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A Tribute To Mary Travers.-of (Peter, Paul & Mary)

Updated on March 15, 2011
Happy: for all that she gave us.    Sad: that beauty passes far too soon
Happy: for all that she gave us. Sad: that beauty passes far too soon

A Tribute To Mary Travers.


Mary Travers now traverses

realms Where All The Flowers Have Gone©

©Pack Up Your Sorrows, joys await her

she'd Been On The Road Too Long.©

On The Other Side Of This Life©

past The Rising Of The Moon

she'll go Tell It On The Mountain©

with her sweet angelic tunes.

©Don't Think Twice- about her passing,

-It's Alright in Canaan land ©

there are Pastures Full Of Plenty©

as she joins that heavenly band.

©Kumbaya to her tomorrows,

Michael row the boat ashore©

help her cross Rivers of Jordan©

where God's Tender Hands© restore.

©All God's Critters will be waiting,

©Puff The Magic Dragon too,

forever young, they both will frolic

in misty lands beyond the blues.

©Wasn't That A Time she gave us,

Oh, Had I A Golden Thread©

of her hair with daisies woven,

A chain of peace, full circle led.

Is she singing for the Magi,

©Slack The Hangman's Rope.. dear Lord,

Just Because All Men Are Brothers©

silence weapons, sheathe their swords.

©Weave Me Sunshine For The People,

let the healing now begin,

among the masses of confusion,

with answers Blowing In The Wind. ©

Someplace On the path of glory,©

where the Summer Highland Falls©

walks a girl called Pretty Mary©

who'll be sorely missed by all.

I'm sure two of God's assistants

came to greet her on her way

Apostles, Peter, Paul and Mary

what great laughs they shared that day.

©Light a candle in her memory,

Mary's reached that distant shore

where the dreams she's had for decades,

grant her peace forevermore.

~~~~~~~~~Tribute**by-MFB III-2009-Artwhimsically Yours Studio.


Author notes


**With full copywrite credits and deepest appreciation for
the following song titles-© by Peter, Paul And Mary:

1.-"Where All The Flowers Have Gone"-
2.-"Pack Up Your Sorrows" -
3.-"Been On The Road Too Long."-
4.-"The Other Side Of This Life,"-
5.-"The Rising Of The Moon,"-
6."Tell It On The Mountain,"-
7.-"Don't Think Twice--"It's Alright"
8.-"Canaan land,"-
9.-"Pastures Full Of Plenty,"-
11.-"Michael row the boat ashore,"-
12. -"Rivers of Jordan,-
13. -"Tender Hands" -
14.-"All God's Critters"-
15.-"Puff The Magic Dragon"-
16.-"Wasn't That A Time"- she gave us,
17.-"Oh, Had I A Golden Thread,"-
18.-Slack Your Rope, Hangman.
19.-"Because All Men Are Brothers"-
20.-"Weave Me Sunshine For The People,"
21.-"Blowing In The Wind."-
22.-On the path of glory,"-
23. -"Summer Highland Falls,"-
24. -"Pretty Mary,"
25.-" Peter, Paul and Mary,"-(band name credit)
26.--"Light a candle"-


"A legacy has passed, yet still I hear the fading soprano whistle of her songs blow 5 triillion miles......away from my home. "Godspeed Mary, to a place of perfect peace."


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