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Akina Nakamori Complete Discography (Original Albums)

Updated on May 26, 2012
Akina Nakamori promoting her third album, "Fantasy".
Akina Nakamori promoting her third album, "Fantasy".

Akina Nakamori is a Japanese pop idol who was most famous during the 1980's Golden Era of J-pop. Her career spans over thirty years and includes a wide array of genres, such as "idol pop", Latin, rock, dance-pop, folk, enka, and RnB. With so many albums (try over 20, and almost just as many best, cover, and box set albums) it's becomes near impossible to find complete discography information for this fantastic singer's career.

This hub provides complete tracklists for all of Akina's original studio albums. And by "complete tracklists", we mean complete. This is one of the only places on the web you're going to find the original kana, romanizations, and full English translations of all her original album songs.

All translations by the author.

All images in this hub are copyright Warner-Pioneer, MCA Victor, Universal Records/their respective photographers. They are used here for promotional purposes only.

#1 - Prologue (Jomaku) (プロローグ (序幕))

Released: July 1st, 1982

Oricon: #7

Sales: 450,000+

1. あなたのポートレート (Anata no Portrait) (Trans: Your Portrait)

2. Bon Voyage

3. イマージュの翳 (Image no Kageri) (Trans: Shadow of an Image)

4. 条件反射 (Jyouken Hansha) (Trans: Conditioned Reflex)

5. Tシャツ・サンセット (T-shirt Sunset)

6. 銀河伝説 (Ginga Densetsu) (Trans: Galactic Legend)

7. スローモーション (Slow Motion)

8. A型メランコリー (A Kata Melanchory) (Trans: A-Type Melancholy)

9. ひとかけらのエメラルド (Hitokakera no Emerald) (Trans: Fragments of an Emerald)

10. ダウンタウンすと~り~ (Downtown Story)

#2 - Variation (Hensoukyoku) (バリエーション (変奏曲))

Released: October 27th, 1982

Oricon: #1

Sales: 740,000+

1. (イントロダクション) (Introduction)

2. キャンセル! (Cancel!)

3. 脆(もろ)い午後 (Moroi Gogo) (Trans: Brittle Afternoon)

4. 哀愁魔術(マジック) (Aishuu Magic) (Trans: Sorrowful Magic)

5. 咲きほこる花に… (Sakihokoru Hana ni...) (Trans: Blooming Flowers)

6. ヨコハマA・KU・MA (Yokohama AKUMA) (Trans: Yokohama Devil)

7. メルヘン・ロケーション (Maerchen Location)

8. 少女A (Shoujo A) (Trans: Girl A)

9. 第七感(セッティエーム・サンス) (Dai Nanakan (Septieme Sens) (Trans: The Seventh Feeling)

10. X3(バイバイ)ララバイ (Bye Bye Lullaby)

11. カタストロフィの雨傘 (Catastrophe no Amagasa) (Trans: Umbrella Catastrophe)

12. (エンディング) (Ending)

#3 - Fantasy (Gensoukyoku) (ファンタジー (幻想曲))

Released: March 23rd, 1983

Oricon: #1

Sales: 610,000+

1. 明菜から… (Akina Kara...) (Trans: From Akina...)

2. 瑠璃色の夜へ (Ruriiro no Yoru e) (Trans: To the Bright Blue Night)

3. アバンチュール (Adventure)

4. にぎわいの季節へ (Nigiwai no Kisetsu e) (Trans: To the Prosperous Season)

5. 傷だらけのラブ (Kizudarake no Love) (Trans: A Love Full of Wounds)

6. 目をとじて小旅行(イクスカーション) (Me o Tojite Excursion) (Trans: An Excursion With Closed Eyes)

7. セカンド・ラブ (Second Love)

8. 思春期 (Shishunki) (Trans: Puberty)

9. Moreもっと恋して (More Motto Koishite) (Trans: More More Love Me)

10. アイツはジョーク (Aitsu wa Joke) (Trans:That Guy's a Joke)

#4 - NEW AKINA Etranger (エトランゼ)

Released: August 13th, 1983

Oricon: #1

Sales: 480,000+

1. さよならね (Sayonara Ne) (Trans: Goodbye, eh?)

2. ヴィーナス誕生 (Venus Tanjyou) (Trans: Birth of Venus)

3. 少しだけスキャンダル (Sukoshi dake Scandal) (Trans: Just a Little Scandal)

4. 感傷紀行 (Kanshou Kiko) (Trans: Sentimental Travel Log)

5. ルネサンス-優しさで変えて- (Renaissance -Yasashisa de Kaete-) (Trans: Renaissance -Changing Tenderness-)

6. モナムール(グラスに半分の黄昏) (Mon Amour (Glass ni Hanbun no Tasogare)) (Trans: Mon Amour (A Glass Half Full of Twilight))

7. ストライプ (Stripe)

8. わくらば色の風(ラブソング) (Wakurabairo no Kaze (Love Song)) (Trans: A Wind the Color of Dying Leaves (Love Song))

9. 時にはアンニュイ (Toki ni wa Ennui) (Trans: Occasional Ennui)

10. 覚悟の秋 (Kakugo no Aki) (Trans: The Resolution of Autumn)


Released: May 1st, 1984

Oricon: #1

Sales: 480,000+

1. アサイラム (Asylum)

2. まぶしい二人で (Mabushii Futari de) (Trans: Radiantly Together)


4. 夢を見させて…(Yume wo Misasete) (Trans: Let Me Look At Your Dreams)

5. 北ウイング (Kita Wing) (Trans: The North Wing)

6. 100°Cバカンス (100°C Vacance)

7. 夏はざま (Natsu Hazama) (Trans: The Summer Interval)

8. メランコリー・フェスタ (Melancholy Festa)

9. バレリーナ (Ballerina)

10. シャット・アウト (Shut Out)


Released: October 10th, 1984

Oricon: #1

Sales: 620,000+

1. サザン・ウインド (Southern Wind)

2. 秋はバステルタッチ (Aki wa Pastel Touch) (Trans: Autumn is a Pastel Touch)

3. October Storm -十月の嵐- (October Storm -Juugatsu no Arashi-)

4. リ・フ・レ・イ・ン (Refrain)

5. 地平線 (Chiheisen) (Trans: Horizon)

6. 哀愁のMidnight (Aishu no Midnight) (Trans: Grief of Midnight)

7. 十戒 (1984) (Jikkai (1984)) (Trans: The Ten Precepts of Buddhism (1984))

8. 白い迷い(ラビリンス) (Shiroi Labyrinth) (Trans: White Labyrinth)

9. Blue Misty Rain

10. ドラマティック・エアポート -北ウイング Part II- (Dramatic Airport -Kita Wing Part II-)


Released: April 3rd, 1985

Oricon: #1

Sales: 550,000+

1. 飾りじゃないのよ涙は (Album Version) (Kazari Jyanai no yo Namida Wa) (Trans: Tears Are No Decorations)

2. ロマンティックな夜だわ (Romantic na Yoru da wa) (Trans: Romantic Night)

3. 予感 (Yokan) (Trans: Premonition)

4. 月夜のヴィーナス (Tsukiyo no Venus) (Trans: Venus of a Moonlit Night)




8. 恋人のいる時間 (Koibito no Iru Jikan) (Trans: Time of the Lover)



#8 - D404ME

Released: August 10th, 1985

Oricon: #1

Sales: 650,000+

1. Endless

2. ノクターン (Nocturne)

3. アレグロ・ビヴァーチェ (Allegro Vivace)

4. 悲しい浪漫西 (Kanashii Romance) (Trans: Sad Romance)

5. ピ・ア・ス (Pierce)

6. Blue Ocean

7. マグネティック・ラブ (Magnetic Love)

8. Star Pilot

9. モナリザ (Mona Lisa)

10. ミ・アモーレ[Meu amor e...] (New Re-mix Version) (Mi Amoure)

#9 - Fushigi (不思議) (Mysterious)

Released: August 11th, 1986

Oricon: #1

Sales: 460,000+

1. Back Door Night

2. ニュー・ジェネレーション (New Generation)

3. Labyrinth

4. マリオネット (Marionette)

5. 幻惑されて (Genwaku Sarete) (Trans: I've Been Bewitched)

6. ガラスの心 (Glass no Kokoro) (Trans: Glass Heart)

7. Teenage Blue

8. 燠火 (Okibi) (Trans: Ember)

9. Wait For Me

10. Mushroom Dance


Released: December 24th, 1986

Oricon: #1

Sales: 600,000+

1. Mind Game

2. 駅 (Eki) (Trans: The Station)

3. 約束 (Yakusoku) (Trans: Promise)

4. ピンク・シャンパン (Pink Champagne)

5. Oh No, Oh Yes!6. エキゾティカ (Exotica)

7. モザイクの城 (Mosaic no Shiro) (Trans: Mosaic Castle)

8. Jealous Candle

9. 赤のエナメル (Aka no Enamel) (Trans: Red Enamel)

10. ミック・ジャガーに微笑みを (Mick Jagger ni Hohoemi wo) (Trans: Mick Jagger's Smile)

#11 - Cross My Palm

Released: August 25th, 1987

Oricon: #1

Sales: 345,000+

1. Cross My Palm

2. Political Moves

3. Slave For Love

4. Easy Rider

5. Modern Woman

6. The Look That Kills

7. Soft Touch

8. My Position

9. The Touch Of A Heartache

10. House Of Love

11. No More

12. He's Just In Love With The Beat

#12 - Stock

Released: March 3rd, 1988

Oricon: #2

Sales: 400,000+

1. Farewell

2. 夢のふち (Yume no Fuchi) (Trans: The Depths of Dreams)

3. Crystal Heaven

4. まだ充分じゃない (Mada Jyuubunjyanai) (Trans: Still Not Enough)

5. Fire Starter


7. Wanna Chance

8. Poison Lips

9. 処女伝説 (Shoujo Densetsu) (Trans: Girl Legend)

10. Foggy Relation

#13 - Femme Fatale

Released: August 3rd, 1988

Oricon: #2

Sales: 260,000+

1. Reversion

2. Heartbreak

3. 抱きしめていて (Dakishimeteite) (Trans: I Am Holding You)

4. Femme Fatale

5. I Know 孤独のせい (I Know Kodoku no Sei) (Trans: I Know Because of the Loneliness)

6. La Liberte

7. So Mad

8. Paradise Lost

9. Move Me

10. Jive

#14 - CRUISE

Released: July 25th, 1989

Oricon: #1

Sales: 325,000+

1. URAGIRI (Trans: Treachery)

2. 赤い不思議 (Akai Fushigi) (Trans: Red Mystery)

3. さよならじゃ終わらない (Sayonara Jyaowaranai) (Trans: Neverending Goodbye)


5. 乱火 (Ranbi) (Trans: Fire War)

6. Close Your Eyes

7. Standing In Blue

8. 風は空の彼方 (Kaze wa Sora no Kanata) (Trans: The Wind is Beyond the Sky)


10. 雨が降ってた… (Ame ga Futteta) (Trans: It Was Raining...)


Released: September 22nd, 1993

Oricon: #4

Sales: 180,000+

1. 永遠の扉 (Eien no Tobira) (Trans: Door of Eternity)

2. 愛撫 (Aibu) (Trans: Caress)

3. 黒薔薇 (Kuro Bara) (Trans: Black Rose)


5. 光のない万華鏡 (Hikari no Nai Mangekyou) (Trans: No-Light Kaleidoscope)

6. 眠るより泣きたい夜に (Nemuru Yori Nakitai Yoru ni) (Trans: I Want to Cry in the Night From Sleep)



9. 陽炎 (Kagerou) (Trans: Heat Haze)


10. Everlasting Love


12. 夜のどこかで 〜night shift〜 (Yoru no Doko ka de) (Trans: Somewhere in the Night)

13. Rose Bud

14. 月華 (Gekka) (Trans: Moon Flower)


#16 - la alteración

Released: July 21st, 1995

Oricon: #7

Sales: 150,000+

1. GAIA ~地球のささやき~ (GAIA ~Chikyuu no Sasayaki~ (Trans: GAIA ~Whispers of the Earth~)

2. Sunflower

3. 原始,女は太陽だった (album version) (Genshi, Onna wa Taiyou Datta) (Trans: Origin, The Woman Was the Sun)

4. TSURAI·TSURAI (Trans: Painful Painful)

5.したたる情熱 (Shitataru Jyounetsu) (Trans: Trickling Passion)

6. 痛い恋をした (Itai Koi wo Shita) (Trans: I Fell Into a Painful Love)

7. Necessary8. 無垢 (Muku) (Trans: Purity)

9. だからなんなの (Dakara Nan na No) (Trans: So What Is It)


10. 原始、女は太陽だった(シングルバージョン) (Single Version of Track 3)

11. 綺麗 (Kirei) (Trans: Pretty)

12. Tokyo Rose

13. 優しい関係 (Yasashii Kankei) (Trans: A Kind Relationship)

#17 - SHAKER

Released: March 21st, 1997

Oricon: #14

Sales: 40,000+

1. 満月 (Mangetsu) (Full Moon)

2. Spicy Heart

3. 夜の匂い (Yoru no Nioi) (Trans: Odor of the Night)

4. MOONLIGHT SHADOW~月に吠えろ~(Album mix) (MOONLIGHT SHADOW ~Tsuki ni Hoero) (Trans: MOONLIGHT SHADOW ~Bark at the Moon~)

5. おいしい水 (Oishii Mizu) (Trans: Delicious Water)

6. 赤い薔薇が揺れた (Akai Bara ga Yureta) (Trans: The Red Rose Shook)


8. 夢みるように眠りたい (Yumemiru You ni Nemuritai) (Trans: I Want to Sleep Like I'm Dreaming)

9. 桜 (Sakura) (Trans: Cherry Blossom)

10. 風を抱きしめて (Kaze wo Dakishimete) (Trans: Hold the Wind)

11. 月は青く (Tsuki wa Aoku) (Trans: The Moon is Blue)


12. MOONLIGHT SHADOW~月に吠えろ(シングルバージョン) (Single Version of Track 4)

13. APPETITE(シングルバージョン) (Single Version of Track 7)

14. Sweet Suspicion

#18 - SPOON

Released: June 16th, 1998

Oricon: #17

Sales: 22,000+

1. Your Birthday

2. 雨の日は人魚 (Ame no Hi wa Ningyou) (Trans: The Rainy Day is a Mermaid)

3. 楽園の女神 (Rakuen no Megami) (Trans: Goddess of Paradise)

4. 今夜, 流れ星 (Konya, Nagareboshi) (Trans: Tonight, A Shooting Star)

5. 帰省~Never Forget~ (Kisei ~Never Forget~) (Trans: Homecoming ~Never Forget~)

6. 祝福 (Shukufuku) (Trans: Blessing)

7. 雪の花~White X’mas~ (Yuki no Hana~White X'mas~) (Trans: Snow Flower~White X'mas~)

8. 嵐の中で (Arashi no Naka de) (Trans: In the Middle of the Storm)

9. 幻惑 (Genwaku) (Trans: Glamor)


11. 花曇り (Hanagumori) (Trans: Hazy Spring Weather)

#19 - Will

Released: December 1st, 1999

Oricon: #52

Sales: 5,000+

1. tobira 〜OVERTURE- (Trans: door ~OVETURE-)

2. garnet

3. Trust Me 〜all'espanola

4. Pretend

5. 嵐の中で 〜misterioso "A" (Yume no Naka de)(Trans: In the Middle of the Storm)

6. 幻惑 〜amabile "A" (Genwaku) (Trans: Glamor)

7. 帰省 〜Never Forget〜 Taste "A" Version (Kisei ~Never Forget~) (Trans: Homecoming ~Never Forget~)

8. こんなにも… (Konna ni mo) (Trans: So Much)

9. 月の微笑 〜Acoustic Version (Tsuki no Bishou) (Trans:The Moon's Smile)

10. will

11. とまどい (Tomadoi) (Trans: Confusion)

12. オフェリア (Ophelia)

13. Trust Me

#20 - Resonancia

Released: May 22nd, 2002

Oricon: #15

Sales: 30,000+

1. Carnaval

2. Eyes on you

3. Carmesi

4. The Heat (album version)

5. missed U

6. Resonancia (interlude)

7. 風と太陽 (Kaze to Taiyou) (Wind and Sun)

8. ibiza

9. Deseo

10. Lost words

11. Siesta (interlude)

12. It's brand new day (URU Latin mix)

13. Bonita terra

#21 - I hope so

Released: March 14th, 2003

Oricon: #15

Sales: 18,000+

1. 時 ~ instrumental ~ (Toki ~instrumental~) (Trans: Time ~ instrumental ~)

2. Rain

3. 虹 (Niji) (Trans: Rainbow)

4. 光 ~ instrumental ~ (Hikari ~ instrumental ~) (Trans: Hikari ~ instrumental~)

5. 風の果て (Kaze no Kate) (Trans: The Limit of the Wind)

6. I hope so

7. Veil

8. 宵 ~ instrumental ~ (Yoi ~ instrumental ~ ) (Trans: Evening ~ instrumental ~)

9. 夕闇を待って (Yuuyami wo Matte) (Trans: Wait for Twilight)

10. 憧憬(しょうけい) (Shoukei) (Trans: Longing)

11. 紡ぎ唄 (Tsumugi Uta) (Trans: Spinning Song)

12. 夢 ~ instrumental ~ (Yume ~ instrumental ~) (Trans: Dream ~ instrumental ~)

13. うつつの花 (Utsutsu no Hana) (Trans: Flower of Reality)

14. Days


Released: June 21st, 2006

Oricon: #20

Sales: 10,000+

1. 紅夜-beniyo- (Beniyo-beniyo-) (Trans: Crimson Night)

2. 嘘つき (Usotsuki) (Trans: Liar)

3. Seashore

4. 眠れる森の蝶 (Nemureru Mori no Chou) (Trans: Butterfly of the Sleeping Forest)

5. 鼓動 (Kodou) (Trans: Beat)

6. GAME (Album Version)7. 夜の華 (Yoru no Hana) (Trans: Night Flower)

8. 花よ踊れ (Album Version) (Hana yo Odore) (Trans: Dancing Flower)


10. 流落花水 (Album Version) (Rakka Ryuusui) (Trans: Stream of Falling Flower Petals)

11. Only you

12. Grace Rain

Regular Version
Regular Version
Limited 2CD Version
Limited 2CD Version

#23 - DIVA

Released: August 26th, 2009

Oricon: #29

Sales: 7,000+

Disc 1

1. Going home



4. thinking of you


6. 逢えなくて (Aenakute) (Trans: I Can't Meet You)

7. X lady


9. with

10. 茜色の風 (Akaneiro no Kaze) (Trans: Red-Angry Wind)

Disc 2

1. DIVA (Michitomo Remix)

2. HEARTACHE (Michitomo Remix)


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