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A Movie Review of : 'Rocketman (2019)'

Updated on August 9, 2019
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My hobby is watching movies and then writing a review about my thoughts about them.

A great but not perfect musical

So i just watched 'Rocketman' starring Taron Egerton as Elton John. In this movie i'm going to talk about the good and the bad and some other things about this movie. There is something to say about both as this was a pretty chill but not the perfect movie.

The Good

So let's talk about the good in this movie. First, let's give a huge ovation to Taron Egerton's performance as he was magnificent in this movie and oscar worthy in my opinion. He won't get the oscar, though, but more on that later. I found it hard to get into that role the way that he did it. He was so good in the movie and i liked the way he was showing off the feelings of the character: when he was sad the whole mood in the movie was sad and really depressing and just his presence made that possible while when he was happy the movie was so energetic and a rollercoaster of fun. This is what i call great acting. It's really impressive, also, that he sang all of the songs by himself with no help. He made them his own and he did a great job. Worth giving a shoutout to Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jamie Bell for their performances aswell as they were great especially Richard Madden as this evil guy that you can't stand and you want to punch in the face so much and Bryce Dallas Howard as the evil heartless mother of Elton. She did a good job.

In the first 20 minutes in the movie we get introduced into Elton's origin when he was a kid and that helped us know a much needed information for later on in the movie especially it's worth pointing out his ''parents scenes'' which got us to know these two terrible people that were parenting him. The father was this evil guy that you just dislike for acting so bad towards his son to the point when he was screaming to his kid even for little things as he was pissed that he had to live his entire life with those people. In the first possible moment he does the most hearless move of them all by leaving his family. He had a really good reason to leave his wife but that doesn't mean he had to act like this with his son who did nothing wrong. Later, when Elton becomes a star and visits him at first i thought that this man moved on, became a bit better person but as soon as they sit on the couch i realized this man hasn't changed a bit and he is still careless for Elton and that really is heartbreaking and you can see the pain that Elton's hiding in his eyes who are showing how he truly feels. Incredibly well played scene by Taron Egerton.

The mother on the other hand started a bit better that the father in the movie. At first, i actually thought that compared to the father she ain't that bad and is not so evil and she just doesn't care about him, at least she was acting kinda nice. We see her later on doing the worst type of thing you can do to your husband but when i saw that i wasn't surprised and i kinda understand where that decision came from. But as the movie progresses you realize that she really is as evil as the father if not worse because at least the father wasn't sucking Elton's money from him and just didn't want any part of his life while she was using him for everything acting so evil and hearless. She really is a monster as he describes her later in the movie and Bryce Dallas Howard really does her job good, not perfect, but good enough for the movie.

Later when they are at this bar and Reggie(young Elton) starts signing 'Saturday Night...' we get a really cool transiton and in my opinion the best scene in the movie as he was first signing as a child and then we got a transition to Taron and we finally saw him signing properly for the first time in the movie and when he began signing the song i got goosebumbs and i just loved this scene and i really wished this movie was more like that scene and not the way it was because this was a really dark movie which got us to know the dark part of Elton's life and how sad this man was. This scene was just energetic and amazing and really was a great highlight of the movie.

The Bad

So, let's talk about the bad in this movie. And first, this movie suffers some pacing issues somewhere after the first hour of the movie passes because until then it was really fast going and surprisingly enjoyable to watch, at least for me in one point i was checking my clock how much there is left to watch in the movie. I think they could have shortened the story a bit for a runtime of like 90-100 minutes and not 120 as they did in the end. Otherwise, i don't know the true Elton John story and how it all went so i can't attack the movie for being incorrect.

I must point out that i found it sad that this movie came just a year after 'Bohemian Rapsody' because that just meant that we will all start comparing the two movies and that in my opinion hurts the movie because people start talking about 'Bohemian Rapsody' again and the attention on the movie gets dragged to something older and that's not good for the marketing.

Rocketman vs Bohemian Rapsody and the Oscars

So i decided to make this little section over here as this is probably one of the very first movies that will be discussed about potential oscar nominations for a lot of categories. I think, it's obvious to say that the movie will get a nomination for the song in it as they are elton john's creation and in my opinion will be a huge disrespect if they don't receive a nomination.

Also, in my opinion, Taron Egerton's performance will probably get a nomination since Rami Malek got a nomination for his role. In my opinion, actually, Taron's performance was even better than Rami's but i don't think most people will agree since Rami got an oscar and Taron probably won't. Here's why i don't think he'll win the oscar. I think there are two reasons for this. The first one is that the academy will probably not want to give the oscar to another musical performance as they did to Rami's because that will look like exactly the same thing is happening all over again, although i think that Rami shouldn't have won the oscar in the first place because the movie 'Bohemian Rapsody' was awesome but he didn't made the movie what it is, the movie made him great while in 'Rocketman' i think Taron carried it all with his performance as he was the main man, the star of the movie. Also, last year, i think Viggo Mortensen and Christian Bale deserved more the oscar win for that category because they really made the difference and showed something remarkable in their roles as Rami's performance was great but if the movie wasn't that good it wouldn't have got him the oscar. I know that sounds logical but it's a fact because 'Vice' wasn't nowhere close as good as 'Bohemian Rapsody' but Christian Bale and Amy Adams's performances carried the movie to the oscars and the fact that 'Vice' wasn't that good got the oscar for Rami in my opinion.

Which leads me to the second reason why Taron won't win the oscar and that is because 'Rocketman' wasn't better in my opinion than 'Bohemian Rapsody' and that's why they won't find it necessary to give the oscar to him since it wasn't as magnetic and energetic as 'Bohemian Rapsody' and was a movie that probably wouldn't have worked without Taron Egerton.

So, overall Taron's performance was better than Rami's but 'Bohemian Rapsody' was better than 'Rocketman'. I may say that because i'm a queen fan and i'm not familiar with Elton's work( just to point out).


In conclusion, I think that this movie is enjoyable and you will have great time watching it, just don't get your expectations too high and you will love it. A great experience and a solid 3 out of 5 stars although it could have been better i give this score only because i wished it had more energy to it other than showing us his sadness and making us see the character getting kicked around by nearly everyone in his life.

3 stars for 'Rocketman (2019)'

© 2019 Hris Dimitrov


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