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Add A Sham And Some Poo??!!

Updated on December 29, 2009

Add a sham, and some poo and "Walla???!!!



I never

putting something
that is both a sham
and poo????

in one's hair,
but we do,

and then we
are taken in by all
the claims of silky
smooth and shiny,
but wind up with
simply flat and dull...
only the very young
have that

sheen of gold,
or ebony, or

liquid chocolate
color which brings me
back to that
age old sham
and the word poo????

I must also expose
toilet water and what it means~~

who collects this

tainted liquid

and professes

to call it perfume.

such befouled

aroma is sure

to make one's

skin flushed

why not fountain of youth water

or nectar of daisy water.

and let's look

at Cheese Whiz,

first of all

I've never met

a cheese

that could

take a whiz,

and if i did why

would I want to eat it.

obviously I also avoid

head cheese

for any number

of reasons that

need not be stated.


Some poor creative

advertising departments

must have named

these products

on a hungover Monday

when no one was the wiser.






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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      lmfao!!! Head cheese... :D ...Hey I even put sham and poo! into other peoples hair!!! And then try to sell it to em! hehe.. that's right I'm a sham/poo pusher.. lol! aka hairstylist :) this was fun