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A Serbian Film, WTF?

Updated on September 7, 2012

I am unsure of how many people have heard of A Serbian Film, as it has gained infamy for its graphic nature and disturbing content. Maybe you're thinking, "First The Human Centipede and now this?" Yes, I actually seek out the more unpopular and controversial films; I find films considered "grotesque" and "horrific" to be more interesting than disturbing. A Serbian Film is actually more interesting than most in its self referential nature and addressing films of controversy and "perversion". Although interesting, is probably more perturbing than most horror films as well. We follow the story of Milos, a father and husband who retired from the life of a porn star. When confronted with a tempting, yet mysterious, offer he is thrown into an underworld of pornography he may not be able to get out of.

1. Something ain't right... and you know it as soon as Milos is approached with a mysterious "art film" that promises large sums of money. Once the somewhat desperate Milos is signing the contract, you can't help but make a forlorn attempt to say "Don't do it!" But hey, we're not entertained unless characters are screwing up. So Milos, somewhat nostalgic for his old work, takes on the "art film" warily. After some foreboding scenes, Milos quits once the film begins to break his moral code, which draws a line at violence and children. Unfortunately it makes little difference; his suspicions kicked in a little too late.

2. Unrated v. Rated... As far as I know there is roughly 5minutes removed from the original, and they are probably the most infamous minutes of the film. While there is a lot of controversy surrounding the film as a whole there is one particular scene that was most discussed in forums and by horror fans.There was a lot of buildup surrounding this scene, thus I watched in horrified anticipation. And, in all honesty, it actually wasn't that bad. Yes, the very idea of the act is extremely messed up, but at the same time so damn absurd. (No spoilers here, but for a hint look to *4 - not interested? Skip it.)

3. Bull Viagra... is one hell of a drug. When the movie really starts spiraling into hysteria, our main character is introduced to "Viagra for bulls" and simply put: holy crap. Again, no spoilers, but how does one convey the craziness this man does when jacked up with Viagra meant for 1500lb animals with 14in penises? Essentially this dude wants to literally put his penis into anything he can squeeze it into. I don't have a penis, so I'm not entirely sure how well one fits into an excessively tight space, but according to the film if there is bull viagra there is a way.

*4. Slight Spoiler!!!! "Newborn Porn"... is in quotation marks, because it is literally belted at the top of a character's lungs. And not just for sh*ts and giggles, but because it is the "new genre" that is introduced in the 5minutes omitted in the Rated version. This immediately sends up a warning flag, but you can be mislead to think this to be the worst scene in the film. It's not. While "newborn porn" is enough to make Milos walk out of the room, it isn't till he is hitting a traumatic peak that you will be shocked and left rather unsettled.

A Serbian Film really goes for the jugular in graphic nature and sexual violence, and was unsurprisingly banned from Spain, for screening in Brazil, and for distribution in Norway and Australia. The film offends, and it seems that is the intention of the director and writer, Srđan Spasojević and Aleksandar Radivojević, as they seek to make the audience really consider how political correctness came to stifle freedom of expression. After the continual over-stimulation of graphic scenes most people would be too worn out to consider or even interpret the intended message. Spasojević, however, was successful in creating a film that threw political correctness out the window. Whether or not audiences will be able to objectify the visceral experiences of the film enough to see the intellectual intent of the director is an entirely different matter.


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    • ElspethChagall profile image

      Elspeth Chagall 4 years ago from Philadelphia, PA USA

      I'm well aware of 'A Serbian Film' well in fact I stayed away from it. This is the example of some of the more extreme types of horror films out there: no real substance. Their sole raison d'etre is to gross out it's audience. I'm not sure of anyone who would admit to 'liking' this film and frankly I'm not sure. I think to call this one 'art' is a bit of a stretch. But then again, as I'm fond of saying: 'Art is in the eye of the beholder'

      I did sit through August Underground Mordum which was utter trash.

    • mbergo profile image

      mbergo 5 years ago from Porto Alegre, Brazil

      Never heard of it before it was all over Norwegian news due to being banned. I wish the norwegian rating agency wouldn´t have promoted it in that manner.

      It does have artistic value, but I find it to be overly disgusting even combined with odd humor.

      Unlike mentioned movie 8mm that was very well directed.

      Voted up.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 5 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      I know what you're saying on my comment, but I'm thinking about this being HubPages. Personally, I don't mind but I fear you may be flagged ^^

    • callmejam profile image

      Jamilya 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      I still have yet to see 8MM all the way through in one sitting. And Taken is a personal favorite of mine.

      Thanks for the vote up. And somewhat surprised by your "f bombs" complaint considering the film's comment on political correctness.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 5 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Ah, A Serbian Film, such an interesting piece that I secretly call "art". It's like a fine wine that needs to be disected before it can be reviewed, otherwise it will be just a pornographic mess.

      I won't lie - I sat through this with no trouble, because I'm interested in how far filmmakers will go to get across the existence of snuff. I recommend 8MM with Nicholas Cage, or Taken starring Liam Neeson if you enjoyed this.

      Voted up, useful, awesome and interesting. Just cut down on the "f" bombs though ^^