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A tiny Bit Of Big Advice.

Updated on October 14, 2009


A tiny bit of BIG advice! 



Sometime back in Mid-August
I met a real Munchkin
from the Wizard Of Oz
he was 85 years and stood
only as tall as my navel
we talked for a few and I
jokingly asked
"How one might get
a pair of ruby slippers??"
He blinked three times
and replied in a squeaky
little voice..........
"Just close your eyes and
wish hard to always be in
the right places,
with a big open heart
that welcomes all,
and a brain that knows it's
limitations and still expands
beyond them."
"Be courageous
enough to face whatever paths
might lead you away from your dreams.
Stay courageous long enough
to follow those paths back
towards your golden dreams again"
"Then you will always be at home
with everybody, anywhere
and you won't need ruby red shoes
to brighten the trail
you have left in this world."
Then he winked and turned
to greet another giant awaiting
his attention. I took his
autographed picture and I
whistled as I worked my way
out the door. Later that day
I was surprised to find a
Red Ruby Lollipop in my back pocket
and when I tasted it... it had
all the flavors of a dream
come true. Make sure you
put a "stick to it" in the
solid pursuit of your dreams
that will allow you to taste them
and to eventually lick them.


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