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All About Citrine Crystals

Updated on May 9, 2013

Benefits of The Citrine Crystal

All about Citrine Crystal

One of the most known and controversial crystals is the Citrine crystal. Typically when people buy Citrine crystal in the market, they are buying an amethyst that has been treated with heat. Unfortunately there is no easy way on how to recognize a Citrine that is genuine, but the good news is a person who knows how to check crystals can determine if it just an Amethyst that has been modified. Typically the right Citrine crystal color has a yellow orange burnt, which is deep in shade. So always make sure that you know the right color of Citrine to avoid purchasing an Amethyst that has only been modified. But you should know that looking for a Citrine crystal may not be that easy because this type of crystal is very rare.

Properties of Citrine Crystal

The third member of chakra is known to be the Citrine crystal, which is known to contain energies that are solar. This is the reason why the Citrine crystal is known to be a crystal that can heal. This crystal has the capability of strengthening a person's positivity and self-esteem. It also helps the person's energy to flow vibrantly into his body to maintain a cheerful and happy attitude. When it comes to health, the Citrine crystal has the ability to improve the endurance of a person physically and as well as its digestion.

According to experts the Citrine crystal is known to be the stone of a merchant. This is the reason why in Feng Shui, it is considered the stone of wealth, which gives the money energy to whoever has the crystal.

Positioning of Citrine Crystal

According to Fern Shui experts, the Citrine Crystal should be placed in the southeast direction of your home if you are following the bagua's direction. This is the best location to place a Citrine crystal because it can positively attract a good fortune. Feng Shui experts have different types of crystals that are created to look like a genuine Citrine crystal because it is indeed very hard to find one nowadays. Typically some of the Citrine like crystals are made of different carvings of animals, gourds and as well as trees that are made out of crystals.

Wearing the Citrine Crystal

A lot of people are wondering on how they can truly benefit from the goodness of Citrine crystal, the answer to this is simple. You just need to wear it as your typical jewelry. It would be nice to use it as your necklace's pendant. You don't have to worry about anything because Citrine crystals are one of the pieces of jewelries that are definitely excellent. People may also find Citrine crystals that are in the form of a bracelet, for people who are fonder of wearing bracelets. The Citrine crystal bracelet is usually combined with different stones such as hematite, quartz that are clear and beads that are DZI.

These are some of the information that you need to know about the benefits of the Citrine crystal. Find one now for yourself to be able to experience the benefits that it has.


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    • elle64 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Scandinavia

      Congrats dear Phil- and thaks for stoppig by.

    • profile image

      Phillip radcliff 

      4 years ago

      Hi, I'm Phil,(a.k.a ....Phillbillie!). :). My wife and I were married June first 2013 ,at around 4pm barefooted in a field next to a large pond! B4 we wed , my wonderful gal told me she did not want a diamond,especially after watching Blood Diamond,and then Lord of War, we are both passionate about the earth and it's inhabitants, so I went to our local shop called beads n things, they have beautiful crystals,stones, beads etc... A high school friend was working there but was leaving the state in two weeks, I gave her an idea with a beautiful purple amethyst stone to make May wife's wedding ring,what she made is amazing,my wife's girlfriends who have big rock diamond rings are all jealous of her amethyst wrapped tightly in 925 silver, so guys if you really want your gal to be shocked don't spend 5 grand on a two bit diamond that a bunch of starving African children died digging up! Try using your imagination show you care, and if she still,wants a diamond you can always get one later,and you can find diamond that Re harvested in a humane way ,k thanks,peace love and God bless

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Never heard of these crystals.. Very interesting..Good job.


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