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Updated on November 22, 2017

English songwriter-singer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born on the fifth of May in 1988. In 2006 she graduated from the Performing Arts and Technology BRIT School. XL Recordings gave her a recording contract after her friend posted a Myspace demo video. In that year, she received a critics’ choice award from Brit Awards in 2007. In a poll, she won the BBC Sound of 2008 the year after. The name of her album debut was 19. This was released to critical and commercial success in 2008. In the UK she was certified 7 times and in the US, she made a 2008 appearance on Saturday Night Live which was a tremendous boost to her career.

Her second album, 21 was released early in 2011. This was a well-received album critically and it surpassed her debut success. In 2012 all of these cumulative successes earned Adele numerous awards. These included three American Music Awards, the British Album of the Years, two Brit Awards and Album of the Year. In the UK, Adele’s album has been certified platinum sixteen times. It is also the all-time, fourth bestselling album in the United Kingdom of all time. Since the year 1985, Adele’s album has held the highest position compared to any album in the USA. This earned her album a certifiable diamond. Around the world, there have been more than thirty-one copies sold worldwide. Adele’s album 21 has earned many mentions in the book of world records by Guinness, as it has been so successful. In the history of the Hot 100 Billboard, Adele is the first woman to have three top ten simultaneous singles as a leading artist. She is also the first female songstress to have two albums simultaneously in Billboard 200’s top five. In the history of USA and UK album charts, Adele’s album 21 is the number one, longest-running album.

Skyfall was released in 2012 by Adele which she recorded and co-wrote for the same name James Bond film. This song won a Best Original Song Golden Globe, a Grammy Award and an Academy Award. For British Single of the Year, the song also won in the Brit Awards. After taking a break of three years, in 2015, she released 25, her 3rd studio album. This became the UK’s bestselling album of the year and across the USA and the UK, the album broke sales records in the first week. In the USA, her album 25 earned her five Grammy Awards and was certified diamond once more in the USA. In the album, Hello is the lead single and this became the first single in the USA selling over a million copies digitally within seven days of its release. Adele Live 2016 was her third concert tour. In this tour she visited Oceania, North America and Europe. The tour concludes with four concert finales in mid-2017 at Wembley Stadium.

In the years 2016, 2012 and 2011, Adele was named by Billboard as Artist of the Year. She was listed number 5 in 2012 on the list of 100 Greatest Women in Music by VH1. Adele was also named by Time to be one of the world’s most influential people in the year 2016 and 2012. With over a hundred million records sold, she is the world’ best selling recording artist.

Earlier Years

Born in Tottenham, London on May 5, 1988, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born to a Welsh father and an English mother, Marc Evans and Penny Adkins respectively. Her mother raised her from the age of two when her father left. She started singing at four years of age and was obsessed with voicing. Adele spent her growing up years with songs rather than books. At nine years of age, her mother and she moved to England’s south coast, in Brighton. A couple of years later, they both moved back to London. Hometown Glory, Adele’s song, features West Norwood, where they used to live. In 2006, after graduating from the BRIT School, her classmates Jessie J and Leona Lewis as well as herself credits the school with the nurture of their talent.


In less than 8 years, Adele comes from nowhere, establishing herself as one of the biggest entertainment brands in the world. She is up there with Call of Duty, FIFA2016, Star Wars and Grand Theft Auto, you might say. The proof? All the prizes she won and her remarkable achievement of success. The fact that she is operating in markets that are half the size compared to the last decade, this success is even more impressive.

Across the globe, this feat is something that she has been awarded, applauded and lauded for. Tim Ingham called her a freak. He is a respectable musical journalist running the Music Business Worldwide website. He says that Adele simply isn’t normal. He means, at least in terms of the way she has achieved one success after another. In 2016, Adele broke all the sales records which was in itself, miraculous. High ranking music executives echo this sentiment. Adele has further been called a beacon of hope for the music biz, label-proof and an anomaly.

Her Approach to Writing

Typically, her approach to writing has to do with taking instructions directly from her own feelings. Sometimes, it seems like her songs are her drunk diary. Her songs make her seem as personal as possible. As a matter of fact, her trademark is frank honesty. It is her default off-stage and on-stage persona In other words, what you see in Adele is what you get. This comes complete with informal chattiness, vulgarities and cackles. The truth is that when it comes to her real public image, there is nothing flippant or easygoing about her. The micro-managing of the Adele-brand is done with the same precise professional aura she treats her music with. You do happen to have a choice in the fame game, after all. Either be manipulated or to manipulate. Obviously, she has chosen the latter.

Living Proof

In short, she happens to be living proof that in a besieged and beleaguered music business, money can still be made. The only problem is, if you call this a problem at all, is that Adele is an artist that is hard to recreate. She is a one-of-a-kind singer that is hard to duplicate, and she has been this right from the start.

Adele has been described as being loud, bolshie and gobby, but always fun. She has a big personality. She can make people nervous as she has quite a big personality. She is indeed a force that needs reckoning with, and this includes all her talent for singing.

Stories that Leaked Out

When the press started leaking stories about her personal life a few years back, she decided to pay attention to who may have been doing it in the inner circle. What she did in order to deal with it was to test each of her subjects’ loyalty by having a one-on-one tea time with them and divulge a juicy piece of information. She would then wait and see which of the stories leaked out to the press and would then get rid of the person who divulged the information. There was swift excommunication with the culprits and this was a method she described as being fun.

This worked, however, as the leaks stopped leaking out, so to speak. However, in Wales, where her father lived, the leaks were still ongoing. Mark Evans, her estranged father lived in Wales. In 2011, he gave verse and chapter to the Daily Mail and The Sun. He described how he and Adele’s mother met, moved in together and had a child in 1988, who was Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. He went back to Wales soon after became an alcoholic while working as a plumber.

His wife Penny moved to London’s southern portions and worked as an office administrator, a furniture maker and a masseuse. Her father went on to say that Adele’s music had roots in darker places as she grew up, with the death of his grandfather and with his departure. After years of separation with his daughter, he goes on to say that he hoped that they could become reunited. Adele refused and said he shall never hear from her again, as he had blown it. If she sees him, she says she will spit in his face.

According to her father, it was his influence that caused his daughter to become musical. In contrast, Adele says that her mom took her to gigs and listed to Jeff Buckley when she was three years old. Later, her mother placed The Cure. At ten years of age, Adele liked her own music with her number one choice being the Spice Girls. According to Adele, when the Spice Girls first came out, it was a huge moment in her life. The reason for this is that these were simply five ordinary girls who did well and got out. Adele’s thoughts went to wanting to get out as well.

Getting Out

Later, she did just that and got out. She left her Balham comprehensive school where there was simply an ambition-lack and went to the alma matter of Amy Winehouse, which was the Brit School. She met performance poet and author best friend Laura Dockrill and the My Same song is about her. Adele says she likes creating drama, so there was a falling out and then a making up with Dockrill.

Ben Thomas her guitarist went to the same school as well. He saw Adele get in trouble for coming to school late or for sleeping in. Of course, she was there promptly for at least one assembly in the morning when she sang a song impressive enough for the headmaster, Stuart Worden. He was so impressed that he asked for a copy of the song and she answered that he would have to buy it.

About the Brit School

The thing about the Brit School is that it teaches artist-students that behind the show is a business. This is something that Adele has taken advantage of. She likes a good bargain. Once she went to buy 2 albums at a record shop for five pounds. One was by Etta James and the other one was by Ella Fitzgerald. She just wanted to look cool and didn’t really know who they were. Later she was inspired and names one of her influences to be Etta James. In the summer of 2006, she wrote a few songs and on MySpace, one of her friends posted it.

By this time, Amy Winehouse had become a big deal. It proved to be good business in London for young feisty women singers to sing about their broken hearts. Executives in music were on the lookout for the new Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse. On the computers of music execs, MySpace was definitely the default page. Adele had three songs at this point. Make You Feel My Love by Dylan made four songs. Now that she had to come up with a few more songs, she was not having as much fun as when she had to do it for school. In the course of all this she had a boyfriend that broke her heart. Bingo- she was later climbing in the back of the trailer of Pete Townsend.

Adele’s Style

From the start, she had her style nailed. No bother, no fuss, stand or sit and sing. Then again, she couldn’t dance so there was not going to be a dance. She was not athletic so all she did was sing. This was exactly what Adele did and she was imperfect, which was perfect. Her melancholic love songs plus being just an ordinary girl worked perfectly. The entire world was able to relate to this universal theme. It seemed nonchalant and relaxed, her entire style. She had people who were on her side. She built a team around her composed of world class managers and producers, mostly male. To this day, you have to agree, what she is doing seems to be working perfectly.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      Adele is one of my favorites, and I enjoyed reading this about her rise to superstardom. It's too bad she had friends and family who were disloyal.


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