elegy One of the Best Albums of 1995

Updated on March 8, 2023
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The album cover for Lost shows a bunch of rock formations in the desert as the lightning is seen in the background. The full moon is also shown on the far upper left of the cover.
The album cover for Lost shows a bunch of rock formations in the desert as the lightning is seen in the background. The full moon is also shown on the far upper left of the cover. | Source

The Band Members That Play On the Album "Lost"

  • Eduard Hovinga: vocals and guitar on track 5
  • Henk van der Laars: guitars
  • Gilbert Pot: guitars
  • Martin Helmantel: bass guitars
  • Dirk Bruinenberg: drums
  • Gerrit Hager: keyboards

The Album Lost Lyrically Deals with Topics Such as Relationships and Loss But it is a Superb Album

Dutch progressive metal band Elegy came out with their 3rd album Lost. This may be their finest work ever and it is certainly one of the best albums of 1995. The lyrical themes of the album deal mostly with relationships and loss.

The Songs "Lost" and "Everything" Really Set the Tone for the Album

The opening song Lost begins with some keyboard play and right from the start you get the feeling that this is going to be a special album. The song is about someone who wakes up in the morning feeling lost. This is in spite of the fact that there is a future to look forward to. The person always obsesses about his or her past and what went wrong. Every morning seems to be the same and it feels like it is too late to turn things around. The song features an excellent guitar solo as well. The next song Everything is about a love relationship that is turning out to be not so good as one of the people feels like he is being lied to. His partner walked out on him and he is left wondering why she did this. He believes that this woman means everything to him and he cannot believe that she walked out on him. Relationships can end this way where one person for whatever reason can walk out on you.

The Song Always With You Further contributes to the greatness of the album

Always with You is another one of the highlights of the album. He feels that no matter what he is beside the love of his life from morning to night. Distance cannot kill your love for someone if you truly love them. It is said that our hearts are near the person even if we are separated by the miles. Also, long distance relationships take lots of effort to make successful. The person that we truly love will always be with us in spirit even if they are physically far away from us.

Under God's Naked Eye Song Analysis

"Under God’s Naked Eye" is the first ballad song of the album. It is about someone that no longer has the strength to go on with their life because they feel like there is nothing left. The previous future vision that the person had and thought was real only came crashing down on her. For those of us that really have faith and believe in HIM, GOD will help us and let us know what our path shall be. 1998 (The Prophecy) is just a short but good instrumental song.

The album "Lost" comes to a great end with songs like Crossed the Line and Live it Again

Crossed the Line features the highest and most powerful vocal performance by Eduard Hovinga as his extension will leave even non heavy metal fans impressed! The song is about someone who has had all kinds of bad luck with love. Now he feels that it is so right, that the one that is right for him has come to his rescue. It is often said that love happens to us when we are not actively looking for it and when we least expect it. There are others who say that if we want a romantic relationship, we have be the ones that have to actively look for it. The song is definitely one of the best in Elegy’s career! Live it Again is a very good love ballad. It is about someone who has been separated from the one that he loves. He imagines that she is close by his side as they exchange hugs, caresses, and kissing. He imagines that they go through life together and live their past romance again. He has the strong belief that he will meet her again. They will fall in love and live happily ever after. Love is one of those feelings and emotions that has been covered in music, movies, dramas, and plays. It is covered so much in magazines as well. The album ends with the power metal style song Spanish Inquisition.

Final Thoughts About the Album Lost by Elegy

What are my final thoughts about Elegy’s Lost album? It is one of the best progressive metal albums made in 1995 other than Eldritch’s Seeds of Rage album. Overall, Lost is an excellent album from these talented Dutch guys and I really recommend the album for metal fans all over the world. You will not be disappointed at all!

"Crossed the Line"

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