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All My Children Online -- May 10, 2013

Updated on May 10, 2013

Original Airing: May 9, 2013

Chickenhead Dixie was so thrilled her baby was back. He has no brain damage, as he recognizes Angie. He’ll need some physical therapy. So basically JR is back. David isn’t furious that he’s suffered no ill affects when his daughter is dead because of JR. JR, however, claims he has amnesia. A bit convenient so he doesn’t have to face up to what he’s done, and JR was never good at facing up to what he’s done.

While Chickenhead was clucking away about all the wonderful things awaiting him, I was talking back to my computer saying, “How about jail?” Surely, once he’s awake, he’ll be charged for his crimes. Although I’ve got a bad feeling he won’t. I’ve got a bad feeling JR will be treated like Lindsay Lohan and get a free pass because he’s related to one of the big families in town, while David got hung out to dry like the rest of us would have if we did the stuff Lohan did because the town was out to get David anyway they could. Who’d have thought David would become the every man of Pine Valley.

When David found out JR had suffered not one consequence and would be back to normal he was furious. As he told Angie, his daughter is dead and JR is just fine. Where is the justice in that. She told him he had to let it go, but he turned the tables on her asking if it was her daughter could she just let it go?

Cara claims to Griffin she had to elaborate on what she told David about the miscarriage to get him to leave her alone. Only thing was David was leaving her alone. He wasn’t calling her or hanging outside her door demanding the truth. He sucked up what she gave him. She’s the one with elaborating on her tissue of lies that’s making David suspicious. While she and Griffin are arguing David comes in and hears enough to believe that Cara didn’t have a miscarriage, she had an abortion.

Cassandra is put with the other girls that have been turned into hookers. She vows she’s not going to get hooked on drugs and she’s going to escape. Right after that Vlad yanks her out of the room. I guess he has hearing problems since his boss Uri told him to stay away from her.

While Jesse and Zach are looking through the dumpster behind Fancy Nails for some clue, Jesse finds a girl the white slavers dumped in the dumpster. She’s still alive and Jesse calls an ambulance for her. Zach tells him time has run out and Jesse needs to tell Angie the truth. That’s not the only reason Jesse’s going to have to spill the beans. Angie calls a friend of Cassandra’s and learned Jesse sent her a plane ticket to Pine Valley three days ago. When Angie sees Jesse she wants to know where her daughter is.

Pete and Celia start hurling insults at each other and the truth comes out to why she didn’t show up. Pete tells her she got it wrong and didn’t hear what he said back to his friend. He gets her to have dinner with him and things are back on, once again.

AJ has a trail of rose petals leading up to his room where a beautiful dress is waiting for Miranda to try on. When she comes down stairs he’s arranged for her favorite band to play for her, as he gives her the prom night of her dreams. I’m sorry, but just friends don’t do stuff like that. AJ’s in love with Miranda, he just doesn’t realize it yet.

I used to be pro-JR, but that may have come from Jacob Young more than the character. I’m also sickened by the double standards that Chickenhead and her posse are treating David with. Oh, it’s unforgivable David tried to kill her kid, but it’s okay JR killed his daughter. It’s disgusting.


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