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A Movie Review of: 'The Intruder' (2019)

Updated on July 16, 2019
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My hobby is watching movies and then writing a review about my thoughts about them.

A mess of a movie

So i just finished the movie called 'the Intruder' and i gotta say that this movie has too many issues and i don't even know from where should i begin. In this short review i'm going to talk about the good and the bad in the movie. I know that the movie came out a while ago but i could have watch it just now. This review will contain a few plot details that aren't really important to the story. I'm going to try to keep it spoiler-free as much as i can. In the comment section you can say what are your thoughts about the movie.

The Good

First, let's say what's positive about this movie. I gotta give credit to Dennis Quaid, who i think was the only person that did their job well in the movie and had no fault that the movie was such a failure. He gave an very good and impressive performance as this old creepy man who just won't let go of his house. He really tries his best in landing the role perfectly but suffers a bit from poor writing. I kind of liked how the movie build up his character slowly from just the "Bambi killer" to that old freak who'll kill anyone who stands in his way but I still didn't liked the direction in which his character went, more on that on the bad section, though.

The Bad

So we've talked about the good, now, let's talk about the bad aspects in the movie. And first i really have to critisize the fact that at two or three times in the movie it felt like i'm not watching a horror movie or some kind of porn that totally didn't fit the whole movie. The movie showed the actors doing sex scenes in very big details which was unnecessary and kinda weird. It looked like they spend more time in those scenes than in the so called "scary" parts of the movie which is just sad.

I've gotta say that this movie suffers from the dumb characters cliche and by that you know very well what i mean and that is that they do stupid decisions, they don't take the situation seriously and obviously are missing on the big picture. The character that suffers the most of this dumb cliche was "Annie" who just acted like she doesn't find weird that this old man spends too much time with her and tries to get to be alone with her all the time. I think that the first time this character did a stupid thing was when she decided to invite a stranger, yes, a STRANGER to their home at thanksgiving. Just because he owned the house doesn't mean he's a good man. Literally the first time they met him he was running around the backyard killing deers. He was also very creepy throughout the whole house tour.

I also hated the direction this movie went with the character of Dennis Quaid. He started as an okay character and when they decided to make him go after Annie as his crush, the movie just became stupid.

The whole movie point and the trailer was about this guy who's gonna enter the house and it will be a lot of fight, survival and all but they fought with the old man for like 10-15 mins and most of times where just him trying to rape someone and chasing aroung the house which is a total bullshit in my opinion.

The story is also very predictable and full of cheap and lazy jump-scares that not only weren't scary at all but they looked ridiculous and i even laughed at some of them.


This movie suffers from lazy writing and poor storytelling and even the great Dennis Quaid performance can't save this disaster. I wouldn't recommend watching this movie, because you won't find anything unique or interesting that will make you love the story. That's a movie you can laugh at with your friends at how dumb the characters are and how hilarious the movie is at some points. Overall, don't waste your time with this one.

My rating

1 star for The Intruder (2019)

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