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All About Nileen Namita - Plastic Surgery Disaster

Updated on June 16, 2012
Nileen Namita after her surgery.
Nileen Namita after her surgery.

Many believe in reincarnation, but very few people take it as far as Nileen Namita has. By the age of 20, she was thoroughly convinced she was the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti in a previous life. She was so obsessed with this idea that she spent over $300,000 US dollars on plastic surgery to completely alter her appearance so she could look exactly like Nefertiti.

Nileen Namita may be a mother, but she is no ordinary woman. While raising her children, she had a total of 51 operations. These operations include 9 facelifts, 8 nose jobs, 3 chin implants, 2 lip surgeries and 20 various other tweaks, done to her eyebrows, breasts and cheeks.

She claims this all started when she began to see vivid visions of the queen in her dreams. She would dream of her life, her servants and even the various foods she consumed. These dreams continued throughout her entire childhood until she began seeing a psychoanalysis, These sessions convinced her that she was the reincarnation of Nefertiti and that is when her transformation began.

Before her surgery.
Before her surgery.

The first thing Nileen began to alter was her nose. It took many procedures to make her nose appear as close as Nefertiti's as she could make it. When she was finally satisfied she moved on to other parts of her face, including her eyebrows, cheeks and lips.

Even so, she claims her current appearance is not good enough; she wants to do more work. She wishes to have another nose surgery to even out her nostrils and additional work done on her lips to thin them out.

At over 50 years old, Nileen Namita says she's fairly happy with her "youthful" appearance and her daughters are proud to have such a young looking mother. She thanks her good genes and healthy diet for making her look younger than her years.

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How Nileen Namita currently looks.
How Nileen Namita currently looks.


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    • profile image

      Anna McGann 5 years ago

      I'd never heard of this case before. Thanks for the read.

      As for her being "happy", I don't think a person with this type of dysmorphic disorder ever truly achieves happiness. They never reach a point of total satisfaction and the preoccupation/obsession invades the mind so completely that it tampers with many aspects of day-to-day functioning (in terms of pleasure--I mean, it is living in a constant state of 'discomfort').

    • Heather Jacobs profile image

      Heather Jacobs 5 years ago

      Wow! She was much prettier before all of her operations! However, at least she is happy and I guess that is what matters.