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AMC Networks Returns to DISH

Updated on October 22, 2012

As of October 21st, 2012, AMC Networks channels will begin their return to DISH after being dropped from Dish Network’s packages 4 months ago. On October 21st, AMC returned in time for the second episode of this season’s The Walking Dead. On November 1st, 2012, the Sundance Channel, We TV, IFC will return to DISH programming, along with AMC sister company Madison Square Garden’s channel Fuse, which was dropped from DISH in 2010.

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Why was AMC dropped?

Well, that depends on who you ask. According to DISH, AMC carriage rates were too high in comparison to the network’s relatively low viewership. If you ask AMC Networks, the drop was in direct correlation with DISH’s ongoing litigation with Voom, a family of 15 channels (including AMC Networks at the time) DISH carried before dropping 10 of them pre-contract expiration. DISH claims the company didn’t invest $100 million into the channels as promised, while Voom claimed breach of contract.

How did DISH get AMC back?

As a result of the recent settlement between DISH and Voom, Dish Network reacquired AMC Networks as part of an agreement to carry the channels. In addition, DISH will pay $700 million, including $80 million to Cablevision, who spun off AMC Networks (which Voom is now a part of). The $80 million will pay for wireless spectrum licenses in 45 US cities for Cablevision, a TV and Internet service provider.

Is AMC going to stay on DISH?

While temporary impasses in agreements are common, the contract signed by DISH with AMC Networks is multi-year and ensures that AMC Networks’ channels are here to stay on DISH programming.

How can I get AMC on DISH?

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