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All My Children -- July 17, 2013

Updated on July 17, 2013

Welcome to David Hayward Land, Lea

I've never liked Zach Slater, and this episode just reminded me of why that is. One thing I really hate about the writing is that only certain characters have to pay for their actions. If you're a part of the Pine Valley Establishment, then no matter what you did you get free passed on it. However, if you aren't a member then they want to tar and feather you if you dare take on a member of their protected establishment. I've always hated cliques and elitist behavior, so this stuff isn't sitting well with me. All the characters should be judged and treated the same. Not have some be coated in teflon so nothing sticks to them no matter what they do.

As I watched Lea being raked over the coals and given the David Hayward treatment for simply doing her job, the whole thing made me sick. The pig Slater was the worst one. And his remark about being glad he never had sex with her, guess what pig? I'm the one glad she didn't dirty herself on you by having sex with you and then having you treat her like a criminal for doing her job.

I want a female character that does her job and puts the responsibility of her job and doing the right thing over some man. I'm sick of seeing once competent female cops be zipper-whipped by some man and compromising their principals to protect them and to do what they want them to do. It's why I'm a fan of Lea. However, I'm sure they'll have her cave and be sorry for doing her job because she took on the Pine Valley Establishment.

All I could think as Slater poo-pooed away everything Jesse did was if it was David instead of Jesse he would have gathered a crowd with pitchfork and torches to burn David alive. That's why I say Lea just got a welcome to David Hayward Land. She's getting the same kind of treatment from the PV establishment that David would get and all because she dared to do her job and arrest someone who was aiding a sex trafficker to continue to kidnap more and more girls and victimize them. But that's okay, because it was Jesse that did it. Just like it was okay Junior tried to shoot up Brooke and Adam's engagement party and the man that tried to stop him got punished and went to prison while Junior gets to skate on it.

Big Hair Colby was still doing her best to convince Celia she and Pete are having sex, when one roll in the hay with her was one roll too many for Pete. Guess she's not as good in the sack as she thinks she is, which is sad since that seems all she has to offer a man. Then she barged in on Pete and didn't like that Opal was there, but Opal quickly put her in her place by labelling her as a piece of trash. Then she tried to use sex on Pete and he told her thanks but no thanks. Before leaving she left her sunglasses behind so Pete would have to return them, but even that backfired on Big Hair as she watched from the door with a sad face when Pete told Celia she's the only one he wants. But, hey, since Pete wants to offer himself up at the Bachelor Auction for the Tempo Talk launch party, maybe she can but Pete for the night.

Dimitri booked tickets for a trip to Washington for him and Brooke to go to interview someone. Still, I think Mr. Marick has designs on Miss English. Even if nothing comes of it, if Big Hair gets wind of it she could use it against Brooke to make Adam doubt Brooke.

Pete approached the creepy Dr. Anders to try and convince hypocritical Joe Martin to give David's machine a chance. Anders was a little apprehensive about doing it. And well he should be. He's a Pine Valley newbie and not a member of the establishment. He'd better watch his step or he could be put in David Hayward Land, as well.

Pete also suggested Opal needed something in her life but him. She nixed the idea of getting involved with another man. So Pete reminded her how much she enjoyed herself when she was in business. He even offered to brainstorm with her and figure out a new business she could start.

What I want to know is when is Opal going to find out what she's done. In other words, when is she going to discover that she sold Palmer's house to Billy Clyde Tuggle.

Angie wasn't hysterical when she came to see Jesse. Apparently, Dr. Joe put in the good word for Jesse. The PV Establishment likes to look out for their own. While Angie could understand why Jesse did what she did, there was a lot she found unaccepatable about it. Like trying to make Cassandra doubt herself that she had spoken to Jesse and make everyone around Cassandra doubt that she was right. Like not telling her he spoke to Cassandra and that she was still alive. Like lying to her, yet again. How many times can you keep forgiving someone for doing the same thing over and over again. When something happens that Jesse doesn't want to face up to with Angie his first instinct is to lie and keep it from her. Since he keeps doing the same thing over and over again when he knows Angie hates it, what's really the point of her forgiving him, since he'll do it again in future. And can you really live with someone like that who will constantly lie to you opposed to coming to you and telling you the truth?

One way I do think Lea made a mistake was publicly arresting Jesse. She needed to confront him quietly with what she knew and offered him immunity from prosecution if he helped them trap Uri and arrest him.

They showed previews for next week's episode which didn't seem too interesting. More of that creep Hunter and his gay crap. That's so not interesting. And Miranda and AJ wrestling with each other on the beach. And Junior shooting himself up with more steroids.

So far in the All My Children reboot the Hubbard family storyline has been the best part of the show.


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