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AT&T U-verse Packages

Updated on February 25, 2014

AT&T U-verse offers over 105 HD TV channels, a number that is constantly growing via fiber optic cable which places it in direct competition with satellite operators offering HD television. High definition television is gaining widespread popularity due to the depth of color and crystal clarity of the image, yet many cable operators are lagging behind by still offering analog channels in their basic packages, while access to digital channels is available but at an additional fee. Access to HD channels is also at an additional fee, which makes it more cost-effective to opt for a company that has moved out of the analog world and fully into digital and HD, such as the AT&T U-verse packages which rival satellite competitors like Direct TV.

U-verse Packages: Affordable Options

They also offer digital video recording (DVR), which is not restricted to one room, meaning that you may record in one room but watch the program on any TV in the house that is connected to U-verse. There are up to 390 channels available – including local – and packages start at $49 per month. You can either choose one of the packages or you can create a custom package with the channels you prefer. Below you will find a quick overview of some of the AT&T U-verse packages.

U-family is the basic package with 70 TV channels of family oriented entertainment and starts at $49 per month. This package also includes a video on demand service.

The next package is U100 which starts at $49 per month and includes 130 channels. The base price includes an HD receiver, with supplementary receivers costing $7 per unit. If you do want to enjoy the advantages of a DVR it will cost you an extra $15 per month.

Need More Channels?

Starting at $64 per month, the U200 package offers 230 channels including 48 digital music channels, BBC America, DIY Network and many more. AT&T U-verse also offers a U200 package for Spanish speaking households, which begins at $74 per month. U-200 Latino includes all the channels of its sister package as well as the Spanish package with over 25 channels offering the best entertainment and news from the Spanish speaking world.

The U300 package includes all the channels from the U200 package as well as The Movie Package offering the best and latest movies so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home.

The most comprehensive package is U450 which includes all the channels in the U300 package as well as the Sports Package and over 110 HD channels. The Sports Package includes over 25 sports channels, covering all the major sports so that you can keep your finger on the pulse at all times. Never miss a game again with AT&T U-verse’s Sports Package and the recording capabilities of your DVR unit. You can even record the game just to see your favorite plays over and over again. This complete package starts at $109 per month.

Premium Channels, HD, and DVR Options

If you want to customize your own package, then you can add over 8 different premium packages to the base AT&T U-verse packages, such as HBO with over 14 channels of excellent movies as well as HBO On Demand for free, or Starz with 9 movie channels that broadcast over 700 different new movies every month or the special AT&T U-verse Movie Package with 31 of your favorite movie channels. Adding the HBO package or the Starz package will run you an extra $14 every month, while the Movies AT&T U-verse package will add another $20 which makes it the most cost-effective offer.

You can also add the HD service to any of the base AT&T U-verse packages for only an extra $10 per month. This will give you access to over 110 high definition channels, which is one of the best value for money HD offerings on the market.

The AT&T U-verse packages offer excellent quality entertainment, which are highly flexible and can be customized to suit your exact preferences. You will have access to over 110 HD channels and all of this at some of the most competitive rates on the market. Besides excellent quality digital television, AT&T U-verse also offers high speed internet and voice digital home phone service through the same connection.

U-verse Demo

Willing To Try U-verse?

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    • profile image

      ssjack 6 years ago

      Uverse- when viewing movies etc the pictures freeze constantly and several tech's have been out. They just can't figure out the reason.

    • profile image

      AT&T Uverse user 7 years ago

      I got Uverse and it works fine for me. HD is working well, and Internet is fast as advertised. I hear some people complain and I believe it is about lines that are in their area. AT&T Uverse uses copper and fiber.

    • profile image

      jane 7 years ago

      why u charge extra for reserve and for all chanels u should't be chargeing for everysingle thing and chanels ok thank you