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Adele's Album 21

Updated on February 17, 2015

The English singer and songwriter Adele released her second album on January 24, 2011 in the UK . The new album titled "21" is available in the US and Canada since February 22nd .

The album reflects her full stage of development and maturity experienced since her last album "19".

Adele was often compared to Amy Winehouse and Duffy, both famous English singers, but the critics and listeners have started describing her voice and music as extraordinary, special, rare, so enchanting that she cannot be compared to anybody else.

Musical style and album background: "19" vs."21"

Influenced by artists such as Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald in her teens, Adele wrote her first record Hometown Glory at the age of 16 (it was released in 2007). Her first album "19" was named blue-eyed soul: Adele was seen as a white artist who performed music with elements of rhythm and blues and soul with a strong pop influence.

In her debut album ("19") she wrote songs detailing the breakdown of her first big love affair. She openly admitted that her ex cheated on her; the love-affair that followed simply didn't work out and she felt like a failure. Now she is happy that it didn't work out because the emotionally intense follow-up became the basis for her new album "21". In her interview for The Telegraph, the singer commented that she sobbed in her dressing room after performing Someone Like You live on Jools Holland because she was wondering and hoping that her ex would be watching it.

21: Someone like you

The sound of the new album changed compared to the previous album: it is classic with elements of contemporary roots and country music. Adele stated that she was influenced by Lady Antebellum, Wanda Jackson and Andrew Bird while recording this album. The first single Rolling in the Deep was released in November 2010 in the US, but ended up as #68 in the charts. In December it was released in the Netherlands and Germany where it hit #1 spot. Success followed in most European music charts.

This new musical direction in Adele´s music style emerged from her experience while on a tour in South America. Namely, her bus driver introduced her to country and blues. She used to smoke up the front of the bus listening to the radio and contemporary Nashville music. She was then introduced to the music made by Johnny Cash, Alison Krauss, the Carter Family and Dolly Parton.

Adele's career in America

A joint venture between Columbia and XL records in 2008 made it possible for the singer to enter the US music industry. She went on a short North American tour and released the "19" album. Adele performed on the 18 October Saturday Night Live episode and the next day her album reached the top in iTunes charts. It also ranked at # 5 at

In 2009, the album was certified as gold and 2.2 million copies were sold worldwide. She cancelled her 2009 tour in the US just to be with her ex (she also had a drinking problem at the time), but regretted the decision later when she gave up both on the boyfriend and drinking.

Interview with Adele: about 21

Adele´s new album at

The album "21"

Largely produced by Rick Rubin and Paul Epworth, the album has received an extremely positive critical reception.

Track listings

  1. Roll in the Deep
  2. Rumour Has It 
  3. Turning Tables
  4. Don't You Remember
  5. Set Fire to the Rain
  6. He Won't Go  
  7. Take It All  
  8. I'll Be Waiting One and Only
  9. Lovesong
  10. Someone Like You 

Adele has been described as wise beyond her years (she is only 23, born on 5th May, 1988), friendly, giggling, down to earth girl gifted with a huge voice and songwriting talent. She plays guitar, piano and bass. She is considered a prodigy!

The young singer has already won a Brit and two Grammy awards and her second album is actually the first great album of 2011.

MP3 downloads by Adele


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    • profile image

      rd 3 years ago

      This really helped with my homework and also I could listen to a song so graceful it makes my dog go to sleep!


    • vox vocis profile image

      Jasmine 5 years ago

      I noticed that men don't like her much. They usually ask me to change the radio station or stop playing her CD because her voice irritates them. The usual comment is: "She doesn't sing, she yells!" However, women find her fascinating :)

    • profile image

      jewlez1313 5 years ago

      she is so kool and awesome

    • Jewelz1313 profile image

      Jewelz1313 5 years ago from Branson, Missouri

      Awesome hub. I love Adele. Adele and her songs are so beautiful.

    • johncimble profile image

      johncimble 6 years ago from Bangkok

      she's amazing, love her voice tho :)

    • vox vocis profile image

      Jasmine 6 years ago

      @lyla1: Yes, it's a great song :) Thanks for stopping by!

    • lyla1 profile image

      lyla1 6 years ago

      my favourite pop-star, i like Set Fire To The Rain xx

      - Lyla1

    • vox vocis profile image

      Jasmine 6 years ago

      Thanks, Abie. I love Adele, too :)

    • Abie Taylor profile image

      Abie Taylor 6 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

      Great hub! Adele is my favourite singer and this is very useful x