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Akina Nakamori Complete Discography (Cover Albums)

Updated on May 28, 2012
Akina Nakamori promoing her first enka cover album, "Enka".
Akina Nakamori promoing her first enka cover album, "Enka".

One of the standouts of Akina Nakamori's prolific career are her many cover albums. Beginning with "Utahime" in the early 90s, Akina has since released a total of seven cover albums (not including their best incarnations), ranging from her "Utahime" series that includes popular songs from as early as the 70s and as late as 2000, her critically acclaimed "Enka" cover album, and three folk and mood-song cover albums. With each cover album release Akina becomes more daring in her attempts, and no music genre is too little or too good for her and her iconic voice.

Included in this list are the original tracks (in complete kana) alongside romanizations and translations into English. A note about the translations: many of the enka and older songs use ancient or obsolete kanji that don't have clear translations.I've done the best I can, but keep in mind that some of these tracks couldn't even be deciphered by natural Japanese speakers! (One even told me the kanji used was Chinese only and never imported into Japanese. That's what we're talking about here!)

All translations by the author.

All images in this hub are copyright Warner-Pioneer, MCA Victor, Universal Records/their respective photographers. They are used here for promotional purposes only.

#1 - Utahime (歌姫) (Diva)

Released: March 24th, 1994

Oricon: #5

Sales: 140,000

1. ダンスはうまく踊れない (Dance wa Umaku Odorenai) (Trans: I Can't Dance the Dance Well)

2. 愛染橋 (Aizen Bashi) (Trans: The Bridge of Love)

3. 片想い (Kataomoi) (Trans: Unrequited Love)

4. 思秋期 (Shishuuki) (Trans: Praying for the Fall)

5. 逢いたくて 逢いたくて (Aitakute Aitakute) (Trans: I Want To See You, I Want To See You)

6. 終着駅 (Shuuchaku Eki) (Trans: The Terminal Station)

7. 魔法の鏡 (Mahou no Kagami) (Trans: Magic Mirror)

8. 生きがい (Ikigai) (Trans: The Meaning of Life)

9. 私は風 (Watashi wa Kaze) (Trans: I Am the Wind)

(The limited edition second disc contains all of the above songs in karaoke form.)

#2 - ZERO album-Utahime 2 (ZERO album~歌姫II)

Released: March 24th, 2002

Oricon: #10

Sales: 230,000

1. 歌姫2 Opening (Utahime 2 Opening) (Trans: Diva 2 Opening)

2. 黄昏のビギン (Tasogare no Begin) (Trans: Beginning of Twilight)

3. 桃色吐息 (Momoiro Toiki) (Trans: Peach-Colored Sigh)

4. アデュー (Adieu)

5. 別れの予感 (Wakare no Yokan) (Trans: A Premonition of Separation)

6. シングル・アゲイン (Smile Again)

7. 色彩のブルース (Shikisai no Blues) (Trans: Color of the Blues)

8. 秋桜 (Akizakura) (Trans: Cosmos Flower)

9. 異邦人 (Ihoujin) (Trans: Foreigner)

10. 乙女のワルツ (Otome no Waltz) (Trans: Maiden's Waltz)

11. 瑠璃色の地球 (Ruriiro no Chikyuu) (Trans: Azure Earth)

12. 歌姫2 Ending (Utahime2 Ending) (Trans: Diva2 Ending)

#3 - Utahime 3 ~Shuumaku (Diva 3 ~The End)

Released: December 3rd, 2003

Oricon: #25

Sales: 30,000

1. 回帰~歌姫3 (Kaiki~~Utahime3) (Trans: Return to~Diva 3)

2. 傘がない (Kasa ga Nai) (I Don't Have an Umbrella)

3. 踊り子 (Odoriko) (Trans: Dancer)

4. 愛はかげろう (Ai wa Kagerou) (Trans: Love is a Heat Haze)

5. スローなブギにしてくれ (I want you) (Slow na Boogie ni Shitekure) (Trans: Do the Slow Boogie-Woogi (I want you))

6. 夜霧よ今夜もありがとう (Yogiri yo Konya mo Arigatou) (Trans: Thank You For Tonight's Fog as Well) 7. 東京砂漠 (Tokyo Sabaku) (Trans: Tokyo Desert)

8. 窓(Mado) (Trans: Window)

9. Manish~歌姫3 Interlude

10. ALONE11. ハリウッド・スキャンダル (Hollywood Scandal)

12. 恋の予感 (Koi no Yokan) (Trans: Premonition of Love)


14. 風の扉~歌姫3 Ending (Kaze no Tobira~Utahime3) (Trans: Door of the Wind~Diva3)

CD Only
CD Only

#4 - Enka~Enka~ (艶華~Enka~)

Released: June 27th, 2007

Oricon: #10

Sales: 60,000

  1. 艶華I(Instrumental) (Enka1)
  2. 天城越え (Amagigoe) (Trans: Crossing Mt. Amagi)
  3. 無言坂 (Mugonzaka) (Trans: Silent Hill)
  4. 氷雨(Hisame) (Hail)
  5. みちづれ (Michizure) (Trans: Fellow Traveler)
  6. 空港 (Kukou) (Trans: Airport)
  7. 越冬つばめ (Ettou Tsubame) (Trans: Hibernating Swallow)
  8. 艶華II(Instrumental) (Enka II)
  9. 悲しい酒 (Kanashii Sake) (Trans: Sad Sa-ke)
  10. 舟唄 (Funauta) (Trans: Sailor's Song)
  11. 石狩挽歌 (Ishikara Banka) (Trans: Salmon Stew Elegy)
  12. 矢切の渡し (Yagiri no Watashi) (Trans: The Edo River Ferry)
  13. 夜桜お七 (Yozakura Oshichi) (Trans: Seven Evening Cherry Trees)
  14. 艶華III(Instrumental) (Enka III)


Enka Films

  1. Scenes from "Enka" Recording

Video Clips 2002~2007

  1. The Heat ~musica fiesta~
  2. missed U
  3. Days
  4. 落花流水 (from LIVE DVD) (Rakka Ryusui) (Trans: Stream of Falling Petals)
  5. 花よ踊れ (Hana yo Odore) (Trans: Dancing Flower)
  6. チャイナタウン (China Town)
  7. いい日旅立ち (Ii Hi Tabidachi) (Trans: A Good Day to Set Off)
  8. あの夏の日 (Ano Natsu no Hi) (Trans: On That Summer Day)

The instrumental CD includes all the songs in instrumental form.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
CD OnlyCD+DVDLimited BLimited CLimited D
CD Only
CD Only
Limited B
Limited B
Limited C
Limited C
Limited D
Limited D

#5 - Folk Song -Utahime JyoJyouka (フォーク・ソング~歌姫抒情歌~) (Folk Song~Songs About the Diva's Feelings)

Released: December 24th, 2008

Oricon: #30

Sales: 18,000

1. わたしは泣いています (Watashi wa Naiteimasu) (Trans: I'm Crying)

2. 『いちご白書』をもう一度 ("Ichigo Hakusho" wo Mou Ichido) (Trans: One More Time the "Strawberry Paper")

3. 雨の物語 (Ame no Monogatari) (Trans: The Rain's Tale)

4. さよならをするために (Sayonara wo Suru Tame ni) (Trans: In Order to Say Goodbye)

5. 想い出まくら (Omoide Makura) (Trans: Pillow of Memories)

6. 22才の別れ (22sai no Wakare) (Trans: Parting at 22 Years Old)

7. 冬が來る前に (Fuyu ga Kuru Mae ni) (Trans: Before Winter Comes)

8. 無縁坂 (Muenzaka) (Trans: Unrelated Hills)

9. 時には母のない子のように (Toki ni wa Haha no Nai Ko no You Ni) (Trans: Sometimes I'm Like a Mother Without a Child)

10. 戀 (Koi) (Trans: Love)

CD Only
CD Only

#6 - Mood Kayou ~Utahime Showa Meikyoku Shuu~ (ムード歌謡 ~歌姫昭和名曲集~) (Mood Music ~Collection of Famous Showa Songs~)

Released: June 24th, 2009

Oricon: #30

Sales: 6,,500

1. 氣氛歌謡 Opening (Instrumental) (Kiki Kayou) (Trans: Mood Songs)

2. 経験 (Keiken) (Trans: Experiences)

3. 恋の季節 (Koi no Kisetsu) (Trans: Season of Love)

4. 夢は夜ひらく (Yume wa Yoru Hiraku) (Trans: Dreams Bloom at Night)

5. 他人の関係 (Tanin no Kankei) (Trans: Another Person's Relationship)

6. 面影 (Omokage) (Trans: Face)

7. 雨の御堂筋 (Ame no Midousuji) (The Rain of Midousuji)

8. ラブユー東京 (Love You Tokyo)

9 .絹の靴下 (Kime no Kutsushita) (Silk Stockings)

10. コモエスタ赤坂 (Komoisuta Akasaka)

11. 非情のライセンス (Hijyou no License) (Trans: License to be Callous)

12. 伊勢佐木町ブルース (Isezakichou Blues)

13. 氣氛歌謡 Ending (Instrumental) (Kiki Kayou)


1. Recording Scenes

CD Only
CD Only

#7 - Folk Song 2 ~Utahime Aishouka~ (フォーク・ソング2 ~歌姫哀翔歌) (Folk Song 2 ~Diva's Songs of Love)

Released: July 29th, 2009

Oricon: #33

Sales: 8,000

  1. 旅の宿 (Tabi no Yado) (Trans: Travel Inn)
  2. なごり雪 (Nagori Yuki) (Trans: Lingering Snow)
  3. 心もよう (Kokoro Moyou) (Trans: State of My Heart)
  4. ベルベット・イースター (Velvet Easter)
  5. 精霊流し (Shouryou Nagashi) (Trans: Floating Lanterns for the Dead)
  6. 悪女 (Akujyou) (Trans: Wicked Woman)
  7. シクラメンのかほり (Cyclamen no Kahori) (Trans: Kahori's Cyclamen)
  8. 神田川 (Kandagawa) (Trans: Kanda River)
  9. 学生街の喫茶店 (Gakuseigai no Kisseten) (Trans: Cafe in the Students' District)
  10. I LOVE YOU


1. Recording Scenes


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