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Adventures in Bookmarks, Take One, Newgrounds

Updated on August 24, 2015


"Everything, by Everyone"... and by "Everything", they mean, art, games, music and more.

I'm a "digital hoarder", if you will. By that, I mean, I collect. And I have collected, for years. And years. And years. Today is the day I'm going to go through my collections, and start sorting and categorizing. And deleting. Even if the computer or laptop is long dead, the bookmarks have lived on. I wrote it down, or saved it somehow, somewhere. Thankfully digital hoarding isn't unsafe or unsanitary, doesn't take up whole rooms full of value-less items. But it's still not exactly normal behavior, either.

I've been collecting things for a long time, as I said. I pin and repin on pinterest but don't really do anything with the pins. I don't know if the recipe is any good, but it looked good when I pinned it! I don't know if it's something that a human can make, or if it's just shelving that only Martha Stewart or a powerful wizard could build.

I bookmark webpages to read later. And now that I'm looking at some of them... I don't know what was interesting at the time I bookmarked it.

I look at all the snazzy animated gifs on Tumblr. I browse the topics on reddit. I find music and things to do on youtube. I get sucked into where the coolest stuff lives. I come out the other end of facebook, dazed and confused, like an alcoholic blinking at the brightness of the rising sun, with no idea where my night went, with nothing to show for my time.

Let my obvious disorder, my internet OCD, work for you. You know, they don't call us "users" for nothing.

If it's good, I'll pass it on to you. If it's garbage, then out it goes. If it's something to make or do, I'm doing it or making it. And I'll take pictures for you, and describe in detail how to do it or build it.

I'm finally... FINALLY!... going to sort through it all, to find the useful and interesting, and disregard the rest. From now on, I will post one hub a week, or more, about the useful and interesting. You get to reap the rewards of my hoarding. Let me be your internet filter.

Today's hub is about a useful website called It is full of stuff. Okay, maybe not "useful", but definitely fun. There is literally something for everyone. And if other people's art, music or games are not your cups of tea, then perhaps you can make and share? That might be fun, no? Just sign up and get to making and sharing!

Now, call it laziness, or call it what you will, but I am not going to find things for you on said website. That's just silly, I don't know you, and I don't know what you like. That would be presumptuous of me.

If you find something you like, tell us in the comments below. TTFN!

Maybe of interest?

Werewolf Tycoon
Werewolf Tycoon

Werewolf Tycoon, stealthily eat as many people as you can



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