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A bugs life

Updated on January 30, 2012

The beginning

The movie starts off following a group of ants that are gathering food together in a single file line. Princess Ada training to take over for the queen is going berserk over harvesting grain not only for themselves but for a group of crass grasshoppers. Dot also the youngest daughter of the queen and Ada sister is feisty adventurous always looking for a good time. Then Flick is introduced into the picture as one of his inventions is causing a ruckus in the harvesting. A scene takes place in which Flick then explains about a seed metaphor to Dot using a rock. Then a alarm goes off warning that the grasshoppers are on their way to collect the offering and a panic breaks out. Flick then tosses his invention to the side causing his contraption to implode and cause the offering to fall off into a river. The grasshoppers then furious, infiltrates the ants hideout to get a understanding why the food its not in its normal place. The lead grasshopper named Hopper played by Kevin Spacey then confronts the princess and the queen. He gives the ants two months two gather double the offering before the raining season hits and the last leaf falls. The ants are set-back by this for they use two months to gather food for themselves.

The sentence

After the incident with grasshoppers and Flick knocking the offering off the ledge, he then asked to leave the island in search of bigger bugs. The princess Ada grants his request and allows Flick to go on his quest, with Flick gone he will not be able to mess anything up.

The quest

As flick sets out on his quest for the city to find bugs who can aid him in his request, you then are taken to a group of carnival bugs led by a tick. Consisted of a butterfly, ladybug, Preying mantis,spider, potato bugs, caterpillar, and a stick bug that follows a category of a Phasmatodea. Flick is then fulled by their appearance as they set back to the ant hill where the ants are working non-stop to try and meet the grasshoppers demands.

Coming to an end!

I am going to try and wrap this up without giving away the whole entire movie. Flick then convinces the carnival bugs to build a bird that can be controlled on the inside. Giving that Hopper is petrified of birds, will send him in a panic to never come back to ant island again. What Flick did not know is that he has betrayed is people by lying and deceiving them, leaving them to ban him from the island. The ants try to find what they can of grain in little time of what they have, considering they spent the whole time trying to create this mirror of a bird. What happens next is for you to decide whether you have seen the movie then you know, if you have not seen the movie then I advise you watch the movie. This movie is a wonderful addition to Pixar which created such films as toy story and the movie Up. With voice acting by Bonnie Hunt, Brad Garret, David Pierce(Niles from Frasier), Denis Leary, Jonathin Harris, Hayden Panettiere and much more......


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    • Nat Amaral profile image

      Nat Amaral 6 years ago from BC Canada

      This was such a cute movie. I used to watch this all the time with my niece and nephew all the time when they were 2 and 3. I still enjoy it. A very good review, and I agree this is a very enjoyable show; a perfect family movie.