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A Well Deserved Promotion For Captain America's Heroics Against The Winter Soldier....

Updated on October 1, 2014

A Well Deserved Promotion For Captain America's Heroics Against The Winter Soldier…

Promoting Captain America to Colonel for placing himself in harm’s way in defeating the Winter Soldier - well, it is more precise to say neutralizing - sounds good, but somehow, ‘Colonel America’ does not have the same comforting ring to it like ‘Captain.’ Those of us who love our comic book heroes and sheroes are once again having the time of our lives due to the superior crop of movies being made in that genre… to that end, one knows that the stellar pedigree of these movies are deserving when renowned thespians like Robert Redford keeps showing up in them. Captain America’s The Winter Soldier starts off with a frenetic action pace… leaving one anticipating and wondering how is the script and director are going to keep up such a pace… being aware that the arc of any good movie builds to a satisfying bang. Much Kudos to the writers and director for what is going to be a block buster and not because there is a built in audience… but simply because it is an excellent movie!

The reason we love Comic-Book heroes like Captain America and the Batman’s Dark Knight is because unlike, say, Superman, Batman and Captain America are almost like us - human with all our frailties… and Chris Evans who plays the Captain is right as rain taking on the role again. You will laugh when he is struggling to get a grip of the Rip-Van-Winkle world he woke up to and empathize with him for the losses he has suffered, especially witnessing the quiet emotional toll on our captain’s face when he sees the woman he loved and who he was supposed to have a dance with decades ago… that woman who now has the attributes of old age: wrinkles, crows’ feet and pending death. One get the feeling that, without uttering it, that our Captain is sorry for surviving with his youth and countenance intact.

Captain America is also like us because he fights like us without having some unnatural power - ok, so he has a shield, but it is not the reason for his skills. In that same vein, there are so many classic action sequences in the Winter Soldier that it is rather difficult to speak about all of them; however, the scenes are fought in almost warp speed mode, yet realistic with our Captain bending, weaving, punching, kicking, in sync with his shield… wreaking sweet, sweat havoc on the bad guys. We also get to see Chris Evans, our Captain, acclimatizing to modern life and humorously running around the track and lapping his soon to be combat brother in arms, Robert Mackie (The Falcon), whose debut as the Black superhero makes quite a Diva-like entrance into the fray.

There is a death early in the movie that is shocking - but as a writer, I knew it had to be done to propel the story line and to engender the catalysts that drive the human condition, especially that of vengeance, which is among the tastiest of nectars to God and man. But not to worry because the thing about death in the Comic Book universe is that everyone who dies is a potential Lazarus… with a Jesus waiting in the proverbial wings to perform a resurrection… that is all I am going to say without ruining the Winter Soldier if you have not seen it yet.

Did I mention the bad guy, yet… well, the Winter Soldier has one of the baddest since Darth Vader. You will know that the Winter Soldier is bad when our Captain throws his shield at him, only to have said shield caught and thrown back at our Captain with such brute force that our Captain has to scamper out of harm’s way. Another reason why the Winter Soldier is such a formidable nemesis is the fact that he has an emotional attachment to our hero, Captain America… and the shock that it is someone close to him is so surprising to our Cap that it is akin to Chewbacca betraying Han Solo. I used a Star Wars reference because I saw more than one similarity in the Winter Soldier to compare to that iconic movie series; case in point, we see our Captain refusing to fight his nemesis, so as to light the almost dying embers of a loss friendship and humanity… and in the process, our Captain is shellacked - once again, this is akin to Luke Skywalker’s abandonment of his Light-Saber, refusing to fight his father… so as to bring Darth Vader back to The Force.

One cannot review the Winter Soldier without discussing Scarlett Johansson’s performance - by the way, someone tell me why the powers that be at the Marvel Universe do not give this woman a stand-alone Black Widow movie? There are times I had to pause and remind myself that it is a woman up there kicking butts and with panache and coupled with disgusting beauty – who wears a costume like Miss Johansson’s Black Widow, with all the meandering curves and all.... What makes Miss Johansson’s performance so white hot is the fact she is a hell of an actress and she brings 'it' even to a so called Comic Book movie role. Miss Johansson has such chemistry with Chris Evans… that you will find yourselves yearning for them to become a couple, notwithstanding the fact that throughout the movie that she is trying to play match maker for the Captain. But it is Miss Johansson’s fighting that is all the rave and you are not going to be disappointed, especially with a scene that takes place in the presence of Nick Fury and Robert Redford’s character - it is like watching the WWE divas, but with actual fighting.

Even the best humorous scenes in the Winter Soldier are borne by Johansson’s character – take the scene where she is making fun of the Captain’s lack of kissing skills because he, apparently, is out of practice due to his long sleep or take her penchant to be deadpan funny and cavalier in the face of imminent danger.... Miss Johansson is one of those rare actors that can convey fear and humor in her delivery without any obvious change in her cadence or on her expression… look for the scene where she is addressing a sub-committee of Congress when they make the mistake of threatening to arrest her…. Miss Johansson confidently responded that they are not going to arrest her - but she says it in a way that comes across as both threat and playful banter, yet the audience and Senators, by the latter’s respective faces, peep the scary subtlety.

Any excellent movie like the Winter Soldier has all the elements of real life, which run the gamut from tragedy to humor… in addition, the story/plot must also mirror what is happening in our world… and so it is in the Winter Soldier where one can see elements of the Edward Snowden/NSA dust up, and, moreover, the supposed boogie man of our times, the Illuminati, conspicuously represented in the movie by HYDRA, whereby the latter’s gold is to create such chaos… that the World will turn to it as a savior.

To succeed in its scheme for world domination, HYDRA has created an algorithm that can determine projected trouble makers… you know those who of us who are going to be a threat to the establishment - The New World Order. As one of HYDRA’s advocates succinctly puts it, I can save 7 billion people if I am allowed to kill 20 million wolves among the Sheepdom. So powerful and almost invincible is HYDRA - with the wealthy elites part of its ranks - think of the Rothschilds and the members of the Bilderberg group - that like Homer’s Iliad, it has infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. with its agents, the very organization formed to combat such an enemy threat.

Speaking of S.H.I.E.L.D., we see its charismatic leader, Nick Fury, played again brilliantly by Samuel L. Jackson... this time Fury's character is flushed out and instead of his usually, dapper, cucumber cool self delegating kill missions, Fury is forced to be an integral part of the Winter Soldier’s action sequences and plot. We know his wearing of that iconic eye patch and the way Fury looks and carries himself… and the respect he commands from enemies and peers alike that he must have earned the props by doing god-awful things for God and country; yet, we are not privy to what it is exactly he has done or what he can do combat wise. We get a glimpse though on what a bad-ass Fury is when we see him leisurely driving home in his SUV and using his ride like how an Old ‘G’ from ‘the hood’ would use a 9 millimeter… even after dispatching of at least a dozen or so bad guys… he still manages to pull off a disappearing act worthy of Houdini. Incidentally, so awesome is Fury’s SUV that when you see what it can do… you will be saying what Tony Stalk said to Pepper Pots when he saw Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in action: I want one!

Like is the wont with Marvel movies, it is best that you do not leave when the credits are rolling because there are gems to be had. After the credits for the Winter Soldier, you will get to see a set of twin antagonists that I am supposing will be our Captain’s next nemeses in some future movie; and, notwithstanding the fact that Chris Evans has said recently that he wants to quit acting and be behind the cameras. For all that is America... white picket fences and mom’s apple pie, I beseech Mr. Evans to put off being an auteur and once again don the red white and blue uniform... and continue wielding the shield.

P.S., I mentioned earlier that the powers that be at the Marvel Universe should give Miss Johansson a stand-alone movie – well, someone has beaten Marvel to it because there is a movie preview that I saw with Miss Johansson in the lead role where she plays a character name, Lucy.… The only thing I can write to whet your appetite and to entice you… is to compare seeing the Lucy preview to the very first time when you saw the preview for the Matrix's movie - that is all I am going to say… hoping that the rest of the movie, Lucy, lives up to the hype of its preview.


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    • mike102771 profile image

      Michael Collins aka Lakemoron 

      4 years ago from The Village of Lakemore, Summit County, Ohio

      No, thank you for the info on Lucy. I would have never of watched the trailer (a red head in a movie named Lucy sounds like something about Lucille Ball), but now I want to see this film.

    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      4 years ago from New York

      Thanks for the info...

    • mike102771 profile image

      Michael Collins aka Lakemoron 

      4 years ago from The Village of Lakemore, Summit County, Ohio

      According to IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base ) They announced a Black widow movie will be made (no year listed). I would post a html to the site but that is not allowed. I think it was on that special ABC ran where they said that the make over Fury got was based on Mr. Jackson who is an avid comic fan (according to what he said on the Daily Show). I can't wait to see this film (except I am to cheap to pay 10$ to see a movie once so I will wait to buy it).


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