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Add it to your library. "The Collection" is a must see

Updated on July 30, 2013

First let me admit I have not watched "The Collector" yet. I found this movie on Netflix and gave it a try. It was not till after that I found out this was a sequel. You can bet I will be watching the first one real soon.

This movie starts out fast and great from the start. I can not name another movie where I have seen so much killing in the first 15 minutes of a film. That says nothing of how The Collector decides to kill his victims. Finally a Horror movie that delivers with some eye opening deaths.

I will not tell you to much about movie except that a serial killer is lose and he murders in groups but he will always take one victim with him. Elena and a few friends goes to a party but they are unaware that the Collector has chosen this party for his next massacre. After seeing her boyfriend with another girl Elena runs into a room. She notices a red trunk and hears something moving. When she opens the trunk Arkin O'Brien falls out and the fun begins.


Marcus Dunston is back as director for " The Collection". This is only his second time directing a movie with the first being "The Collector". I think he did a great job and we might have a new face in the horror genre. He has written several stories including this one but his ability to get everything he wants on the screen is great. He was lucky enough to have a somewhat big budget for this movie, espiceally in the Horror world of $10 million dollars. He used the money wisely and put togther a great film that needs to be in everyones collection.


The cast was great for this movie. I had never heard of a few of the actors but everyone did a good job in their roles. Josh Stewart plays Arkin O'Brien and he did an excellent job in my eyes. Emma Fitzpatrick played Elena Peters, she did okay. There was times I thought she was over doing it but overall a good job. Randall Archer is The Collector, you never see his face but his eyes will burn through you. He played the masked killer perfectly. Also playing key roles are Christoper McDonald, Lee Tergesen, Shannon Kane, Andre Royo, Tim Griffin, William Peltz, Erin Way and Eaddy Mays.

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed this movie a lot. I could easily watch this movie again. Overall as a movie compared to all other genres I would give this movie about six stars. As a Horror movie, comparing it only to other Horror movies I would give it eight stars.

This is one of those movies you add to your own collection right next to Saw. Hopefully the keep it going so we can see what happens next with Arkin O'Brien and The Collector.


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