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Jaws on the Beach Is the Ultimate Summer Movie Experience

Updated on November 16, 2018
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I love traveling with my family and sharing my experiences with others. I especially enjoy sharing tips with other travelers.

The moviegoing experience has evolved beyond popcorn and soda

The movie theater business has been around for 123 years dating back to when the Lumiere brothers screened their film "The Exit from the Lumber Factory in Lyon" in Paris in 1895. Since then the movie theater business has grown to a multi-billion dollar global behemoth. Movie theaters have survived threats from television, home video, and streaming media. Each of these developments was predicted to destroy movie theaters however the business continues to be strong. In 2017 Americans spent $11 billion on movie tickets. A major reason the movie theater business continues to do well is because theater owners have evolved the experience over time. Over the years theaters have added more comfortable seats, 3D screens, IMAX, and table service. The latest emerging trend is movie parties.

I attended what is arguably the premier movie party of the summer, Jaws on the Beach! This article details that amazing experience.

The oldest surviving theater film. "The Exit from the Lumber Factory in Lyon"
The oldest surviving theater film. "The Exit from the Lumber Factory in Lyon"

Movie parties make the cost worth it

One of the main issues with going to the movies these days is the cost. The average movie tickets costs $8.97. Add popcorn and a drink and that costs easily balloons to over $20. When a movie can be rented in a Red Box for $2 only a few months later, consumers need something to draw them out of their homes and pay the added cost. That draw is movie parties.

A replica of the billboard from Jaws adds to the ambiance.
A replica of the billboard from Jaws adds to the ambiance.

Jaws on the Water!

When Jaws was released in 1975 it made an entire generation think twice before going into the ocean. When I was young I was afraid of going into a swimming pool let alone the ocean. But I decided to face my fears by watching Jaws while floating helplessly on an inner tube 20 feet from the beach.

When we arrived at the screening at the Volente Beach Resort and Beachside Billy's, we were greeted by Jaws themed decor. There was a sand castle in the shape of a great white shark and a replica of the billboard from the movie that says "Welcome to Amity”. After getting our tickets and buying our drinks, we go to pick up our custom made Jaws on the Beach inner tubes that we be floating on as we take in the film. They are a bright yellow color with scattered spots of read meant to symbolize blood. Emblazoned on the outside is the phrase “Property of Alex Kitner.”

As the sun starts to set we all get in our inner tubes and push off from the dock. The night is beautiful and the temperature is perfect for floating on the water, hanging out with friends, and enjoying some great entertainment. Before the start of the film the screen shows clips from cheesy shark movies like Jaws 4 and Sharknado. These random and witty clips are an Alamo Draft House staple. The screen goes dark replaced by Universal Studio’s iconic image of a a plane circling the globe. A loud cheer comes from the hundreds of people relaxing on the water. We know we’re in for something special.

Some have seen the movie dozens of times and know every line. My friend is seeng it for the first time. We promise not to scare her. As I watch the movie I am amazed at how well it continues to hold up more than 40 years after its release. I watch the first appearance of the shark, Quint's telling of his experience aboard the Indianapolis, and his descent into madness. When Brody finally defeats the shark fireworks light up the sky like the 4th of July.

After the movie, we paddle to shore, get out of our tubes, and begin walking back to our cars. This night has been a night of great entertainment and cameraderie. It is an experiene we will not soon forget.

Where can you find movie party's?

The Alamo Draft House company is setting the trend with movie parties. They offer several movie parties every month from kid oriented movies like the Grinch to more adult oriented movies Halloween. They offer props, customized menus, and other unique experiences. They only cost a couple extra dollars more than the standard ticket. The Alamo Draft House is a growing national brand. In addition, Fathom Events screens many older and classic movies in theaters nationwide.


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