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All Is Lost Review

Updated on October 23, 2020

The Unique Movie Type

Maybe we are not familiar with mono acting movies and when you watch such a work, you usually get occupied with the possibility of getting bored. This is not the case here. Besides the unfamiliar movie type, it combines adventure and drama genres. In addition to the strong acting capabilities of Robert Redford, the movie theme itself is really inspiring.

Philosophical Topic

A man that confronts the ordeals one after another trying to keep being positive, optimistic with a big deal of emotional stability. Apart from that the story can happen to anyone in the sea, but this can also be like a chapter in one’s life. The sea is linked in our mind to life in general as a philosophical symbol. Our man in the movie, while sleeping peacefully in his boat, wakes up shockingly on seeing the boat stuck to a shipping container and about to sink gradually with the water getting into it. He tries all what any man on earth can do with no luck. Every time he is about to get all done and fine, it is blown up.

The successive disappointments he received succeeded in the end to break him and make him surrender to his destiny. He even, eight days later, wrote a letter to his family as a message in a bottle as a farewell. And as a result of the continuous failure of all the attempts he tried, he let himself sink in an ultimately desperate moment. He went deeper in the sea till finally and suddenly he saw a hope light penetrating the sea darkness looking for him. His last trial which pushed him further into the crisis and which he perceived as the end of his life, turned into the cause he got seen by the rescue boat.

Lessons Comprehended

Imagine how eager and unbelieving he was when he saw it, how he felt and how you feel, in return, when you see the outspread human hand from the rescue boat to him under the water surface.

At this moment, I felt how man is weak till God decides to rid him of all his troubles once and for good and also unexpectedly. The filmmakers should have called it All Is in God’s Hands”.

In real life, You would find it the same course; ordeal, darker one, darker and darker, you cry out of helplessness, trial, failure, trial, failure, failure, failure, despair, surrender and if only God wants, you receive DELIVERANCE.

See how many times the protagonist finds himself in a darker condition. First, a broken boat about to sink, trial to repair anything, storm, cooking, having lunch in an ultimately stable status while thinking well, reading a book to find out a way to survive, facing the storm, falling down, a strong slap by a metal object, trial to survive in the rescue boat for days, running out of water, turning the seawater into a drinkable by desalination, using signal flares, running out of them, trying to fish, when about to take it, a bigger fish comes and takes it, failure in every step, missing two container ships, making fire using papers, burning the rescue boat.

All is lost literally. Pure failure, letting himself sink, surrender till another man in a boat appeared blurred to him under the sea, and in the end, the help hand outstretched to him.

How many times you tried persistently till you let go and suddenly have all what you wished or get everything clear without troubles.

This movie transmits to you the belief of There is always hope”, no despair, no surrender”.


No doubt that Robert Redford showed a genius performance especially at his age as the whole cast is only him. The filmmakers were creative to present it in such an unfamiliar way.


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