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Adam Sandler

Updated on April 24, 2010
Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler

Well I'm sure everyone has heard about Adam Sandler. He has been around for ages. I am a huge Adam Snadler fan. I have all his movies and I know all about him. So lets see where to start. Maybe Birth? Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn, New york. His mom was Judy, a nursery school teacher and Stanley Sandler, an electrial engineer. Adam is born into a jewish family. When he turned 5 they moved relocating at Manchester, New Hampshire. He attended the Manchester Central High School, were he found his natural comic. He also attended New York University. He got his Bachelors degree of fine arts at NYU in 1991. His first start was a song called "Lunchlady Land" which was donated to a lunch lady, named Emalee at Hayden Dining Hall at NYU. From then on Adam Sandler has made many movies. He also has cds, which have some of his funniest songs on. He also has handprints in front of Graumans Chinese Theatre. On June 22, 2003 He married Jacqueline Samantha Titone. Later they hadSadie Madison Sandler bornMay 6, 2006 and Sunny Madeline Sandler born November 2, 2008. He currently lives in Los Angles but also has a house in New York.In 2007, Sandler made a million dollar donation to the Boys and Girls club in his hometown, Manchester, NH. He also donated 2,100 dollars to the primary campaign of Rudy Giuliani the same year.

His T.V shows are also well known, they are:

  • 1987-1990 Remote Control

  • 1987-1988 The Cosby Show

  • 1990 ABC after school Special and the Marshall Chronicle

  • 1991-1995 Saturday Night Live

  • 2001 Undeclared

  • 2003 Couch

  • 2005 Getaway

  • 2007 The King of Queens

He has a total of 5 cds which are:

  • 1993-They're all gonna laugh at you!

  • 1996-What the hell happen to me?

  • 1997-Whats your name?

  • 1999-Stan and Judy's kid?

  • 2004-Shh...Dont tell

Adam Sandler also has very many movies, heres all:

  • 1989-first role- Going Overboard

  • 1992 Shakes the clown

  • 1993 Coneheads

  • 1994 Airheads and Mixed Nuts

  • 1995 Billy Madison

  • 1996 Happy Gilmore and Bulletproof

  • 1998 The Wedding Singer, Dirty Work and The Waterboy

  • 1999 Big Daddy and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

  • 2000 Lil Nicky

  • 2001 The Animal

  • 2002 Mr. Deeds, Punch-Drunk Love, Eight Crazy Nights, A day with the Meatball and The Hotchick

  • 2003 Anger Mangement, Pauly Shore is Dead, Stupidity, the Couch

  • 2004 50 First Dates and Spanglish

  • 2005 The Longest Yard and Deuce Bigalow:European Gigolo

  • 2006 Click

  • 2007 Reign Over me and I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry

  • 2008 You Dont Mess with the Zohan and Bedtime Stories

  • 2009 Funny People

Adam Sandler has many accomplishments. He has wn many awards such as:

  • 1996 MTV Movie Awards - Happy Gilmore Best Fight

  • 1998 MTV Movie Awards - The Wedding Singer Best Kiss

  • 1999 MTV Movie Awards - The Waterboy Best Comedic Performance

  • 1999 Blockbuster Entertainment Award - The Waterboy Favorite Actor Comedy

  • 2000 MTV Movie Awards - Big Daddy - MTV Movie Awards Best Comedic Performance

  • 2000 People's Choice Awards Favorite Motion Picture Star in a Comedy

  • 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Big Daddy Favorite Actor Comedy

  • 2001 Teen Choice Award Choice Comedian

  • 2002 Teen Choice Award Choice Comedian

  • 2003 Teen Choice Award - Anger Management Choice Movie Hissy Fit

  • 2003 Kids' Choice Awards - Mr. Deeds Favorite Movie Actor

  • 2003 Kids' Choice Awards - Eight Crazy Nights Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie

  • 2003 Chlotrudis Awards - Punch-Drunk Love Best Actor

  • 2004 Teen Choice Awards - 50 First Dates Choice Movie Actor

  • 2004 Teen Choice Awards Choice Comedian

  • 2004 MTV Movie Awards - 50 First Dates Best On-Screen Team

  • 2004 Kids' Choice Wannabe Award

  • 2005 People's Choice Awards - 50 First Dates Favorite On-Screen Chemistry

  • 2005 Teen Choice Award Choice Comedian

  • 2005 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Movie Actor

  • 2006 Teen Choice Award Choice Comedian

  • 2006 People's Choice Awards Favorite Funny Male Star

  • 2007 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Movie Actor

  • 2007 Gij√≥n International Film Festival - Click Best Actor

  • 2008 Teen Choice Award Choice Comedian

Has Adam Sandler Lost his touch? I dont think so. I think for as long he lives he will find ways to make people laugh. Adam Sandler is on of the best comedienas I know. Adam Sandler has made a movie every year since the beginning. He will probably continue to do so. Adam sandler in my book is the best actor, and always will be, the best. I hope to see him for many years more.

Thanks, Ashley


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