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Adam Lambert Wows the AMAs

Updated on November 25, 2009

An Adam bomb detonated at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday night, and audience members at the American Music Awards will never be the same. "Wow!", was the word, and Adam Lambert was the object of everyone's affliction.

Ready or not, someone let Adam out of the box and he came out swinging. He also made good on a promise to his fans for a hot, sexy, and racy performance. At least they were warned. The others had mixed reactions to things like the "boy oh boy, a boy just kissed a boy" thing, the simulated oral sex-capade, and the "I think I'll take my bitch out for a walk" maneuver.

Some like it hot, and others like to call ABC and complain about what they just saw. And what did they see? It all depends on who you ask. Some saw inappropriate movements, raunchy lyrics, and offensive behavior. Others were just shocked out of their minds and didn't know what they saw. Poor things. And then there's those who saw a man on a fierce mission to take you on a three minute ride through his sexual underworld, and show you how nice being naughty can be.

One song, one performance. And all this?

Granted, it is best to hide your youngsters and anyone with a weak heart when Mr. Lambert does a prime time show. He's not aiming at them, anyway. He's aiming for an audience that will get it. Get him.

And he gets that not everyone will.

In fact, one of the few people not concerned with all of this controversy is Adam Lambert. Or if he is, he isn't letting on. Perhaps he has something that the average, run of the mill synthesized one-hit-wonders don't have; the keys to success. Variety, talent, diversity, and yes, controversy. And since art is in the eye of the beholder, it will be left open to many different interpretations. Good, bad, ugly, sad, and even a flat denial of the fact that it's art at all. One thing to keep in mind though, is that artists seldom shock you without a plan. It's usually to get you to think, to talk, to debate, or to change the way you feel about something.

Get it?

The A.M.As, incidentally, are not unfamiliar with performances that beg a little attention. Just ask Lady Gaga, Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, r.i.p., and a few others who started their careers with these types of "oh my God, their career is over now" performances. Some of the most talented, influencial, and successful performers of our time have found themselves at the wrong end of the Associated Press headlines the next morning - if there is such a thing as the wrong end of press.

ABC thinks there is. They censored his AMA performance for West Coast viewers, and canceled Lambert's November 25th promotional appearance on Good Morning America.CBS quickly picked him up and added him to their roster for the same day on The Early Show.

Ironically, Adam will find, to the chagrin of his detractors, that his numbers will probably go up. As a rule, we are fascinated with that which we consider to be taboo, outrageous, or forbidden. Some condemn it, some offer free lip service, and some are drawn to it like a moth to the flame.He may have alienated some, but he has also drawn attention from potential moths who would not have otherwise considered his musical flame.

While we're on the subject of his music, let's consider the vast, diverse, selection of tracks on the new C.D. For Your Entertainment. Lambert took a gamble and diversified his song portfolio. In the stock market, that's considered prudent. On your first C.D., it's risky business. Why? Because you're not establishing a definitive sound, or a distinguishing style. The stock holders want to know what they're getting. They want to label it. Is it a coincidence that recording artists belong to something called a record label? Perhaps, but in true Lambert form, Adam has taken the road less traveled. He's refusing to give himself a label, and his label has enough faith in his talent to go along for the ride.

Whether it pays off or not will be revealed in next week's episode of "Payoff or Sendoff".

Don't look for it on ABC

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Will Adam Lambert's performance on the AMAs help or hurt his career?

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