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A celebrity is just the same as you and I, a person.

Updated on October 2, 2012

Never interrupt someone doing something, you said couldn't be done


People are just people

You already know, you see the comments from
places like yahoo and other places.

People can be very vicious when it comes to
someone that is a celebrity.

You can't say that every single person, that
has become a celebrity was "just handed"
things to them.

Sometimes people really have to work,
to get to a status, that many people will never know.

Maybe a celebrity makes more money than an
average person.

People can get jealous and hate on them and
say that anybody that is an actor, "makes too much

But think about this:

Anybody that complains about someone else, that
has a lot of money, do you think for one minute,
that the people that complain or rant about a celebrity,
if they had that person's money,
they would sit and complain then?

If you hear the stories of most of known actors out there,
they actually came from pretty poor lives,
and backgrounds.

Some people actually came from ghetto's and the
projects and such, so in the beginning of their lives,
they never had it easier.

Yes, I do know, sometimes, people aren't grounded,
and can end up on drugs and such, and will never
have a head on their shoulders.

But with the realm that I seen, most of the actors,
that seem to have martial arts in their background,
and do their own stunts, seem to be the most, smart
and level headed individuals there is.

Also, a lot of martial artists, that do make their own mark,
through acting and doing action films, are some
of the most humane human beings and always,
give back in their own way.

Just because someone has money, doesn't mean,
they aren't any more human than you or I.

I think it is when they reach a point of "celebrity status"
they either take a good path or a bad path.

Yes once again, I come back to speak of Jackie Chan.

Now you know Jackie is the biggest, international,
actor on the face of this earth,
but he is very level headed and actually does things from his heart.

Jackie has even flown to disasters, to help to
get water to places that people are in need.

If you stop and think, maybe some celebrities,
really use their status to help others.

Basically, the bigger the celebrity you are, the
greater good you can do in this world, to help others,
because basically, people will listen to you, and
even donate more money and will help volunteer
at events, just because a celebrity is attached to
a charity.
Yes I know, it sounds crazy, but if your going to
do something, you should do it from your heart,
and not just because of the actions of a celebrity.

Sometimes we aren't aware of certain situations,
or when some people are in need, until a celebrity
speaks up for these situations or people that
need our help.

You know, in my own way, I wanted to give back.

There are people helping me, and to work on
my dream to work with Jackie Chan.

Now even though I have done mostly independent
projects and films, I really have some experience.

I asked for a bigger voice, and now I have a radio
show on Blog Talk Radio Show, The Shelly Nun-Chucks
Show, and besides getting actors and filmmakers,
stunt people, martial artists on the show, I started
doing shows and giving back in my own way.

Just because someone has a lot of money,
it doesn't mean they are any different than you and I?

So, some may have been born into money and such,
but more than anything, a lot of people have worked
their behind's off to get to a good point in their lives.

Yes I do know, people have different lives and struggle,
and think it isn't fair, that other people,
have more money than they do, and I can't give
you answers for that.

But when people sit and complain about how people
have a lot of money, more than anything, if they were
in those people that had money, in their shoes,
your going to tell me they would sit and complain?

Maybe it isn't fair, that some people have tons and tons
of money and maybe they don't work for it, but if
your sitting and complaining about someone's else's
life, what are you doing to get ahead?

Many people have to work more than one job to get buy.

Some people are single parents, doing many things,
to help their families and they struggle.

There are the homeless and the abandoned, elderly,
children, and animals in the world.

I would love to come up with solutions to those things,
to make things better in the world, but I also know,
sometimes you got to have a bigger voice.

Maybe someday, I'll create my own charities and
foundations and know exactly where the money is going;
to those that need it.

I would love to help get rid of all the gas chambers,
in the animal shelters and maybe try to find places,
that are big enough to help place the animals.

Maybe I can help the elderly and find places, where
they don't need to suffer and die alone in places,
where people that take care of the elderly, just let
them rot.

It would nice to have a place, where all the unwanted
children and the unwanted animals could be.

Yes, I know, I know, it all sounds good reading it and
just saying, but what it comes down to is acting, upon
what you say, and what you write.

So for at least now, I can talk about things on my show.

Also, since I don't want it to be a "Howard Stern" type
of show, I make an announcement, that I don't talk
about politics or sexual orientations, just about
dreams, life, love, and dreams.
I also think, that with my radio show, it would be
like inviting someone into my house as a guest,
and that is how they should be treated on my show.

I think, to give back, to also let people that have
a dream, and whatever it maybe, be able to speak,
about their dream on my show without being harassed,
and since I control the show, if
anybody called in to harass or hate on any of
my guests, I would disconnect them.

But you know, to get to certain point in life,
if someone was to live a content and fulfilling life,
it doesn't have to do all with money.

Yes it's would be nice to say, I paid off a house,
in one full swoop and other things.

But basically, beings able to do more things, like
more traveling, of course I want to go to China,
and see many sights, and other countries.

I have been able to visit a few islands and such,
so I feel blessed about that, but would like to
travel more, and tell me now, who wouldn't
like to travel and see many things?


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