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Adam and Kris Sing For The Title

Updated on May 14, 2009
Kris and Adam
Kris and Adam

One for the money...two for the show.

Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are ready. So are their fans, who are gearing up for what will likely be American Idol's highest rated finale. This season has produced the largest voting numbers since the show's debut more than eight years ago. With one week left, and only two left standing, America now has a decision to make. It seems we are a country divided, at least where these two are concerned. There were only one million votes separating them out of the 88 million received on Tuesday night.

With the departure of Danny Gokey, a sentimental fan favorite from early on, the question is - who will get Danny's votes? Will Danny's fans find Adam too flamboyant and colorful, or will they choose him based on pure talent? Will they drift toward the southern-boy-you-wish-lived-next-door Kris? He has maintained a steady following, and may very well get a sizable piece of Gokey's more conservative fan base.

Regardless of where those votes end up, Adam and Kris are prepared to sing for more than their supper next Tuesday night in order to get them.

This is for all the marbles.

Well, most of them. When the game is over, it's sometimes interesting to see who climbs to the top of the charts first. As shown in previous seasons, the winner does not necessarily take all. There's plenty of loot left in the song bank for the runners up. To have the distinction of winning American Idol is surely a dream come true, and with the title comes it's due respect, but some who finished in the lower ranks have gone on to become mega hit wonders themselves, despite an early exit.

Chris Daughtry comes to mind. He finished in fourth place during season 5, and went on to sign with RCA where he sold 1 million records in five weeks - the fastest selling debut album in history.

Not bad.

Then there was David Archuleta from last season. His song "Crush" debuted at number two on Billboard's 200 chart last August. Of course, he was a demographic delight. He appealed to the tween and teen audience that stood ready with their babysitting money in hand to invest in his future, and they did. He continues to record hit songs and is preparing for a summer tour with Demi Lovato.

Next Wednesday's winner and his runner up will be on tour this summer as well. Before they can start their ascent into pop heaven, they are bound to the "American Idols Live" tour which begins July 5th and runs through September 15th. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the same fans that dialed [and texted] them into the top ten this season.

So who will be crowned the next American Idol?

Simon says Adam, and the other judges seem to agree.

Will America?

What do you think?

Who should win American Idol

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