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A Shellfish lesson.

Updated on March 15, 2011

A Shellfish Lesson!



Saliva washed
a mass of foul flesh,
my offended tongue flinging
the expelled waste
back to it's
mother of pearl commode.

Bitter, rubbery,

it slid thickly,
till gag reflexes
went comedic.

She told me, "just swallow,"

"Hmmm, I thought, how often
I have used that line,"

Now a victim of my own
selfish advice,
I seek some moisture
in a glass of wine.

hoping to wash the
tang of that

raw oyster,
off my tainted pallete
with a bottle of Chablis.

 I know that many of you out there love oysters, raw and ice cold and sliding down smooth....I happen to enjoy breadedadn fried oysters,  and i eat them often, they are tangy, hot and juicy, and most of the meat of them atter is hidden in a coating of spiced breading but as for the raw

and odoorous flesh uncooked...YUCK ! ! !---lol~~~MFB III


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