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A Trip To Seafood City

Updated on November 19, 2012
Going to Seafood City!
Going to Seafood City! | Source

About once a week we go to the Asian market called Seafood City. It wasn't just seafoods as the name suggest but most, Filipino products, if not all, would be available in there.We used to go there about once a week to stock up on needed items, along with vegetables with mom who wouldn't missed on checking for her favorite ones such as yam leaves, water spinach, and long beans. And we're just thankful there's such a place we could go to which helps us enjoy products from the homeland. Now who would say we missed Filipino foods? From fish, to vegetables and canned goods even beauty products are in there.

And even though I have been there many times, I don't get bored. It is always that feeling of connecting with fellow Filipinos as they shop in there and seeing the items I used to see on Philippine markets before. It is also that feeling of being at home while in there.

And so on the past few trips, I got the cellphone camera ready to take photos. So far here's what I got from those past two trips.

Heading to Seafood City entrance.
Heading to Seafood City entrance. | Source
Beauty products aisle.
Beauty products aisle. | Source

After the entrance and close to the registers are the beauty aisle where this face cleansers (Eskinol) can be found along with other products such as colognes, deodorants and whitening soap and lotions.

Those yellow Eskinol bottles are with lemon extract while the green ones are avocados. Some also are with cucumbers and Papaya extract. I had used them before, and currently has the Eskinol Derma Clear but only had used it a few times.


To the fish section, this photo was taken yesterday, Thursday as dad and I dropped by to buy this butter fish (pampano fish) that mom asked me to get along with beef shank.

This fish is good marinated in soy sauce and vinegar overnight then grilled the following day.

Philippine hotdog and sausages.
Philippine hotdog and sausages. | Source

My favorite for breakfast with rice. And honestly, when I crave for either of the two, I don't care about the time of the day, morning or lunch, I'd cooked them if I want them.

Yes, Philippine hotdogs are this red and one of my favorites.

And with the Filipino sausages which is called longganisa, comes in pork, chicken and beef, and either sweet or spicy. I always prefer the sweet longganisa as I don't eat spicy foods.

I'd boil this sausages in half a cup of water for all the sausages, or about 1/3 cup for only a few. Poking the sausages with a fork helps to let their oil out which will cook the sausages or longanisa later on when the water dries out.


Beef heart, liver, along with blood of chicken, pork, and beef being sold. I don't know of any other Filipino recipe's that uses blood for ingredient aside from dinuguan, or what is called as chocolate meat in English.

This chicken feet are cook as adidas, a street food loved by many.
This chicken feet are cook as adidas, a street food loved by many. | Source
Catfish on Seafood City.
Catfish on Seafood City. | Source

Lanzones fruits on the frozen aisle. On the left side which is barely captured but is darkish in color and round are the caimito fruits or star apple in English.

As I walked passed the meat section, here comes the salted fish sauces in bottles. This one is one of those that mom can't live without and she makes sure she always has one on the fridge. This sauce is use for cooking. And with parsley, chopped onions and tomatoes, it is enjoyed as a dipping sauce for fried fish and even use as sauce for green mangoes as well.

Dried fish.
Dried fish. | Source

After the bottled fish sauces comes all kinds of dried fish. And this one is one of those favorites, the rabbitfish (danggit.)


And as I was done feasting my eyes on the dried fish section, I turned around and there was mom (next to the woman in red) busy filling up a plastic of her choice of fish. (I wonder what she got?)

The market was getting busy, and they are much more busy on weekends as shoppers flooded in.


Now time for weighing and fish cleaning. Glad there weren't a long line yet. Sometimes, when there is a long line, we just ask for the fish to be weigh and no cleaning as cleaning would take some time. With fish cleaning, we are given a number and has to wait for the number to be called once the fish is ready.

So with this, better do the fish first and then shop around for other needed items while waiting for the number to be called, that is if you want some fish cleaning done if you find yourself in Seafood City.

Spotted this plates while I walked past its aisle.
Spotted this plates while I walked past its aisle. | Source
Look at all those rice cookers and sacks of rice.
Look at all those rice cookers and sacks of rice. | Source
From this,
From this, | Source
to this cooked pancit canton.
to this cooked pancit canton. | Source

And this, I always make sure I got a stock of noodles so when the cravings for any noodle food using this kind strikes in, I have something to use.

I enjoy pancit canton, and there would be days I crave for it and having this noodles, I'd be ready to cook and enjoy the dish.

Bitter melons and long beans, which the long beans happens to be on sale, .88/lbs.
Bitter melons and long beans, which the long beans happens to be on sale, .88/lbs. | Source
cassava and taro.
cassava and taro. | Source

And those yams, we always make sure we also have those along with taro.

We use yams on vegetable dishes and they are good fried too or steamed. When in a hurry, mom used to just heat either one or two on the microwave.

And the purple yam, I enjoy them with halo-halo (a favorite dessert with shaved ice, fruits, coconut gel, beans, and milk.)

And now its time to go, heading on the cashiers.
And now its time to go, heading on the cashiers. | Source


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    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      Thank you ma'am Ellen ^-^' Don't you have one in Canada? It really feels like home every time I'm in there :)

    • profile image

      ellen 5 years ago

      excellent! the way u delivered the events is simply amazing! I've enjoyed the travel and it feels like I'm home :)...mouth-watering journey :)

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      @ Aviannovice:

      That's interesting, with the hot dog. Now I'm all ears as I love listening, (or reading) to people's stories. Maybe more of your stories about living in Maine ^-^'

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      precy anza, thanks for sharing the market. I like yams, too, and I generally just bake them like a white potato. In Maine(northeast US), we had red hot dogs that snapped when you bit them. We dried a lot of cod fish and salted it. It was wonderful fish.

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      @ Carol7777:

      And thank you for dropping by and commenting on it ^-^' It wasn't just with this store, but I enjoy and loves going into other stores as well and look for interesting stuffs. :)

      @ the girls:

      Mabuhay! :) One of those you had mentioned is making me hungry.... I can imagine tilapia fish right now :)

      @drbj: Maybe you might unexpectedly visit one, one day :) And thank for for dropping by!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

      Fascinating commentary, precy. With your realistic descriptions and photos, I feel as if I visited Seafood City in person. Thank you.

    • the girls profile image

      Theresa Ventu 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      I enjoyed reading your hub! The salted fish sauce, shrimp sauce, red egg, tilapia, frozen plantain.... i couldn't wait to go back to Seafood too :-) Voted up and mabuhay!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      What a great place.. Very envious. I love all the exotics and great versatility thanks for the great photos and information.


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