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A Superhero Movie that Rises Above its Counterparts

Updated on March 31, 2013

Rise Above

The Dark Knight Rises

It's not your typical superhero movie where the action sequence or gratuitous 3D rendering is the main selling point. 'The Dark Knight Rises' really had an engaging storyline as it talked about the power of the human spirit and that it's possible to overcome insurmountable obstacles if you have something to live for. And unlike any other superhero film and new movies being released these days, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ had a real sense of urgency as 'Batman' bleeds like anybody else and deals with emotional issues like a mere mortal would.

The special effects though glossy and fancy served merely as complements to the movie’s already sturdy storyline. Without them, the plot would still be relatable and compelling enough to keep the moviegoers at the edge of their seats. And the ladies, well they were not utilized merely as ‘eye candies’ with no real sense of purpose just like in big popcorn movies before it . Their roles were actually significant to the movie’s central plot that even if they dress up like hobos, they would still matter. The film does start slow though, but if you’re patient enough to sit through some drawn out dialogues and scenes (which I thought were really necessary), the payoff will be worth it at the end.

'The Dark Knight Rises' is a very satisfying conclusion to an already exceptional movie series. It even ended with a huge bang and when I say huge I mean an explosion that is comparable to the Nagasaki and Hiroshima atomic bombings. I and the rest of the people in the movie theater even gave it a 'standing o'. And that says a lot as it doesn't happen really often or doesn't happen at all from where I am until this movie was shown. The accolades were well-earned though as the scenes were not predictable, the acting was admirable, the direction was seamless and nimble and the editing was impeccable. Plus, the film wasn't presented in needless 3D; which I think is a welcome change because that artificial shtick has obviously lost its novelty—at least from my old-fashioned (discerning) eyes.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises Movie


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