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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 2: Heavy is the Head -Review

Updated on November 5, 2014

This episode was pretty epic. The conclusion to the Absorbing Man threat, and a lot of awesomeness by Coulson and the new SHIELD. They get a new member, Hunter, one of the mercenaries, I figured if anyone became a regular member, it would be Lucy Lawless, but I was wrong.Hunter is a welcome addition. He proves he's more concerned about loyalty and keeping his word than money. The comic version of him is (or was) the leader of the UK version of SHIELD, which is an awesome nod to comic classicness by the creators. We see more of Fitz' issues, and hear the rest of the team's feelings on it, and on the absence of Simmons. More sad feels for Fitz. He gets a new friendship with Mack, that seems to help some, and makes for some heartwarming buddy moments. Mack is also based on a minor SHIELD character from the comics, a former CIA agent before joining SHIELD. The AoS version seems to be a combat engineer. He too is a welcome addition to the team. Hope he doesn't turn out to secretly be Hydra or something. I understand that the show needs Talbot as a combination foil and ally, but seriously, how many times does someone have to save you before you cut them a break? Absorbing Man's powers look amazing on screen. The hints and reveals about Skye's father are interesting and teasing. Absorbing Man get's beaten in a rather anti-climatic way, some "advanced tech" dragon slaying sword. Same as Blackout. But, a lot of real life battles end that way, not long drawn out back and forth. And also realistically there might not be another way for a group of baseline humans to bring down someone of that power level. The show is hitting every aspect that makes me care about it, and I'm eagerly waiting for more.

Drama: 8 Action: 9 Acting: 8 Plot: 7 Dialog: 8 Humor: 6 Feels: 6 Overall: 8

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