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A Very Merry Fairy Tale

Updated on September 8, 2016

Are you looking for a free holiday play for your students? Look no further! A Very Merry Fairy Tale, by Christopher Williams may be just the holiday script you're looking for! With an expandable cast, characters included that are time-honored and adored and the ability to improvise scenes with current and even more cast members, this may be the just-right show for your budget!

A Very Merry Fairy Tale - High Resolution Image for Playbills and Advertisements

This play is protected under US copyright. Do not copy this play and claim it to be your own. You are free to perform it in its current form. Do not adapt it to suit your needs, unless the adaptation is approved by me. Christopher Williams
This play is protected under US copyright. Do not copy this play and claim it to be your own. You are free to perform it in its current form. Do not adapt it to suit your needs, unless the adaptation is approved by me. Christopher Williams | Source


  • Grandmother (Red Ridinghood's Grandmother)
  • Gladys (Cinderella's Fairy God-Mother)
  • Red Ridinghood
  • Willy Wolf
  • Bad-Fairy
  • Santa

Expandable in Scene Four with other Fairy Tale Characters

Scene 1: Grandmother’s House

Grandmother: (Sitting in rocking chair snoring… wakes up…) Oh you startled me. Good morning. (Wait for response) Oh my, for company that I wasn’t expecting, you can surely do better than that! I said good morning! Do you all know who I am? (Improvise with response) I’m Little Red Ridinghood’s Grandmother – Grandmother Ridinghood. (Look at clock) It’s 10 o’clock. Uh oh, I’m going to be late for the annual “Parade of Fairy Tales.” I’d better hurry. Now, what do I need to take with me? (Improvise and pantomime items (be sure to incorporate them somehow later)), ie: “Oh, I better take this umbrella. You never can be too careful.) I know something else that I need to take with me. You! We’ll have a wonderful time there… and you’d get to meet some of your favorite fairy tale characters. Now let me think for a minute. How could I get all of you into Fairy Land? I know! I’ll call on Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother – Gladys. Gladys! Gladys!! Maybe she can’t hear me. Do you like helping other people? You all should help me call Gladys. The magic number in Fairy Land is 3. Let’s call out her name 3 times and end with a rhyme. Gladys! That was one. Gladys! That was two. Gladys! That was three. Oh my, oh me, now where could she be?

Gladys: (Roughly, with hands over ears) Who’s calling my name? You’re gonna make me insane. This is really too early… and my hair isn’t even curly. My goodness, you’re loud – (fidgety-starting to be nice) I didn’t realize there would be a crowd. Why, hello to you, you little child. Pardon me for my hair being wild. How are you children this lovely morn? Please forgive me for my robe is torn. I’m glad you’re fine, little friends o’ mine. Good morning to you Grandmother of Red. It’s been a while; what’s that on your head?

Grandmother: Oh, I’m doing well. Do you mean this old thing? It’s my favorite hat of course. Have a seat Gladys and tell me how have you been?

Gladys: (Sit down) I’m doing just dandy and swell and its good to hear that you’re doing well. As for your favorite hat that’s on your head, you should keep it safe and sound and under your bed. I’m only teasing you this morn, but that hat of yours looks quite old and worn. (Giggles) Anyway, old friend of mine, I’m glad you woke me; I haven’t much time.

Grandmother: Oh Gladys, is there something wrong? Can I help you with anything? Please tell me that you’re okay.

Gladys: Calm down, calm down, Grandmother dear. I’m fine, I’m fine; stop acting weird. As I was saying in our conversation; I’m just on my way to the train station. Someone very important is on their way, to bring happiness and cheer to our parade. What can I help you with today and might I be so bold to say, as you get me a glass of water, tell me please, where’s your granddaughter?

Grandmother: Hold your horses Gladys. First things first; I have this problem. I’ve invited everyone here to join us in Fairy Land for the annual “Parade of Fairy Tales.” We’ve called on you to help us get there in time.

Gladys: That’ll be easy. But, it may get a bit breezy. (Grandmother hands Gladys a glass of water) Thanks for the water, now where is Granddaughter?

Grandmother: Oh, she’s already in “Fairy Land” and probably looking for me. Gladys, can we hurry please? I’m starting to worry.

Gladys: Grandmother dear, don’t worry, I’m here. Put a smile on your face and with good posture and grace, we’ll spin through the air and soon will be there. All I have to do, without turning blue, is wave my wand three times and chant a few rhymes. We’ll fly through the air, and with some time to spare, arrive in “Fairy Land”, AND I hope you all are ready. Especially Tim, Tom and Freddy (Point to some audience members). Sit back in your chair and welcome to Gladys-Air. (Clears throat and puts on her flying goggles) Wand of mine where magic prevails, Take us to the “Parade of Fairy Tales.” That’s one, Hun. Wand of mine where magic prevails, Take us to the “Parade of Fairy Tales.” Hey you, that was two. Wand of mine where magic prevails, Take us to the “Parade of Fairy Tales.” Oh my, let’s see… (Counts to three on fingers) guess what you all… that was three. (Start Spinning)

Scene Two: Fairy Land

Gladys: Land in the sand…. We’re in Fairy Land.

Grandmother: Thanks Gladys. That was a lot of fun. We’ll have to fly on Gladys-Air again…. SOON!

Gladys: Yes, that was a load of fun, but now I have to run, run, run… Off to the train station, I go. I really hope it doesn’t snow. Without haste, I’ll fly away… HEY…I’ll see you in a while, and don’t worry Grandmother… smile! (Exits)

Improvisation 2A: Grandmother talks to the audience and starts to show them around Fairy Land. She shows everyone the palaces and talks about fairy tale characters and how they all ended up with everyone living happily ever after. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming I, II, III or XV and any number of other fairy tale characters may stop her in the street and improvise scenes.)

Red Ridinghood: Grandmother, I thought you’d never get here. The parade is going to start soon and we need to get into our places.

Grandmother: I know Red, but it has taken a little time to get all of them (gesture to audience) here with me.

Red: What are they doing here? Grandmother, you know that it’s against the rules for anyone besides Fairy Tale Characters to be here…

Grandmother: I know, but I thought it would be lovely to actually have an audience at our parade.

Red: Well that is a good idea, but we can’t take them any further into Fairy Land or they might get into trouble.

Grandmother: You’re right Red Ridinghood. I think they’ll be fine right here and we can bring our parade to them!!

Red: Sounds good Grandmother. Let’s go find Gladys and the others.

Grandmother: Okay everybody… stay where you are and we’ll be right back. I’m sure you might get to meet some interesting characters while we’re gone. See you soon. (They exit)

Scene Three: Huntsman’s House

Willy Wolf: I know Wally… I can’t believe the huntsman fell for it. He actually believes that I am a changed-wolf. He trusts me enough to leave me alone at his house while he goes to visit his parents in Huntsville. Yes Wally, but there’s no way that I’d get caught – The Bad-Fairy will be helping me! The plan is foolproof. Wally, You just don’t understand. Those words Red Ridinghood and I said on that horrid day make my mind act in disarray. She said - “What big eyes you have grandmother.” What did I say? Oh yes… “All the better to see you with my dear.” So then she said - “What big ears you have grandmother.” What did I say? That’s right… I said - “All the better to hear you with my dear.” She said - “What a big nose you have grandmother.” What did I say? Yup… I said - “All the better to smell you with my dear.” She said - “What big teeth you have grandmother” Can’t forget this one… I said - “All the better to eat you with my dear.” Then I chased her and almost got her, when all of a sudden the huntsman came in and captured me and made me into his pet. This happened a long, long time ago. Ever since then, I’ve been thinking about how I could get even with Red Ridinghood, her Grandmother and all their fairy-tale friends. I’m going to capture them all and make them my pets! (Mean laugh) I’m supposed to meet up with the evil… the mean… the wicked… Bad-Fairy… she’s going to help me get to “Fairy Land.” But, I have to call her first and you’re on the phone with me… now how am I supposed to call her when you’re talking to me on the phone… get off the phone… (Hangs up phone and calls Bad-Fairy)

Bad-Fairy: Weh-woe? (Hello?)

Willy Wolf: Hey. It’s Willy. Where do you want to meet?

Bad-Fairy: Wa wore wouse. (At your house.)

Willy Wolf: Here, at my house?

Bad-Fairy: Wes! Wa wore wouse. (Yes! At your house.)

Willy Wolf: Okay, see you in a few…

Bad-Fairy: Wah uh…Woo woh wee me. (Nah uh… You won’t see me.)

Willy Wolf: What do you mean? I won’t see you?

Bad-Fairy: Wie winwiwawull. (I’m invisible.)

Willy Wolf: You’re invisible? Okay, I won’t see you in a few minutes… Wait a minute. You’re confusing me… Are you going to come meet me here in a few minutes?

Bad-Fairy: Wes. Wang-up. Wie! (Yes. Hang-up. Bye!)

Willy Wolf: Yes. Hang-up. Bye?

Bad-Fairy: Wie! (Bye!)

Willy Wolf: Bye. Oh, that Bad-Fairy is hard to understand sometimes… could you understand her? How long do you think it will take her to get here? She said she’s invisible. I wonder if she’s here already?? Bad-Fairy are you here? Oh Bad-Fairy… Here Fairy, Fairy, Fairy… Are you here Bad-Fairy?? I guess the Bad-Fairy isn’t here… Good… cause I’ve heard that she can get to be a little …

Bad-Fairy: Wuh huh uh um. (Wuh huh uh um.)

Willy Wolf: Oh, you’re here. I was just saying that you get to be a little… oh well never mind… let’s talk about the plan.

Improvisation 3A: Willy Wolf and the Bad Fairy continue on with their plans and discuss how they will use ____________ in their plan. (Suggestion: fill in the blank with costumes/disguises) Willy Wolf begins to get really anxious about getting to Fairy Land. End the scene with the following:

Bad Fairy: Wie Woe, Wie Woe, Wie Woe Wie Wan, Wae Wuh Woe Woo Waywee Wan. (I know, I know, I know I can, take us both Fairy Land.) (Willy Wolf and the Bad Fairy begin to shake in place and then spin off the stage.)

Scene Four: Fairy Land

Improvisation 4A: Willy Wolf and the Bad Fairy spin onto the stage and end up landing in Fairy Land. Willy Wolf and the Bad Fairy use their ____________ (fill in the blank from last scene) and start to walk around and talk to improvised Fairy Tale characters (i.e. Snow White, the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, etc.). They don’t get any information from anyone, so they change their plan and decide to hide, and see if they can overhear anything…

Improvisation 4B: Red and Grandmother enter in a hurry, looking around for Gladys. They ask more Fairy Tale characters if they’ve seen her anywhere. Red looks at her watch. She sees that it is 10:45 am and politely reminds Grandmother that the parade should start in 15 minutes. Grandmother hopes that Gladys makes it back in time for the parade. Red tells Grandmother that if Gladys doesn’t make it back in time, she’ll have to be the mistress of fairy-monies. Grandmother tells Red that she doesn’t want to do that job and is kind of scared to be in front of an audience. Red let’s her know that she is always good at what she does and that she’d be a great mistress of fairy-monies. Grandmother lets Red know that they don’t have time for that and should look around some more for Gladys. They both exit.

Improvisation 4C: Willy Wolf and the Bad Fairy come out and talk about what they’ve heard. They follow Grandmother and Red Ridinghood.

Improvisation 4D: Grandmother and Red Ridinghood find Santa Claus and Gladys. They all talk about how they have to hurry up and start the parade. If Gladys talks, she will need to rhyme.

Willy Wolf: Ah hah! You all thought you were going to have a parade this year! But you’re not! Has everyone met the Bad Fairy?

Bad Fairy: (Bow) Wow woo woo woo? (How do you do?)

Willy Wolf: Let me answer that for you. WAD, WEHWEE WAD! (BAD, VERY BAD) You see, the Bad Fairy and me… we’ve got a plan… a plan that won’t let you have your silly parade this year!

Santa: Willy Wolf! Didn’t the Huntsman teach you a lesson? You know, I had a special gift for you this year. He wrote me this year and said in his letter that you were a changed wolf and that you had learned your lesson! I guess you didn’t.

Willy Wolf: (Whiney) Yes I did. Yes I did. I want a gift from you, Santa Claus!

Bad Fairy: Wee Woo, Wee Woo! Wie Wah Wae Wiff! (Me too, Me too! I want a gift.)

Santa: Well since it is the holiday season, I’ll still give you a gift. (wink to audience)

Willy Wolf: (Excitedly) Yeah! Yeah! I want a present!

Santa: Gladys, may I borrow your wand for a moment please?

Gladys: Here you go our Santa Claus. Send them to Kansas, or better yet, to Oz!

Santa: No, no, Gladys, dear. My gifts to them are love and cheer!

Willy Wolf: (Scared and starting to exit) We don’t want that.

Bad Fairy: (Scared and starting to exit) Wie Wie. (Bye Bye)

Santa: ENOUGH! (Starts waving Gladys’ wand. Willy Wolf and Bad Fairy freeze.)

With much thought and rhyme and reason,
My gifts to you and you this season,
Are love and happiness in your hearts,
Enough of each for brand new starts.

Bad Fairy: Wime Weewing wind wuh wiwee. (I’m feeling kind of dizzy)

Willy Wolf: Me too… me woo!

Santa: Good…. That means its working. Now you can live happy lives… When the dizziness passes. So just sit there and wait for the parade to start.

Willy Wolf and Bad Fairy: Yes Sir (Wes Wur (Yes Sir.))

Santa: Now, shall we get on with the parade?

Gladys: One moment more, if that’s alright. I have a gift that will add delight.

Santa: Of course Gladys.

Gladys: Excuse me please Grandmother dear; I have a gift for you this year. I know how you feel about crowds so here’s my gift… rhyme and loud. (Wave wand)

Grandmother: What on Earth are you talking about?

Gladys: You will see! Now, Maestro, please!

Good Guy Rap

Grandmother: Ev’rybody up! Stand at attention

And listen to what we need to mention.

Red Ridinghood: A wolf named Willy and the Big Bad Fairy

Were doin’ bad things and tryin’ to scare me.

Ya know what though, they’ve stopped in their tracks

And before ya know it, they’ll be movin’ on back.

All: Yes, home to the huntsman they go. (Hi-Ho-Dairy-oh tune)

Yes, home to the huntsman they go.

They were very bad today,

Yes, home to the huntsman they go.

Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Quiet down now if you please,

Quiet as a mouse; even you Louise.

Please pay attention, boys and girls

As you know, I travel the world.

From me to you, here’s a bit of advice.

Don’t be naughty – be nice!

All: Don’t be naughty – be nice!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Gladys: E-ver-y-bo-dy, listen to me.

I’m the rhymin’ fairy from the east

– Side. Not really,

But its fun to be a little silly.

Rhyming is such fun for me ("Camptown Races” tune)

La La, La La.

With these words, we can be free.

La, La, La, La, La, La.

Grandmother: And now we can all, with cheer and laughter

Live our days, happily ever after.

All: And now we can all, with cheer and laughter

Live our days, happily ever after.

Grandmother: We’d like for you to meet the cast. Starting from…. Stage Left. (Cast introduces themselves) (After Grandmother introduces herself and bows, she continues with…) Hey, Hey, HEY! Listen closely if you may, ‘cause we’ve got one more thing to say.

All: (Excitedly.) We hope you liked this play today, and Happy, Happy Holidays! (Curtain)

Holiday Graphics

You're welcomed to use this graphic on your site, if you'd like. However, do NOT adapt it - no cropping, coloration changes, etc. If you use it, credit it to me! It's my graphic. Not yours. Thanks! :)
You're welcomed to use this graphic on your site, if you'd like. However, do NOT adapt it - no cropping, coloration changes, etc. If you use it, credit it to me! It's my graphic. Not yours. Thanks! :) | Source
You're welcomed to use this graphic on your site, if you'd like. However, do NOT adapt it - no cropping, coloration changes, etc. If you use it, credit it to me! It's my graphic. Not yours. Thanks! :)
You're welcomed to use this graphic on your site, if you'd like. However, do NOT adapt it - no cropping, coloration changes, etc. If you use it, credit it to me! It's my graphic. Not yours. Thanks! :) | Source

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