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All My Children Online -- May 20, 2013

Updated on May 23, 2013

Original Airing: May 20, 2013

This was the first day of the two day a week schedule and the whine could be heard around the net. Some were still whining about the shows only being a half hour. I actually like the half hour format. These people need to just be grateful for their soaps being back and stop the whining. Unfortunately, the new internet fan [and that goes for fans of primetime shows] are never happy when they get what they want. They always start whining for more. Some are also whining about wanting Erica Kane back. Well, they’d better get ready for the shows being on once a week, as she’ll demand a lot of money which will suck Prospect Park dry and not allow them to have enough money to do only one episode a week. To be honest, I don’t miss Erica. The show isn’t lacking without her on it.

Caca Cara was at it again condemning David while making excuses for JR at the same time. She was blah blah blahing on about how horrible David would be to a child, thus Queen Hyprocrite is justified lying to David that his child is dead. I wonder when the kid grows up if he or she will think Caca is the bad guy and how the hypocrite will handle it then. She even slithers over to the Chandler Mansion to tell JR she feels they need to team up in case David comes after both of them.

Bianca is at the Chandler Mansion when JR comes walking in. When she sees him, she slaps him across the face. Both Brooke and Dixie are on Team JR and can’t seem to empathize with how Bianca feels. Neither can disloyal daughter, Miranda, who refuses to leave with her mother, and decides to stay with AJ.

Miranda sings a song she wrote about her and AJ to AJ. I always cringe when something like that happens. It provokes AJ to kiss Miranda and she kisses him back. Afterwards, she runs off, no doubt confused about the kiss she and her best friend just shared.

David gets Angie to leave the hospital so he can take her home and make her something to eat. While there he tries to rev up her resentment against Jesse for lying to her, again. All she can think about is her missing daughter. When Angie is asleep it looks for a moment like David’s going to caress her face.

Finally, Billy Clyde turns the tables on that giant piece of smelly garbage, Uri. It looks like he gets a bunch of church ladies together to picket Uri’s strip club. You got to hand it to him. That’s a novel approach. If the competition is causing you problem, picket them to cause them problems right back. Unfortunately, Uri moves the girls before Jesse arrives and is shocked to see Billy Clyde in the flesh.

Meanwhile Celia and Pete check into a New York hotel. He buys Celia a bunch of clothes so they can go out and have a good time. When there’s only one bed in the room, Celia says they can share it; Pete can sleep on top of the covers while she sleeps beneath the covers.

Previews for the next episode were added. Opal is not anti-Celia as she’s proclaiming Celia is some Jezebel out to seduce her baby boy, it sounded like. AJ seems to be offered steroids from a teammate on the baseball team. And Angie accuses Billy Clyde of taking Cassandra. Didn’t Jesse tell her the ones that have Cassandra is the Russian mob?

It would be hilarious if Billy Clyde is the one to rescue Cassandra. Of course, he’d only be doing it to get rid of the competition. Still, it would be hilarious. And while I loathe Dixie’s molly-coddling of JR and her hypocrisy, she’s his mother. It reaches new levels when Caca does it. I just hope JR manages to screw over this heinous cretin so badly she’ll get what she deserves for her hypocrisy.

As for the online fans constantly whining, maybe they should recall they’re lucky they even have their soaps. Stop your whining and be grateful for what you’re getting, when you could be getting nothing, at all.


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