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A song to fit your mood

Updated on November 1, 2015
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Mayara Sousa, 23 years old and still figuring life out while doing some graphic design here and there. Thompson Thompson

I am a sucker for finding new music. After a while listening to the same songs, there comes a moment when you really want to listen to something new and that, at the same time, will fit your mood. When we are sad, for example, we have a tendency to listen to even sadder music so we can cry our sorrows away and rise and shine the morning before. The websites I'll present you in this article have everything to do with finding the perfect song for the moment you are going through, whether that is feeling positive, dark, tired, energetic, you name it. It is also a great way to discover new artists, most of the time undeground, indie ones, but don't get fooled by two or three songs, their library is pretty big and for sure you will look up some artist on Google by the time you're done, just to make sure you download everything they ever recorded.

A few applications nowadays also have this feature, the most famous being Spotify. You can find an infinity of very detailed playlists, like "Backyard Wedding" or "Focus Music" (which I'm listening to right now). They are all the time creating new ones and the users now follow their example and create public playlists for specific moments.

Check the websites below, in case you don't want to download an application to install in your computer or you don't have time to look too far. You'll thank me later.


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