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All My Children Online -- May 15, 2013

Updated on May 15, 2013

Original Airing: May 15, 2013

AJ was crushed when JR didn’t recognize who he was. Afterwards, Miranda comforted him. He speaks the truest words spoken about JR when he says everyone always tries to make excuses for what JR does, and at that same moment that’s exactly what Dixie Dingbat is doing.

Even though there’s supposedly a guard at the door, David gets in to see JR and he tells JR he can’t wait to see JR go to prison for killing his daughter. Enter Dixie Dingbat who threatens to have David arrested while making excuses and molly-coddling JR for JR killing Marissa. David doesn’t buy for a moment JR really has amnesia. JR tells David that if he had killed AJ he would have shot David the way David had shot him.

Amy, the girl who Jesse found in a dumpster won’t tell anything, fearing her family will be hurt if she does. Meanwhile Uri threatens to harm another girl to force Cassandra to go on stage and strip. I’d really love for someone to make this pig have to do what he’s making these girls do. Zach misses seeing Cassandra because just as she comes on stage he goes backstage with a chick at the stripclub named Sinnamon and he leaves just after Cassandra is done with her act. Sinnamon is suspicious of Zach and has his prints run.

David runs into Angie and she tells him what’s happened to Cassandra. When David condemns Jesse for what he’s done, I was totally on Team David’s side. Jesse loves to cop a morally superior attitude with David, but David was totally right that after Jesse lied about Angie’s baby for him to lie to her again was disgusting. It’s what I said from the start. After Angie forgave him for his baby lie, he should give her total honesty, but he’s learned nothing and he proved with this situation if the same situation happened he’d do it all over again. Angie does deserve better than Jesse.

I understand these shows are going to run five straight weeks than take five weeks off. I really hope if that’s true, they’re not going to drag out this sex slaver story for that long. I’m already tired of it.

It would be hilarious if since David has nothing better to do if David decided to help his only friend Angie by doing some investigating and he found and rescued Cassandra. Wouldn’t that chafe Jesse’s chaffs. But it would be a great way for David to repay Angie for helping him to get paroled from prison. Maybe David made some connections while in prison that could help him.

I really wish we’d get a lot less of Dixie Dingbat on the show Every time she opens her mouth I want to slug her. So far she’s proving the biggest hypocrite in town. It’s getting so bad that I’d rather see Opal, and she’s pretty irritating herself, but not as much as Dixie Dingbat. I just can’t stand flaming hypocrites like Dixie Dingbat. She constantly talks out of both sides of her mouth. One side she’s condemning David and on the other side she’s making all sorts of excuses for JR.


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