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Adam Lambert Sexed for Success

Updated on September 6, 2009

Full Steam Ahead

As Idol ended, Adam Lambert was just getting started. Since his "non win", (we certainly won't call it a loss), he hit the airwaves like a sonic boom. His appearances on radio, entertainment, and awards shows, have pumped rocket fuel into the raging Glambert fire. The momentum picked up even more with that smokin' hot magazine cover. Kudos to Matthew Rolston from Rolling Stone for giving us a sultry Adam lying on a bed with strategically placed accessories in all the right places.

A man sexed up for success is a very appealing package.

What's fascinating is who he's appealing to. We'll start with the obvious teens and pre-teens. What do they find appealing? I'll take a shot in the dark and say it's his sensual smile, smokey eyes, sultry voice, and the glam/goth clothes. They'll be standing in line for the posters, fan mags, charcoal eye liner, and black nail polish. A merchandising goldmine.

Next, are the 20 & 30 somethings. They are attracted to him for the reasons stated above; as well as the fact that he's in their age group, which makes him more attainable. He also provides a bit of the "forbidden fruit" syndrome since he has confirmed that he is gay. Don't we all want to believe that a beautiful man like that can be successfully converted by just one night of explosive passion with a woman? And you are just the one to do it, right?


He has provocatively suggested that a night like that could very well be in his future. Could it be so? Or not? He appears to be very sincere and almost boyishly coy as he makes this declaration. Or perhaps it's a masterfully executed promotional plan to keep his feverish female fans at their boiling point? It would not, after all, serve him well to discourage this fan base from thinking that he was accessible. They, and their teen counterparts, are the ones who will spend the most money on his C.D., which is set for release on November 24th.

Then there's the gay men. They will love Adam for casting a positive spotlight where they don't often see one. Whether he means to or not, Lambert will prove once again that real talent, success, and beauty should have nothing to do with sexual orientation. He may be the chosen one likely to dispel some misconceptions of gay culture in America. Again, this is not his platform, but it will happen as an ancillary benefit to his success. About time.

Now let's get to the most interesting of his admirers. The Cougars. Yes, middle aged 40-50 something women. Strong, successful, in their sexual prime. Mrs. Robinson to you. For them, Adam is USDA choice, and they are on the hunt. Many have said they don't even know why, since he is young enough to be their son. So why do they want to indulge in this guilty pleasure named Adam Lambert?

I think I know.

I am a Cougar myself, and I can speak for my pack. Lambert encompasses all things sexual, without the conventional ties that bind. He reminds us that love, freedom, and sex can and should, go hand in hand. The freedom to be who you are, on your terms, with no restrictions, no inhibitions, and no limitations.

That's sexy as hell.

The fact that he reveals these truths with one smirk on the Rolling Stone cover punctuates my point. This man knows exactly what he is doing. He is in full control of his destiny, and he intends to navigate his own way. And he clearly isn't afraid of the snakes.

That's sexy as hell too.

And it will serve him well as his quantum leap into super stardom continues. While he's on his way, we'll all be standing by eagerly cheering him on. Eye candy for teens, a daring conquest for 20-somethings, a beacon for gay men, and a Cougars timely reminder that she can still take a walk on the wild side. How many men can offer so much to so many?

Adam Lambert can...just watch him.

And listen.



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