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About Robert Pattinson

Updated on September 10, 2009
From Us Magazine
From Us Magazine
GQ Magazine
GQ Magazine

Rob Pattinson

At 12, the young Rob was expelled from school but it was also at this age that he started to receive calls to do modeling. At age 15, he discovered his love for acting. He joined Barnes Theatre Company where he had backstage experiences then eventually landed roles in amateur plays. Later on, R Pattz, as he was called by friends, started appearing in supporting roles from films like Ring of Nibelungs and Vanity Fair.

R Pattz has kept a quiet quiet life until he met Mike Newell, director of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in 2003 who is at the time in search for someone to play the role of Cedric Diggory—the young and handsome wizard from Hogwarts. Rob was offered the role and from then on has begun his walk to stardom. Series of acting jobs followed thereafter including reprising his role as Cedric Diggory in the fifth part of the book, "Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix in 2007". He was named the year's British Star of Tomorrow by The Times. Despite the series of projects, Rob has still maintain privacy in his life at this point. Signing few autographs, going in a resto and walking in the street without getting much attention. He has done other movies like "The Summer Houses", "How to Be", and also to be released this year, "Little Ashes".

Then comes the day he auditioned and took the role of Edward Cullen--the vampire that looks like a God! R Pattz, in one of the interview, admitted that he took a quarter of a Valium to calm his nerves before auditioning for "Twilight" and he had much agitation in keeping up with the character of Edward’s perceived perfection.

Living up with the role seems to work with many of his followers! Rob has now become a Hollywood A-lister and ultra-hottie just immediately after the movie Twilight was released in 2008. He has signed to complete the entire saga as the vampire who dazzles us all.

The heartthrob was not aware of the magnitude of his fame until the day he was mobbed by extremely enthusiastic female fans while at Cannes Film Festival in February 2008.

Rob Pattinson was born May 13, 1986 in London, United Kingdom. His Dad worked in the car industry and his Mom was in a modeling agency; he has two older sisters.

After all the fame, Rob has obviously kept himself to the ground and his frequent statement of him being “not that cool” guy even adds certain appeal. 

Aside from acting, the British actor is also a skilled guitarist and pianist. Two of his songs are included in the soundtrack of Twilight: Let Me Sign and Never Think. As a teenager, he never formally recorded anything. He just played in pubs and joined local amateur bands.

Expect to see more of Rob Pattinson in 2010 for the third installment of Twilight Saga: Eclipse and in the romance-drama Remember Me.

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Scene from Harry Potter "Order of the Phoenix"
Scene from Harry Potter "Order of the Phoenix"
Twilight Movie Poster
Twilight Movie Poster

Iconic Teen Roles

Countless women had surely spent gazillions of time staring at Robert Pattinson’s pictures. And who won’t? He has taken the roles of two of the most good looking contemporary fictional characters written--- Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen.

Of the seven books-turned-movies of Harry Potter, Rob appeared at the fifth series, Goblet of Fire (2005). Cedric Diggory is the handsome young wizard with chiseled features and grey eyes. “He’s the tall, good-looking one,” describes one of the Hogwart-witch student.

Then comes Edward Cullen. As detailed from the book, he has an impossibly beautiful face comparable to a Greek God.  Edward has high cheekbones, strong jaw line, a straight nose, and full lips. His unusually bronze and always-messy hair gives him an extra appeal.

And so what do these roles say about Rob’s appearance? Is there still a need to explain further what Rob Pattinson looks like? In 2008, he was hailed being the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine and then followed by Glamour Magazine in 2009. Just recently, He is tagged as The #2 Most Handsome Man (right now) by Premiere.

As quoted in an interview by France’s Premiere Magazine: “I was in a restaurant during a break, and when I came out two hours later, 500 people were waiting for me at the exit. It was total chaos. But I’m sure that if I’d said to one of those girls, ‘Come on, let’s go have breakfast,’ she would have been totally embarrassed and would never scream my name again.”

Interview with Rob Pattinson as Cedric Diggory while shooting Goblet of Fire.

Interview as Edward

He already signed the contract of being Edward Cullen for the entire Twilight Saga. So expect to see him protecting the constantly-in-peril Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart).

Gaining much popularity, a lot of people are already itching to see New Moon on November 20, 2009. Pictures and publicity even elevates the excitement. The September 7 issue of People Magazine gives the audience a glimpse from the scene as they show Dakota Fanning (portraying Jane as one of the Volturi with a power to cause severe pain by a mere look) with Rob Pattinson at the blurry background.

By 2010, he will star "Remember Me" a romance-drama situated in New York. Rob’s fans went literally crazy as they nearly mob him as the filming commenced; he was nearly hit by a cab running from the screaming girls.

Being not-the-real-vampire himself , the incident eventually required Rob to have a full protection while shooting New Moon. And yes, he needs group of guards when he is out in the public.

No doubt that these series of events, good and not so good, to the 23-year-old actor from London predicts the level of fame he did not even discern to achieve when he had auditioned for the roles of Cedric Diggory and more so of Edward Cullen.

Love story off the screen?

As if the anticipation is not enough for the next Twilight Saga, New Moon. A Lot of buzz has been spreading that Robert and Kristen are looking for their abode together in Los Angeles. The two had been constantly denying the depth of their romantic relationship but issues about them branded as “together” can’t seemed to stop. The on-screen couple will likely be a real-life partner! And how many Hollywood stars have tried this set-up? Some succeeding, some failing.

The third part of the franchise Eclipse has already began filming in Vancouver, Canada and it’s still going to be a long way for Rob and Kristen. Issues will continue to sprout just about anywhere while Twilight series continue.

It’s always interesting to anticipate two things at the same time—the “real” and the “off screen” affairs. So much more can still happen with these two.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Unscripted - Interview with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Stephenie Meyer

Rob and His Music

People go gaga just by his smile. Sight of his uncombed hair creates a grin. But aside from portraying the most good looking vampire too beautiful to behold, Robert Pattinson also sings, plays guitar and piano. He actually sang two of the songs from the Twilight soundtrack:  “Let Me Sign” and “Never Think”.  Director Catherine Hardwicke lay-in Robert’s recording while editing and was convinced that the songs fit the scenes as if it was created to be there.
Solo album next? Let’s see then. But at this point, seeing Rob Pattinson caressing the piano as Edward Cullen is enough.


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