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All My Children Online -- Episode 11

Updated on May 16, 2013

Original Airing: May 15, 2013

It turns out the stripper Zach got up close and personal with, Sinnamon, is really an undercover agent named Lea. She’s the one who appears in the opening credits with Zach. I didn’t recognize her. She shows up at Jane’s Coffeehouse wanting to arrest Zach for money laundering. It turns out the Koslov’s have set Zach up to appear he’s laundering money.

Jesse fills her in on the Cassandra situation. So now she’s on Team Find Cassandra. Meanwhile, Angie continues to try and question Amy about anything that can tell them where the sex ring is keeping their captive. Amy recalls a train going by nearby twice a day.

Uri the pig feeds Cassandra another pill, but this time she’s smart enough to slip it out. Then he takes her to a room that looks like it’s been set up to film some hardcore porn. When Cassandra balks, he injects her with something. Like I said before, I’d love to see this vile piece of garbage be forced to do everything he’s making these girls do. Let’s see how the pig likes it when the shoe is on the other foot.

On a shallow note, I really liked Angie better with her hair in the ponytail. I don’t think Debbie Morgan has had any plastic surgery, since her face doesn’t have that plastic look, but it’s amazing she doesn’t look much older from when she started on this show as a teenager. Ditto for Jesse, even though he’s in the doghouse with me at the moment.

Two meddling hillbilly mothers got on my last nerve. Dixie Dumbhead rushed her tail over to the Chandler Mansion to henpeck AJ to go and see his father, which he did. Meanwhile Opal screwed the pooch by going to Evelyn and revealing how Celia has been sneaking out and conducting a romance with Pete. Afterwards, Evelyn announced to Celia that she’s taking her on a European tour for the spring and summer. Thanks, Opal.

You know, sometimes it’s a bit off-putting seeing some of these characters I watched for years having such potty mouths on the online version. On one hand, I suppose it adds a bit of realism to the characters. On the other hand, I get through my day speaking with people where no vulgarities are spoken. I know the sexed-up foul-mouthed online version is done in hopes to attract more viewers. What I wonder is if there’s a standard and practices Prospect Park has to adhere to on the Internet. Like, can the show do nudity and get away with it?

I’m not talking nudity for the sake of nudity, but during a love scene. It’s realistic. We’ve seen Cara have a flashback of her and David and she seemed to be topless, although nothing showed but her bare back. And we’ve seen Miranda parading around in her skivvies plenty of time. But there’s been no actual nudity.

And for all the potty mouth language that’s been added to spice up the show, one word I haven’t heard was the F word. One of my biggest complaints when Sex And The City went into syndication was the editing out of the F word. Big, in particular, had a saying that contained it and they butchered it so it just came out sounding flat. Big would always say absa-f’n-lutely and it got changed to absolutely. It just wasn’t the same. So are the limits to how potty mouthed the characters can be?


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