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All Quentin Tarantino Films Ranked

Updated on March 5, 2016

9. Death Proof

Said from Quentin Tarantino himself admitting it was his worst movie there’s no denying it Death Proof certainly earned its place as the worst Tarantino film. One film of the 2 movie piece Grindhouse (The other Planet Terror from his buddy Robert Rodriguez (Death proof still the better film)). Meant to pay tribute to the classic exploitation film, it’s up to you to decide whether it did. But just because this film was at the bottom of the list doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad.

8. Jackie Brown

It’d be hard to pick a Tarantino flim that’s actually really bad, so despite Jackie brown being 2nd last on this list definitely doesn’t make it a bad movie. A movie about flight attendant Jackie Brown ( A terrific Pan Greir ) being busted for smuggling money, being turned into an informant and trying to double cross both the police and arms dealer (Samuel L Jackson obviously). You’ll have plenty of fun watching this film with smart dialogue and a killer soundtrack. The only of his movie I’ll agree with excessive use of the N word.

7. Reservoir Dogs

One of the best directorial debuts (Obviously excluding Citizen Kane) Reservoir Dogs stamped Quentins place in the film industry. Made on a low budget reservoir dogs mostly takes place in a garage as tensions became higher and higher between 4 criminals until an extraordinary ending. Famous for the great scene featuring the song “Stuck in the Middle with you” and a severed ear.

6.The Hateful Eight

Reservoir Dogs about a hundred years before it and slightly better. Has a very strong political feeling to it. One negative I have to mention is the use of very meaningless intermissions and voiceover.

5. Kill Bill Vol.2

Same style and greatness. I'd like to say I'm only putting as No. 5 because despite it being just as good it doesn't tell the same quality of story. Unusually different from vol.1 but still great with a very brilliant-though-unexpected ending.

4. Inglorious Basterds

After Death proof many critics suspected Quentin had lost his touch but he came back defying all of them with this alternate history movie taking place in Nazi Germany mostly revolving around a film opening. Tarrantino originally wanted it to be a TV mini series but luckily was convinced not to but it definitely shows it with an unusual TV feeling.

3. Kill Bill Vol.1

Easily one of the most artistic of his films ( For example samurai sword holders on the plane ). When I first watched it I couldn’t help but be blown away, I felt like a 5 year old jumping up and down in my seat watching in awe of the fantastic violence folding out on the screen. Every chapter had a different feel to it and if I had to some the movie up in three words it’d simply be ‘Bloody cinematic Style’.

2. Django Unchained

One of the best spaghetti westerns I’ve ever watched. To everyone who gave it criticism for use of the N word I’d just like to say- ‘Go fuck yourself, you just can’t judge a movie from the choice of words and that’s how people spoke back then’. There was one moment in the film that had me seating in my seat drooling over Tarrantino’s genius is the flashback to Django and Broomhildas escape attempt and her whipping while ‘Freedom’ By Anthony Hamilton plays in the background, This is easily one of the best music moments I’ve ever seen. Leo was great as a slave driving villain, Samuel L Jackson convincing as an old suspicious man and a hilarious Australian performance from Quinten himself.

1. Pulp Fiction

Did you really think any other would be number one, it’s the film that launched Tarrantino into Hollywood fame. Is there actually anything bad you can say about it?- Great soundtrack, a story line like no other, a large talented cast, dialogue fueled and every line quotable. Must I say more? Overrated- Maybe. Not good at all- Hell no. If you haven’t seen it you’ve been living under a rock.


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    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 21 months ago from The Garden State

      It's"Quentin," not "Quinten"... and there's only one "r" in "Tarantino."