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All My Children Online -- May 22, 2013

Updated on May 23, 2013

Original Airing: May 23, 2013

Caca Cara is really becoming too much to take. After helping with JR’s physical therapy, she told JR she believes in giving everyone a second chance. Yeah, only if your name isn’t David. And since when does a medical doctor do physical therapy? Don’t they have physical therapists who do that?

Meanwhile, good old JR continues to walk around as a free man. There’s no one knocking at his door arresting him for manslaughter. No, he’s still trying to weasel his way back into Chandler Enterprises while Brooke tells him he can’t come to the board meeting. Instead of trying to go to a board meeting, this slug should be cooling his heels in a jail cell. But I guess Jesse’s too busy looking for Cassandra to arrest this slug.

Back in Center City, Billy Clyde is coaching his middle-aged hooker on how to answer when Jesse comes to question her. Earlier, Angie went all postal on BC blaming him for kidnapping Cassandra. I guess Jesse forgot to mention to her that her daughter was kidnapped by the Russian mafia. Unfortunately, for BC, Delight spills her guts to Jesse and Jesse scorns BC for trying to profit from the situation by hoping Jesse will shut down his competition.

Back at Sex Slave Central one of the Sex Slaves goes to Uri and gives him a little reality check. She tells him Cassandra just so happens to be the stepdaughter of the Chief Of Police of Pine Valley. Needless to say he’s not happy. In short, he screwed the pooch by stealing a cop’s daughter. He blames Vlad for this. He also decrees that Cassandra has to be disposed of.

I was wondering if this sleaze knew he’d kidnapped a cop’s kid. I was watching Thoroughly Modern Millie last night and they had Mrs. Meers kidnapping girls who checked into her hotel to sell them into sex slavery, but she only picked on girls with no family so no one would report them missing. And I was saying, she’s a lot smarter than good old Uri. Does this dude even check out his victims before snatching them?

Another thing that still bothers me about Cassandra’s kidnapping is that Vlad did the kidnapping in a car from Zach’s casino. Cassandra got in not the least bit suspicious that Zach would send a car to pick her up. Why?

Still in New York, Celia has a creepy nightmare. She sees a little dark-haired girl with devil eyes that may be her as a child warning her about The Guardian. Meanwhile Evelyn and Opal go at it. Opal refuses to believe her baby boy has done any wrong and paints Celia as the Whore of Babylon tempting her innocent baby boy. Not even when Evelyn finds the tablet Pete left in Celia’s room with a message from him will Opal admit her baby boy did anything wrong. This Hillbilly Hypocrite has really changed her tune about Celia. A few days ago she was trying to use Celia as sex bait to keep her baby boy in town. I can see why Pete lives across the country so Opal can’t mess up things for him.

Miranda and AJ return to school. Miranda wants to forget about the kiss. Hunter comes up and gives Miranda an insincere apology. What happened to Miranda attending Bramwell Hall? Meanwhile Kyle a member of the baseball team at Pine Valley High gives AJ a bag steroids telling him everyone on the team is taking them and he needs to catch up.

When the online versions of AMC and OLTL began, I thought OLTL had the edge over AMC, but AMC is getting better than OLTL. They’ve brought back a classic villain and they’re tackling major social issues. And their teens are superior to the booze guzzling teems over at OLTL.


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